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  1. A Day In The Life: Jason Haris

    With his ankle twisted and his jacket full of hash, Jason decided to duck into a diner. His old friend was there and she wasn't too kind to people on the run. But she didn't have to know. "Hey, long time no see." "Yeah, the last time I SEEN you, you were balls deep in some perky college girl." "Hey, you walked in on me. Don't lie, you were staring." "Oh yeah? At what?" They both start laughing as Jason sits down. Dripping in sweat with his face beat red. "You look like you just jumped out of a frying pan. You okay?" "Julian got busted." "Ah for fuck sake. And how would you know that?" "Well... Hash is hard to come by." "No, get out. I don't need this shit." "Fine, but don't say I don't love ya." Jason lies some hash down for her to pick up. He walks out and lights a cigarette, walking down the street. He walks up to a payphone and dials 911. "911 what's you emergency?" He takes a quick puff and gets into character. "Oh my god! He's got a gun! Help us! At the East Side Diner! Ahhh-" He hangs up the phone quickly and leaves a note on the hash brick at the payphone. Catch me if you can. Love Jay
  2. Identity City - Game

    Structure 41: Olympus Has Fallen...
  3. Let's Build a Future Together

    2064: After much debate the United Federation of Planetary Alliances bring up the case that Africa is now a "Uninhabitable Zone" and is blocked off until a cure can properly be distributed. Meanwhile on Mars the super humans start to grow out of control and eventually overpower the forces of the FPA and name Mars a super human only zone. After the total conversion of Mars a alien gene was found that kills off major functional genes. Rendering the super humans helpless and a dying breed.
  4. Garry's Mod DarkRP

    Turtle Beach is my jam.
  5. (I just want to preference that in no way do I disrespect the first post. If anything I'd like these posts to become a series. That way all of our characters can tell their own stories.) 8:15 am, I wake up after the guards bash my cell with a baton for 5 minutes. 8 months, 6 weeks and 4 days spent in this shit hole of a jail. 9:00 am, after processing and getting all my personal belongings back, I'm thrown to the curb like some old furniture. By then I have 25¢ to make a phone call. "Hey Rick I ne-" "Are you out today man?" "Yeah I'm sorta in need of a fuckin ride man. Can you come get me?" "I can't man. We're fucking getting ready to make a deal with some chinks." "What the fuck man, I took 8 months for you fucking assholes and now I'm getting left out in the middle of nowhere?" "Hey! You watch your fucking tone. I'm the Sergant at Arms now." After a brief pause I let out a very deserving. "What?!" 10:00 am, I'm left without my MC without a ride and stripped of my patch. Hitching proves to be difficult because nobody wants to pick up an ex convict who's covered in white power tattoos. The heat was sizzling my skin to the point where I actually heard crackling. Finally after 20 minutes with my finger up I got a ride into town. 12:32 pm, I ride up to my friend Julian's to see if he can hook me up with some coke or weed. Re packaging and re sale is easy. He's just a prick to get it off of. "Hey man!" Julian extends his hand out and pulls me in. "Good to see you buddy. How was jail?" "It was fucked man. Those guards were assholes with a capital A." I sit down and lean back. "Hey man, is there anyway I can get some dope?" Julian stands up and walks over to his kitchen. "What for man? Just regular shit man." Nervous about asking, I feel like he can see right through my lie. "Uuhhh. Sure man, do you have any cash?" "Nah, just got out remember? They threw me to the curb with 25 cents and said call someone." He looks down at his table. Weed in little dimebags and 8 balls scattered everywhere. "Here's what I'll do. If you can sell some 8 balls and shit I'll give you the weed." 1:23 pm, that's when shit turn sour. The cops had scheduled a bust on his apartment because of reports that there were drugs coming in and out of the place. Juliann shoots to the bathroom and starts flushing the drugs down. Me? I grab his pistol and a pillow and shoot out his window. Looking down it was only a 10 foot drop. Either that or a few years back in jail for violating parol. I grabbed what weed I could get and hopped out. Huffing and puffing I threw the gun into the yard next store and jumped the fence. TBC
  6. A Story

    Who would like to hear my personal story of betrayal and revenge?
  7. POKER

    Have like a poker skill tree. From low to high Little Shark - You have an active poker face. Guppie - You no longer show any tells. Magician - You can see other people's tells. Card Shark - Automatically switch your cards at the beginning of a hand (Pre Flop) to get a better turn out. (You risk getting caught if there are duplicates)
  8. Continue The Story

    Which is actually his mouth...
  9. Continue The Story

    But when the dinner was made nobody ate because he was butt naked...
  10. Project Session

    No, ads for servers and games I've created are against the rules. I'm simply making people aware this game is there. They had to push it back because of sponsee problems but they've slated it for a 2018 release.
  11. Project Session

    A better skate game for PC. Set in the late 90's early 00's
  12. Identity City - Game

    Structure 30: A list of every child's name who said they fucked my mom on Xbox
  13. In a Jam?

    Is this a "Dirty" business? Like laundering money illegally?
  14. James P. Mumblecruster's Art Corporation

    This art would work perfectly for your series organization.
  15. Skateboards?

    If I can't make sick Naughties skate videos I don't want it *Tips fadora and drinks Red surge.*