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Found 5 results

  1. Premise 1 - Allow players to own shops: Allow players to purchase or lease commercial real estate. Players will control every aspect of their store front, but day to day sales will still be operated by NPC's: What is sold and at what price, including maintaining inventory. Store name and logo, and advertising campaigns (TV, billboards, benches, etc...) Insurance options (assuming shops can be robbed and/or damaged) and security upgrade options (cameras, alarms, etc...). Layout of merchandise displays and interior decorating. Premise 2 - Shops are taxed or extorted depending on their location and status of gang controlled territory: Allow players to setup their shops in peaceful areas or gang controlled areas. There exist pros/cons of location choice. If a player's shop resides within a gang controlled area, it will be automatically taxed through extortion, at rates selected by the controlling gang, with the controlling gang receiving a percentage of profits. Additionally, the government will receive no taxes; however, the shop will need no security upgrades as it cannot be robbed due to implied gang protection, though it is more likely to get damaged due to gang warfare. It will also be able to sell illegal items. If a player's shop resides within a peaceful area, it will be automatically taxed through regular government taxation at rates selected by the controlling government, again, a percentage of profits. The shop can be robbed and cannot sell illegal items. Main Takeaways Owning a shop would be a major milestone for citizens to work towards and the ability to earn money while offline could be intriguing to players. Having to maintain an inventory would be a major hook to come back to the game on the regular. The potential to really customize one's business would be immense, including setting up distribution and supplier networks; warehouses and trucking for a purpose. Allowing players to choose to risk setting up their shops in gang controlled areas for the benefits could make game play richer and motivation of controlling gang territory more meaningful. Gangs would be motivated to control certain areas where potential income is higher, and develop their own networks with players of both legal and illegal merchandise distribution. The controlling government would be motivated to squash gang areas with more investment in police, due to lost tax income. Sorry, this was kind of rushed, but I'd be glad to clarify on any of the aspects of the idea!
  2. Well's Natural Food Store

    Well's Natural Food Store At Well's Natural Food Store we aim to please the customer and satisfy their healthy eating life style. Our Mission We want to provide healthy food and goods to everyone. Spread the word about Well's Natural Food Store.
  3. Q1. Will it be possible to Customize shops or is that exclusively just for houses? Q2. Will we be able to buy a property in a town (separate from house properties) and setup a business there? Thanks for your time, I can't wait to see the Town Square!
  4. A way for players to "illegally" change their identity to escape the police, harder to find those same players again. To be a surgeon that does surgery illegally they would have to be in crime and their client would also have to be a criminal. The surgeon would have past files of all the illegal surgeries they've done, so if they are caught their past clients are also caught. Give character customization more strict boundaries for this concept to work, such as having to pay for plastic surgery if you want to change your physical body (not haircuts or changing character body weight) just like the real world but your character has a medical record of what you looked like previously so the police can track you. While doing it "illegally" you do not have that medical record. This would also make "plastic surgeon" a career. Implement it by having players to actually pay for some kind of schooling. Not as long as a 8 year course but a way to limit the amount of players wanting this career; for example it should take at least 1 year and you'd have to pay a lot of in game money. Have a "surgeon" NPC already in game that players can go to so they can change their bodies if needed. When there are "surgeons" in the game just disable the NPC from being able to change a players appearance and have players look for other players that are surgeons. Such as going to a shop that does surgery. This would be interesting because it means Police could access medical files to see if a criminal has changed their appearance if done legally.
  5. I Don't know if a question like this has been asked. and i know within identity you can take photos and things to hang up in your house. But a question that's been eating away at me is... Can you be a photographer? and get better cameras than just using your in game phone? and upon this topic, Photography is used in both Modeling, and Artistic photography. and i was wondering, Store clothing and things like that, will we have models and photographers to advertise the new items that have been made, such as clothing and accessories? and how do the clothing stores fully work? is it just an NPC? do you get to customize a shop? Can you craft clothing yourself with a sewing machine? If you could i think being a model for clothing brands would be a really interesting Job, and so would being a photographer? because not only with photography you can do model shots, and leisure shots/artistic shots but if there is a news paper for identity it could open up opportunities there for a photographer for the newspaper... There are so many opportunities there. and i think it would be really cool to implement some stuff like this. if newspapers are a thing, will there also be magazines? could you be a writer? write your own magazine, that people could buy, and read to learn about all the good fashion scoops, and best places to buy furniture, and fun activities to do around the city's? Could we write books? that players could read? and if so would we need to go to a publisher first to sell our books? Soo many questions and ideas have just hit me im sorry hahhahaha