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  1. State Legislature

    I really Like this idea! Good stuff

    Alot of work put into this.... Well done! Might consider investing in the future...
  3. Army and Navy Careers

    That's a fair point
  4. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    Arma 3 Life, where the first 5 minutes of the game I had made friends with drug smugglers who took me to a cocaine field to collect cocaine, but really it was an abandoned field, to which they left me to die, in which I ran back to Athira for 20 minutes where I got ran over by a new player outside the garage who thought I was robbing them... I was actually asking them to move their car so I could spawn mine and once they had ran me over, my car spawned and then another player came along and drove off with it. Overall, a solid 6/10 experience.
  5. Army and Navy Careers

    I was thinking that if there is going to be gangs which take control of turf and power, it would be interesting to have a United States Army or Navy which you could join as a career, where you work up the ranks from Private to Captain. That way, the Army could work to retain control of turf to the government (basically no gang land), where the gangs could try and get it back. In essence the Army and Navy is to tackle major gang power? What do you guys think about it? Good or Bad idea? Any additional ideas?
  6. Dan's Introduction

    Hey, Im Dan and Im 18 years old. I live in the United Kingdom, in the West Midlands. I've been following the progress of Identity RPG for a while, and now it looks like it will be releasing the alpha modules, I thought I'd introduce myself... Im probably going to be a very frequent face in the Identity community, unfortunately for you nice folk.... Lol I'm currently finishing my A levels in Economics, Business and Maths and going to go to University to study Economics. I look forward to seeing the game evolve, as it has been! And I look forward to meeting new faces and having a good laugh. Feel free to message me, : )
  7. Economic Growth, Taxes and Budgets

    I understand what you mean, however if the people vote them in they will be able to vote them out again, if they raise taxes to high levels. I do think tho that there should be a maximum tax threshold that the government can do... like maybe 80%? Plus I think economic crisis would make the server extremely entertaining and interesting.
  8. Economic Growth, Taxes and Budgets

    I think it would really interesting to add economic functionality to the game, Where the government has objectives to achieve like, Economic growth, low unemployment, stable prices, balanced budgets, low state debt etc. These kind of achievements will make elected people more accountable and can work well for building a political environment on the island. The Governor and any elected representatives could have the power/ability to do things such as; Setting Budgets By calculating the government revenue, they can then change spending on current policies or create new policies. An example could be a spending scheme for unemployment benefits, where the governor can propose changes to the spending. This would make political campaigns more interesting I think. Taxes Taxes could be introduced or removed by political figures, i.e. Income tax, Corporation tax, Property Tax etc. where the governor can propose changes to these levels and introduce new ones in order to maybe balance the budget. Interest rates By maybe having a central bank on the island, where a committee votes every few weeks to change the islands interest rate can make a more dynamic economy as it will change how much money people will save or spend in their bank accounts, making people potentially better off or worse, making in-game loans more expensive or cheaper... just change things up. Housing Projects Following the idea of budgeting, I think if the governor can allocate money for new housing projects or for expanding the town square etc. I think it would work for people looking to buy new houses or flats. These are just a few ideas that I had, wondering what people think or whether you have any additional ideas to this one! Thanks