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  1. Job Listings - Keys High-End Apparel

    Your Name: Erlich Miller Which Job Are You Interested In?: Marketing rep or secretary Why?: I respect your business model and would love to work with you Why Should I Hire You Over Someone Else?: I know which audience we can target and how to get the best out of the product, I am mature and make sure you won't be late for any meetings and make sure you have your coffee just the way you like it. Any Experience In The Fashion Industry?: no
  2. JoJo themed clothing

    Its a good idea its not too over the top (Unless you mean color wise then its a little over the top.) when I mean Jojo style clothing I mean Jotaro's coat outfit (all of them from part 3 to 6) , Yoshikage Kira's/Kosaku's suit, Josuke,Koichi, Rohan and Okuyasu's uniforms. this could diversify the clothing. Give me your thoughts. Of course not as buff.
  3. [RMC] Reserved Militia Contractors

    sounds like a lot of RDM to me to be honest .
  4. Garry's Mod DarkRP

    DarkRp is dead. I was a veteran and now its "Your near me I'm gonna shoot u" admins say its not RDM.
  5. Let's Build a Future Together

    2059: The Counsel Of Bill Cosby is Established.
  6. Tyronne was one of the Biggest Crack/Cocaine Dealer in the Ghettos in Roseport from being a boy from the hood to a drug king, no matter what he would stay true to himself he never wore suits he always the baggiest street clothes and showing his gold chains. He earned the name "Coke Face" because at parties his was face completely covered in coke you couldn't tell if he was black or white. His empire came crumbling when the Mexicans came they took his customers his streets everything. Then he met a man named Vince "Freeze" Drayton (@Vince) to pick up the pieces. Now that he is being counseled, he's gonna learn on how to make it big.
  7. :)

    One little thing that triggers me about this is that you said you were established in New York if you don't mind could you change New York to Roseport (since that is what New York is in identity.) Sorry if I sound rude. I like the idea just that one little thing.
  8. Most annoying Role to Play

    I want to roleplay a drug dealer but put my own style on it (hopefully) and I am not one of those criminals that starts wars, I'm on those criminals that doesn't hold a gun everywhere and thinks he's tough by shooting innocents, all I want to do is make money and provide drugs to the island and if I get arrested I'll put my hands up and serve my sentence and if the gang I'm apart wants to start a war with another then duty calls. In fact I would rather love interacting with civilians than killing them, not all criminals are big tough guys who want to beat the crap out of you if you look at them the wrong way.
  9. Rate the above song

    4/10 made me want to go to sleep.(In my opinion)
  10. Where are the street gangs??

    Talk to my International Prez @Herzog He'll take you through it.
  11. Food Ideas / Concepts

    Well I know pizza delivery is a thing,so pizza will be in the game.
  12. Pro Wresling

    The devs have said that there will be sports but why not take it a step further and allow us to make our own wrestling promotion the opportunities are endless like being able to watch events and matches on your TV and being able to make your own wrestling persona (mine would be definitely a WIllow type or a broken Matt hardy gimmick.) and if you don't want to wrestle you could be a manager,commentator, referee or a booker, and we could be as creative as we want making our own storylines, outfits and of course championships. I know I haven't gone too in-depth with this but someone will probably do it for me and do a better job than I could. and also we could make our own entrances with whatever music we want (I would use Jeff Hardy's music of course.)
  13. Money System

    loan sharking will go hand and hand with his.
  14. This OR That Game

    redbull Rockstar games or bethesda
  15. Will This Game Turn Out Extremley Popular?

    For hardcore RPer's yes. But for causal gamers idk, It could get them into roleplay.