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  1. Les Fran├žais par ICI

    Welcome to the community
  2. Accountants & The Economy

    Ah, that makes more sense
  3. Accountants & The Economy

    Oh wow. That is really surprising actually. Oh well thanks for the heads up
  4. Manus Holdings LLC

    That would certainly be of interest
  5. Prime Furniture Co.

    Will do
  6. Prime Furniture Co.

    To estimate the cost of things? Budgets, product cost calculations, projected income, expenses and stuff? Accountants do that, too. It's part of our job. I can do anything finance related, really
  7. Hitman

    This exactly. We have't really recieved much information of how the economy will work in any way. Like what currency will be used, how does government spending work, how does tax collection work, how are payments processed (cash, bank transfers etc.), how are prices regulated (demand and supply?)? The economy is a huge part of society. I think the identity developers defientely should give us some more insight on this topic. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the economy of this game.
  8. Identity Forum Check-In

    Not really. It's a forum, not a "who posts the most" game. I think a system similar to reddit (karma points), which this forum already has is more than enough. And maybe instead of having a leaderboard, very active and contributing forum members could recieve awards that remain permanent on their profile as a showcase of their contributions. I already saw someone had the "most likes" reward. The leaderboard thing is uneccecary, at least in my personal opinion. But that's just me, maybe it could be a viable option if done correctly somehow
  9. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Wow, this looks highly detailed. Good job, developers! Can't wait to see other pictures as the development progresses. Thus far it looks pretty promising, I gotta admit
  10. Identity Forum Check-In

    I honestly don't think a system will this wil be fair. I mean, what if someone who had been really active in the past, gets in an accident or something else happens that prevents him/her to be active for a long time? Will he/she then loose his rank for something that clearly wasn't his or her fault? Does he/she then have to contact the support team and ask for them to maintain his rank? I mean, honestly, it's just a forum and I don't really believe this to be an efficient ranking system for any forum whatsoever
  11. Prime Furniture Co.

    Do you currently hire for an accounting position? Message me if you do.
  12. Accountants & The Economy

    Hmm. In almost every modern economy currency is created out of debt and lent out with the application of interest (there is interest due on every dollar). When the government needs money, they just auction federal bonds and promise to pay back with interest and thus currency is created. Tax revenue destroys credit (debt), which is also currency. Defecit spending is a huge part of how the economy develops, but you won't be including it in the game?
  13. Fair Market Merchant Bureau

    Shouldn't the regulation of inflation be handled by the cental government through monetary policies and basic economics (demand and supply)
  14. The Constitutionalist Republican Party (CRP)

    You seem to have forgot about the most important policies; financial and monetary policies...
  15. The Freedom & Prosperity Party

    Defientely voting FAPP! Towards a brighter future with more individual and financial freedom, and a less regulated, free market economy.