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Found 21 results

  1. Hey finally the game is released and i was woundering if clothes and other stuff will cost (ingame currency) instead of being free to have a more realistic feel like 5 bucks for a movie ticket. 30 cents per apple. 40 bucks for a sweater stuff like that? Like i said for a more realistic feel to the game
  2. Economic Growth, Taxes and Budgets

    I think it would really interesting to add economic functionality to the game, Where the government has objectives to achieve like, Economic growth, low unemployment, stable prices, balanced budgets, low state debt etc. These kind of achievements will make elected people more accountable and can work well for building a political environment on the island. The Governor and any elected representatives could have the power/ability to do things such as; Setting Budgets By calculating the government revenue, they can then change spending on current policies or create new policies. An example could be a spending scheme for unemployment benefits, where the governor can propose changes to the spending. This would make political campaigns more interesting I think. Taxes Taxes could be introduced or removed by political figures, i.e. Income tax, Corporation tax, Property Tax etc. where the governor can propose changes to these levels and introduce new ones in order to maybe balance the budget. Interest rates By maybe having a central bank on the island, where a committee votes every few weeks to change the islands interest rate can make a more dynamic economy as it will change how much money people will save or spend in their bank accounts, making people potentially better off or worse, making in-game loans more expensive or cheaper... just change things up. Housing Projects Following the idea of budgeting, I think if the governor can allocate money for new housing projects or for expanding the town square etc. I think it would work for people looking to buy new houses or flats. These are just a few ideas that I had, wondering what people think or whether you have any additional ideas to this one! Thanks
  3. Real Estate Questions

    I tried searching this before posting but I wasn't successful in finding posts. So if this is a duplicate I apologize. I have a few questions about real estate. - Will Houses cost a few hundred thousand dollars? - Can you buy an apartment or only rent? - Can you own multiple houses and rent one, or will each player be locked to 1 home per server to make other homes available to other players? - If you own a car but do not own a home, will there be some where you can park your vehicle? - Will property values fluctuate depending on changes in the economy? - Will you be able to purchase, rent or lease commercial properties? Thank you for your time in reading this and hopefully giving some answers. I know we are all getting impatient...but I would rather have a game with a few bugs that I can play through instead of a game that is completely broken. So thank you to all of you putting in work to put out a game with out game breaking flaws!
  4. Premise 1 - Allow players to own shops: Allow players to purchase or lease commercial real estate. Players will control every aspect of their store front, but day to day sales will still be operated by NPC's: What is sold and at what price, including maintaining inventory. Store name and logo, and advertising campaigns (TV, billboards, benches, etc...) Insurance options (assuming shops can be robbed and/or damaged) and security upgrade options (cameras, alarms, etc...). Layout of merchandise displays and interior decorating. Premise 2 - Shops are taxed or extorted depending on their location and status of gang controlled territory: Allow players to setup their shops in peaceful areas or gang controlled areas. There exist pros/cons of location choice. If a player's shop resides within a gang controlled area, it will be automatically taxed through extortion, at rates selected by the controlling gang, with the controlling gang receiving a percentage of profits. Additionally, the government will receive no taxes; however, the shop will need no security upgrades as it cannot be robbed due to implied gang protection, though it is more likely to get damaged due to gang warfare. It will also be able to sell illegal items. If a player's shop resides within a peaceful area, it will be automatically taxed through regular government taxation at rates selected by the controlling government, again, a percentage of profits. The shop can be robbed and cannot sell illegal items. Main Takeaways Owning a shop would be a major milestone for citizens to work towards and the ability to earn money while offline could be intriguing to players. Having to maintain an inventory would be a major hook to come back to the game on the regular. The potential to really customize one's business would be immense, including setting up distribution and supplier networks; warehouses and trucking for a purpose. Allowing players to choose to risk setting up their shops in gang controlled areas for the benefits could make game play richer and motivation of controlling gang territory more meaningful. Gangs would be motivated to control certain areas where potential income is higher, and develop their own networks with players of both legal and illegal merchandise distribution. The controlling government would be motivated to squash gang areas with more investment in police, due to lost tax income. Sorry, this was kind of rushed, but I'd be glad to clarify on any of the aspects of the idea!
  5. I just wanted to raise a question I have been wondering on for a while now. Is Identity completely Player-Economy? For example, are items bought from shops created and transported by in-game players? Or are they of infinite supply? Also, do in-game events affect say the prices of certain things? Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks, BSagar87
  6. Mein Traum (TTP)

    Mein Traum: My Dream The Totalitarian Party (TTP) I dream of a society where no law abiding citizen, who contributes to society and continues to strive for improvement, will ever have to feel threatened by the lack of job security, failed economy, or anarchy. I dream of a place where people are given the chance to succeed, regardless of their economic background. I dream of a near-perfect meritocracy. Centralizing all forms of major public transport, electricity and energy sources, military, law enforcement, healthcare and other core, essential aspects to society will ensure that no private organisation is able to profit off these industries by taking more out of the government fund through contracts, but instead will allow the government to reinvest in these facilities and industries for the common folk. Achieving autarky (self-sufficiency) will allow the city and the country to avoid horrific trade deals with other nations, prioritizing our nation's needs first. This will also be ensured by having a strong, patriotic, nationalistic leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the loyal citizens of the nation. Any questions ask (BTW I don't speak any german)
  7. Accountants & The Economy

    Hey, folks! So this looks like a pretty interesting project, I've been a backer for a couple of years now. It seems the devs have very ambitious plans for this game and its mechanics. It seems they have talked about everything from business, real estate, the job market, crime, entrepreneurship etc. There is, however, something I haven't seen been discussed much, at least not on the forums. What am I refeering to? Well, quite frankly my post is about the economy of Identity. Now, as a big fan of economics, I clearly understand the depht and complexity of our modern economy, of the real world , that is. I do, however, have some inquiries about how the economy of this game will function. Will there be several currencies (with different exchange rates etc.)? Will there be a stock market and publicly traded companies? How will investments work, if possible to invest? Will there be a nominal interest rate, and, with that, a rate of inflation? How about government spending and debt? Will the unemployment rate affect the overall economy? Will there be business finance? Maybe you need to hire an accountant to keep track of revenue and expenses. Generally, how will economics work in this game? I would really hate for it to just be money showing up in your bank and that's it. It would be cool to see a much more complex economy than in games such as GTA 5. Maybe someone with some insight could inform me a bit. Thanks _)
  8. Car Odometers

    I think it would be cool if the vehicles had a working odometer on them. The more mileage you put on your car the less it is valued in the market. also the criminals could buy some tools to dial the odometer back on older cars.
  9. Regulation Lobbyists

    As the CEO and Founder of The Fair Market Merchant Bureau, I will be employing several persons to fill lobbyist positions immediately. The sustainability of the economy is tantamount to the sustainability of life itself. Without the proper regulations a "free capitalist market" becomes a volitile pulpit of price gouging that can only be considered hazardous to a flourishing economy that benefits everyone. All those interested in becoming lobbyists in support of the FMMB should send me a message with the following information: Player name: In-game name: Thoughts on the FMMB: Reasoning on why you want to join: Convince me to hire you in one paragraph or less: The FMMB is an equal-opportunity employeer. Mr. Crowley -CEO Fair Market Merchant Bureau Fair Market Merchant Bureau
  10. Hello all, Virtual Worlds like SecondLife (and now Sansar), IMVU, Warcraft and others... work, grow, evolve and make "economy" thanks to a Big Market of Creations by the Players-Accounts-Avatars-Users. That can expand faster the possibilities and increase the speed of development. So, my suggestion is to open the possibility to the users to make stuff... with the supervision-selection of an Art Director, part of the official Team. That can be a secondary market with limits decided by the Identity Team. Development will be fast and more creative thanks to the contribution of User-Creators Economy and Item Shop will grow incredibly Identity can be more attractive for new user because of the amount of items and possibilities. Users-Creators will have the possibility to have a micro-economy selling stuff and making money (with a fee to give) and having a great Job-Career Motivation for User-Creator will be very high and Brand New products will come continuously That works great with other platforms... so, why not here? Example: Sansar by LindenLab (the new platform) Team can focus on the development of the platform and the features. thanks for the attention, Valya
  11. Tax/Economy Realism

    There already have been a few people who asked about the realism of the economy,(Link to similar post, Another Link ), but my question is a little more specific. I saw the page for one of the candidates for governor(or mayor, not really sure), and he said that he would have a flat tax rate of 10%. My question is this, if the economy is realistic wouldn't this be insanely low for a flat tax rate and if not, would an ideal tax rate(one which would be sufficient enough for the government to run effectively) be higher or lower than this? TL;DR Is 10% a viable tax rate for Identity? What would be one? There is a good chance that there aren't a huge amount of people who actually know for a fact how government spending and taxes work, so opinions/ hypotheses welcome c:
  12. Hey there developers, I must say, I just discovered this project through a friend and I'm sold. This sounds like an awesome idea. But before I jump aboard I have a question for you guys. I have an idea about what I want to reach with my character, but the question is will it be possible. I want to build out an empire, a mix of legal and illegal activities. Where I become such a powerhouse politicians can't move around me. Think Illuminati stuff, were me and a group of likeminded super powerfull people can actually force our idea's upon the game by sheer economical power. Ofcourse this should be quiet the feat to achieve and by no means easy or garantueed to succeed. Will there be systems in game to achieve such a level of influence. Or will the actual power players can achieve be limited. I'm thinking about stuff like monopolies and systems to force other people out of the market, hostile company takeovers. Real life rockerfeller level off influence/power. Can you give a light on how this would pan out in your game world. If it is at all possible. Also If someone achieves such a level off power and his character gets killed, what would happen then in your view? Also what are the countermeasures you have taken against streamsniping and such especially when concerned to illegal activities. Love the idea, can't wait to play. Kind regards, Baramus, Soon to be shadowpower rulling over all off you by economical force (maybe )
  13. Money System

    I wonder what our abilities will be as far as purchasing items. Will it be like most games where you have to have money in your account to purchase something in full? Or will there be nifty in game financing options for everything of large fiscal value that you may pay for monthly out of your check? i would love to see some real life payment systems in the game such as: Buy here pay her Bank loans Bank financing Dealer financing Buy with credit Dynamic credit score based on how responsible you are with money (which could make interest rates better on large purchases) Interest Rates Mortgage Lease Agreements Down payments I think it would be really cool to have many different options to pay for something large, like a vehicle per say, we all know how hard impossible it is to go down to the dealership with $40,000 in hand and buy a car. I want to see ways to own something nice while making individually dynamic monthly payments based on how well you treat your credit from day one in the game. Maybe even have a Repossession career for ill payers, or make your credit suffer when you miss a payment. All just an idea i thought of to increase over all immersion into the game. What are your thoughts on this system?
  14. I have a few ideas for how I will help stimulate the economy of identity. The government will by no means get heavily involved but may offer some benefits to businesses on the great island. Firstly I would withhold all taxes from newly formed businesses for 3 months while they get on their feet. The business tax rate would be around 2-3% very low to promote more business. Next I would start a business incentive program that would reward businesses for doing well and thus helping them expand and create more jobs. Something that i'm very excited about is helping businesses in identity thrive. The major way i'm going to do that is by re-investing most of the tax dollars into businesses to support growth and more jobs. The more jobs people have the more money the government makes thus more money we can invest into businesses around the great Island of Identity. this would benefit everyone a lot. Something that sets me apart from other candidates is that I feel like the government should stay out of healthcare thus decreasing costs to where we can afford these incentives. I will talk about my specific view on healthcare on a later date. This goes along well with my campaign slogan "flexibility that doesn't break your budget". Questions? Please ask and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. *Note: Since the game isn't out there is no promises due to the possible limitations that we don't know about yet.
  15. I have a violent obsession with food and cooking in games and how the food looks. The appearance and the stats of the food. I do not know what is already being a work-in-progress. I don't know if identity is a "survival" type game but it would be nice as it would give food a use and makes it more realistic. Other uses for it would be for health boosts but that seems more skeptical since I think Identity wants their PvP to be more realistic. It would be extremely nice for food to have the possibility to becoming something industrial in this game as well. Mass producing whole wheat flour for example. >You would need a wheat field and farmers to tend the fields. >The farmers would sell their wheat to a industrial factory in which they take the wheat berries and grind them into flour. >The flour is sold to a bakery or a grocery store for consumers to buy. >The bakery makes and sells whole wheat bread, muffins, and other goods. >The goods are sold to the customer to consume so they don't die of starvation. -To transport goods you must pay a truck driver, or truck driving company, or have your own trucks. Careers: Farm Owner, Farmer, Industrial Owner, Bakery Owner, Grocery Store Owner, Truck Driver, Security. Farm Owner: you can toggle to have random players come and pick wheat and they can choose to sell the wheat to a factory and you get a % of the profit or they can buy it from you after picking it for reduced price. OR you can rent out your plot to a player so they can become a farmer themselves. Farmer: When renting a farm or owning one you are permitted to use tools normal civilians cannot to help harvest crops faster. You should not be able to rob farm fields. Industrial Owner: Having more workers in your factory makes the production come out faster but it costs more money to keep it running. You should need a minimum number of workers to run a factory. You need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Bakery Owner: You can run a bakery by yourself, or hire more people on to produce more goods to sell. You need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Grocery Store Owner: You can run a store by yourself, you need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Truck Company: You manage truck drivers. Truck Driver: You complete tasks given from company by moving goods. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Security should be a separate division from police. Such as a "Security Agency" which store owners can call to have a new guard on the premises because not all players can play 24/7 this can help aid in reduced crime rate all while the store owner can manage their business while be protected at all times. The guards are paid for their duration and if they don't do their job they can be fired instantly and only get paid for that amount of duration instead. Security would be more for players who don't want to hunt down the bad guys but want to still protect. While police would be for more head on and searching for bad guys and have an obligation to do so. Goods should be packaged and there should be card board factories that also provide boxes that factories also need so they can put their products into these boxes in bulk, then they can be hauled onto trucks individually by truck driver or workers. Multiple people can help to move things onto the truck so it takes less time to load up. For example a good transportation company will bring 20 people with them to load the goods on faster than a company that only brings 1 driver with them. These are all concepts that would be amazing to have implemented into any game.
  16. Stock Market

    Will there be a stock market in Identity? It would be awesome to see...
  17. Starting A Business

    So, I was scrolling through the forums and I saw that someone said they would be starting a Connivence store. My question is how much money would it cost to start something like that? Does anyone know? Also is it possible to start things like fast food restaurants, clothing stores, malls, etc.? Thanks in advance, Capped
  18. So is this like a gta 5 game but more focus on like being a normal human being and living life?
  19. Investment System (That Works)

    Hello everyone, I am adding yet another guide that I have written in the past that will help you with making stock or business trading. This system has been tested and actually does work with little to no interaction from staff of a server, and has little to do with the actual game economy. This also coincides with my other guide for a business model found here: ---- Business Stock Market Guide It is the objective of this guide to provide a clear view into business trading. The math is easy in the guide for a reason. This guide allows you to conduct business trading with little to no staff interaction or economic changes to the server. Example: Business A, sets a market value or valuation of $100,000. This means that the company makes $100,000 per in game session. A share of the company is worth .001% of the company in other words 1 dollar, whereas 100 shares of the company is worth 1% and in other words is an investment of $1,000. Should someone invest $1,000 into a single game period the market value of that company goes up to $101,000, this increases the value of the company, but lowers the amount of shares. A smart investor would buy when the company has a large amount of shares and a low cost, and then would sell the shares of that company to make the return OR the investor could collect a percentage from the game period's profits. Investments can carry over to other game sessions. So if "Investor A" was to invest $1,000 or 1% into a company worth $100,000, the market value of the company would increase to $101,000, The next investor that wishes to buy 1% of that company will have to pay $1,010 for the 1% share of the company. "Investor B" Invests $50,000 into the company at the rate of $1,010 per 100 shares of the company. This increases the value of the company to approximately $150,000. "Investor A" Decides to sell his or her 1% of the company for the return of $1,500, and a profit of $500, while the net value of the share only lowers to $1,490. ----------- What makes this a working system is that it requires no staff interaction to setup and use. It only requires the agreement of the businesses involved and of course lawyers and what not. This fuels a market fraud charge. ---------- Should you have any questions, or anything you would like to add to the guide, please leave a comment.
  20. Freight Brokerage

    I have searched through the forums and I have seen a lot of talk about transportation jobs. Trucking is a huge genre of awesome, people love trucking simulators. What they take for granted is the person that actually brokers the load or freight going from one place or another. I am a CDL Carrier, I am also a CDL Instructor. What people focus on mainly in transportation is the physical carrying of the freight but never actually the office jobs associated with how the load is picked up, and how the load is received. What I propose is a Logistics Broker career. This individual will find, sell and assign loads to truckers in need of finding a load from one point to another. This person, much like in real life, gains a percentage (Usually 10%) of each load he or she assigns to a driver. This is one of those idle jobs but it can be quite lucrative. There are essentially 3 stages to becoming a full broker: 1. Hire on with a trucking company - as a trainee - Or a Dispatcher (Dispatchers are not paid percentage of loads, rather an hourly rate. They work for the Broker and the Company.) 2. Become an Agent - this person works for the Broker (Think Assistant or Secretary) 3. Obtain a Broker License - Broker loads on your own. Seeing is that most of the careers are already leveled careers with different job titles, this should be easy to do. Now, I will stop explaining and open it up for questions. Ask Me Anything, I am a Trucker.