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Found 1 result

  1. I have a violent obsession with food and cooking in games and how the food looks. The appearance and the stats of the food. I do not know what is already being a work-in-progress. I don't know if identity is a "survival" type game but it would be nice as it would give food a use and makes it more realistic. Other uses for it would be for health boosts but that seems more skeptical since I think Identity wants their PvP to be more realistic. It would be extremely nice for food to have the possibility to becoming something industrial in this game as well. Mass producing whole wheat flour for example. >You would need a wheat field and farmers to tend the fields. >The farmers would sell their wheat to a industrial factory in which they take the wheat berries and grind them into flour. >The flour is sold to a bakery or a grocery store for consumers to buy. >The bakery makes and sells whole wheat bread, muffins, and other goods. >The goods are sold to the customer to consume so they don't die of starvation. -To transport goods you must pay a truck driver, or truck driving company, or have your own trucks. Careers: Farm Owner, Farmer, Industrial Owner, Bakery Owner, Grocery Store Owner, Truck Driver, Security. Farm Owner: you can toggle to have random players come and pick wheat and they can choose to sell the wheat to a factory and you get a % of the profit or they can buy it from you after picking it for reduced price. OR you can rent out your plot to a player so they can become a farmer themselves. Farmer: When renting a farm or owning one you are permitted to use tools normal civilians cannot to help harvest crops faster. You should not be able to rob farm fields. Industrial Owner: Having more workers in your factory makes the production come out faster but it costs more money to keep it running. You should need a minimum number of workers to run a factory. You need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Bakery Owner: You can run a bakery by yourself, or hire more people on to produce more goods to sell. You need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Grocery Store Owner: You can run a store by yourself, you need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Truck Company: You manage truck drivers. Truck Driver: You complete tasks given from company by moving goods. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Security should be a separate division from police. Such as a "Security Agency" which store owners can call to have a new guard on the premises because not all players can play 24/7 this can help aid in reduced crime rate all while the store owner can manage their business while be protected at all times. The guards are paid for their duration and if they don't do their job they can be fired instantly and only get paid for that amount of duration instead. Security would be more for players who don't want to hunt down the bad guys but want to still protect. While police would be for more head on and searching for bad guys and have an obligation to do so. Goods should be packaged and there should be card board factories that also provide boxes that factories also need so they can put their products into these boxes in bulk, then they can be hauled onto trucks individually by truck driver or workers. Multiple people can help to move things onto the truck so it takes less time to load up. For example a good transportation company will bring 20 people with them to load the goods on faster than a company that only brings 1 driver with them. These are all concepts that would be amazing to have implemented into any game.