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Found 8 results

  1. Character Creation

    I just found this game really but it looks quite interesting. Anyway I was wondering if when we create a character if we could customize the actual features and sculpt them like in fallout 4. I think this would be a really cool feature, thanks to anyone that responds.
  2. In-game sites

    In-game you could be able to create your own site. Most sites can be accessed normally, and would be like shopping or job applications for your businesses, but criminal websites need a passcode. Criminal sites are like a chatroom where users in a gang can post pictures or coordinate their group.
  3. Hello all, Virtual Worlds like SecondLife (and now Sansar), IMVU, Warcraft and others... work, grow, evolve and make "economy" thanks to a Big Market of Creations by the Players-Accounts-Avatars-Users. That can expand faster the possibilities and increase the speed of development. So, my suggestion is to open the possibility to the users to make stuff... with the supervision-selection of an Art Director, part of the official Team. That can be a secondary market with limits decided by the Identity Team. Development will be fast and more creative thanks to the contribution of User-Creators Economy and Item Shop will grow incredibly Identity can be more attractive for new user because of the amount of items and possibilities. Users-Creators will have the possibility to have a micro-economy selling stuff and making money (with a fee to give) and having a great Job-Career Motivation for User-Creator will be very high and Brand New products will come continuously That works great with other platforms... so, why not here? Example: Sansar by LindenLab (the new platform) Team can focus on the development of the platform and the features. thanks for the attention, Valya
  4. Brand new and Curious

    Hello all I am brand new here and I am a bit lost. It already exist a beta version to test? It exist the possibility to make items (3D meshes and/or textures)? I am interested to develop content. Thanks to all and have a great day, Valya
  5. Hello there, I have a few simple questions which may be quite dumb to ask but, I'll ask anyways. First of all, I would like to know if there are going to be any beards/facial hair styles in the game. In a lot of games I always see that they forget to add red/ginger colored hair, will we be able to mix colors or will we have a big color spectrum that we can choose from? If not, I would Suggest these. yours sincerely, BigBoss.
  6. Hello!~ i was so unsure as to which thread to put this! so sorry if i put it in the wrong place Anyways, i was wondering.... What people with private servers would be able to do? How much control do they have over the server? Could we upload new clothing, cars, Design new houses/apartments? Could people make a whole new map, and city? how far could someone modify the entirety of the game? could we change the time zone.. like make it medievel or super futuristic/sci-fi... fantasy things ect.. i am hopeing some of these questions can be answered as i am interested in hosting a server depending on how much control is avalable?
  7. Your Identity

    Identity is already looking like it's going to be amazing and I can't wait to see what the first module release will show us. However, something still sits in the back of my mind telling me to not get my hopes up (too late) for what I consider the most important part of this game, the character creation, or to be more spot -on our "identities". If my greatest hopes come true then Identity will have a dynamic character creator that allows everyone to have the look they desire and an actual realistic diverse population will result from it. I'll be able to build my cool yet grim cyberpunk-ish dude while my girlfriend can have fun getting the super sexy curves and sultry facial features of her babe just right. If a game this important and anticipated doesn't have a notable character creation system like for example "Black Desert" or something somewhat similar I'm going to be very very sad. This game is named "Identity'" after all and from the sounds of it so far it's looking like if Second Life, ARMA3, and GTA5 had a threesome and then 9 months later a baby was born but no one could tell who it looked most like, and I'm saying this is a very good thing! So who else shares my hopes of an amazing character creator? Any ideas? Do we have any current sneak peaks?
  8. I was thinking about idea of robotics or another custom creations in the game. Like you go to shop, buy needed modules and create your own robot or machine that's going to do something(f. ex. money printer or a gun with more rare and illegal parts). After building machine you can program it in some sort of a graphical interface like you have f. ex. in UE4 so you make it work. And after you can sell it on legal market or black market for example.