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Found 2 results

  1. Question about the property I own

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I have been searching for an answer but cant seem to find anything. I am a little confused about something and wanted to ask and confirm before finding a server to settle on... Firstly, with the pledge I made, I got ingame items such as property/apartment/studio, etc... Is that only applicable to one server? Like a one time use on just one server and never again or will I get that on all servers I join? I ask because I don't want to join a server, settle for a week, and then I'm stuck on that server that actually turns out to be full of toxic idiots. Thanks in advance Pooch
  2. Real Estate Questions

    I tried searching this before posting but I wasn't successful in finding posts. So if this is a duplicate I apologize. I have a few questions about real estate. - Will Houses cost a few hundred thousand dollars? - Can you buy an apartment or only rent? - Can you own multiple houses and rent one, or will each player be locked to 1 home per server to make other homes available to other players? - If you own a car but do not own a home, will there be some where you can park your vehicle? - Will property values fluctuate depending on changes in the economy? - Will you be able to purchase, rent or lease commercial properties? Thank you for your time in reading this and hopefully giving some answers. I know we are all getting impatient...but I would rather have a game with a few bugs that I can play through instead of a game that is completely broken. So thank you to all of you putting in work to put out a game with out game breaking flaws!