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Found 72 results

  1. Emore Transportation Services

    |EMORE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES| “On time. Everytime. Rain or Shine.” Emore Transportation Services is a private transportation service based in Ash Hill Town SquareWhether it be wanting to have a little space while going to the airport, or wanting to have a private partyWith your friends we got you covered varying from yachts,limousine’s,Commericial SUV’s etc.• Prices as low as 125$ an hour• As many people as you want• Friendly Certified Drivers• Any weather transportation• 24/7 Any location Emore Provides Plenty of Job just sign up an Application and you will be ready to go! Job Possibilities• Limo Driver (1/200• Party Bus driver (0/100• Yacht Driver(0/50)• Customer Service(0/20)• Carpool Driver0/400)• COO (1/1)• CFO(0/1) Emore Provides Transportation to any location whether it be your home,airport,work etc we got you covered, whether you need a party bus,limousine,SUV or a Exotic vehicle you can count on us to satisfy your transportation needs Contact Us: Phone: Coming Soon! Hello thank you for taking your time to read this We have fully released the website for Emore Transportation Service You can now apply for a Job on our website (limo driver,yacht captain etc) For those who don’t yet know what ETS is (pronounced (Eh-more) ) We are a private transportation Service striving to satisfy your transportation needs Whether it’s needing a ride to the airport,to your house or just wanting to drive in style Don’t worry we got you covered Thank you for taking your time to read this “Ontime. Every time. Rain or shine.” *note company will be fully released after the release of the town square module For more information sign up for our newsletter on our website or contact us *We are open to buisness partners Please email us if you are interested

    A SERAPHIM NETWORK™ PROJECT: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: All aspects discussed throughout this presentation are only representations of actual game functions; a resultant factor of unknown game mechanics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION: This company's mission is to provide Identity with the luxurious cars it deserves; as reflected through our motto "Tangible Luxury" . We supply those with expensive taste, an experience befitting of their expectations. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRESENTATION SUMMARY: Lux is a tiered company that provides luxury vintage cars; supplying a reliable brand that demonstrate design concepts similar to the Rolls-Royce and the Bentley. High-quality, vintage and luxurious; 3 descriptors, directed toward cars semantically, that have been lost to time. Lux strives toward the preservation of this taste, for those who appreciate the style of the past. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: Lux currently intends to operate at three specified tiers. These tiers [unconfirmed] are as follows: » Lux Common » Lux Commerce » Lux Rare Lux Common Lux Common is the first tier of the Lux consumer structure. Lux common are cars that, as the name suggests, are common; resulting from the lack of supply restriction imposed by the company. This means that consumers are able to purchase as many as their wallets afford. Lux Commerce Lux Commerce is a special service that is offered to businesses; supplying them with uniquely designed vehicles for use at their discretion. Observing this service would look like so; A business would like to order cars specifically designed for their own commercial purpose (eg. delivery, transport). Lux Commerce would design these cars for them and then supply. The concepts shown below are some examples of how Lux Commerce could benefit your company: The concept above illustrates a basic delivery van. As you can see, a wide space is available for your company to display a logo or some other relevant design. It is advised to use this model for local delivery of small compact items. The design concepts illustrated above are examples of large freight vehicles that can be used to transport larger products across identity. They can deliver in bulk and is advised that you use this model for long distance deliveries. Final naming rights are given to Lux™ to protect the quality; but both parties involved in the interaction have a voice in the model's name. Lux Rare Lux Rare is by far the most expensive tier as a result of models created under the Lux Rare banner being, as referenced in its name, rare. Designs produced through this collection cannot be purchased by external parties [companies, events]; model creations being decided by Lux™. Models released under the Lux Rare collection will be the peak of all Lux™ vehicles in both price and quality. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPANY OWNERSHIP: Lux™ is sole proprietorship owned by the Director of the SERAPHIM NETWORK™ , codenamed THE SERAPH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- START-UP SUMMARY: [Not enough information is known on the game mechanics to make an accurate statement] [Summary will be updated once more is known] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TARGET MARKET: The target market for Lux™ differs in relation to the [currently] tri-tierd structure. Lux Common - The target market for the Lux Common collection are the citizens of Identity who appreciate the fine Lux Commerce - The target market for the Lux Commerce collection are the businesses in Identity. Lux Rare - The target market for the Lux Rare collection are the true car collectors of Identity; fueling passion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAIN OF COMMAND: Basic graph illustrating some of the roles within the company. The roles illustrated above are not finalised and could change as time allows it. Some roles not displayed above are the more humble tasks: » Managers » Sellers » Drivers [transporting product from warehouse to dealership] » Marketing team ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEALERSHIP: [As the full game has not been released yet we have not been able to display what the dealership would look like] [If you have skills that include concept creation PM] Although the dealership cannot be shown, images can illustrate predictions as to what the dealership would look like. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TYPES OF CARS: The types of cars that are sold at Lux™ classic vintage cars; their design a pinnacle feat. [As the game has not been fully released, we do not have real photos of the cars available] Images that are similar to the types of cars are provided below: LUX SPORT™ OPTIONS For more information on LUX SPORT™ click here [Actual pictures of in-game car models will be edited in once available] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INVESTORS: Interested in investing, PM CEO. Depending on investment investors will receive the very first model from the Lux Rare collection. No other citizens will be able to obtain this luxury. At this point in time [although possible changes may be made] the name given to the model is the 'Víra'. The reasoning behind its name is its meaning. 'Víra' in Czech means 'faith'. This is a descriptor that I would associate with all who invest; thus the model gifted to those who invest is just. Presently, depending on the deal made with the investor, investment returns may be percentage based. [more information will become available as it becomes available] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POSITIONS: At this time, the only positions that Lux™ are currently accepting are the team illustrated in the chain of command segment. More roles will be available for application once this core team is secure. All roles displayed below require expert organisational skills. CEO: THE SERAPH COO: [VACANT] The COO is [in Lux™] a person who organises and especially can operate the whole company in its compartmentalised systems without getting confused. They supervise all the heads of the company making sure that operations can occur smoothly and cognitively. HEAD OF MANAGEMENT: [VACANT] The head of management organises the reports that managers write. Making sure to send the right segments to the right people. HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES: [VACANT] Human Resources are responsible for the recruiting of new workers such as drivers and sellers. HEAD OF FINANCES: [VACANT] The head of finances, as informed through the title, is responsible for all the financial workings throughout the company. HEAD OF MANUFACTURING: [VACANT] The role of the head of manufacturing is to supervise the creation of the cars. Recording the materials needed and organising dates on when those materials are delivered. They are also in charge of the rates at which vehicles are made, working with the other heads to provide a steady stream of vehicle production. HEAD OF TRANSPORTATION: [VACANT] The head of transportation organises the needs of all the different departments and provides a means of transporting goods from one place to the other. For example they organise time tables for material to be transported to factories and when cars should be transported to dealerships. [These are brief descriptions of the roles. For more information PM] [These positions are not finalised] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERAPHIM NETWORK™ NOTICE: LUX™ is partnered with another SERAPHIM NETWORK™ project [in the works] to distribute your form of transport across all of Identity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFICIAL PARTNERS: [More details to come] ???? - UNKOWN SERAPHIM NETWORK™ PROJECT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPLY FOR A JOB NOW! GIVE US AN INDICATION OF YOUR INTEREST BY COMMENTING THE FOLLOWING: -Name- -Sex- -Age- -A little about you- If you find errors, feel free to PM
  3. Car Mechanic Specifics

    I know the third module is a long time away but this is my personal theory of how car mechanics should work and some more questions. I think car systems should be a mix between My Summer Car and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, a mechanics system like that would force people to either learn how to work on their car themselves or bring it to a mechanic. I also have a few questions about how said systems would work, will there be a system like mine or one like GTA 5's menu which would cut out the mechanic middleman? As a person who plans to pursue a career in mechanics this is very worrying because it would cut a lot out of the game which is important to me. Will you be able to order parts to your house and install them yourselves?
  4. Car Mechanic

    Is there going to be any jobs/careers where you can be a car mechanic?
  5. Screenshots of the police station, clothes, weapons, cars and more! They said they would launch in this first MODULE Weapons Others Clothes
  6. In this topic we will talk a little about cars and leave all your possible suggestions about them. We can put all kinds of cars, police, fireman, paramedics, president, etc. Put the photo of the car as a suggestion Examples
  7. Car Spawning

    Hi! Cars should despawnen after 30 minutes but that would disturb the roleplay massively why an idea for the car Spawning: could not you just set a limit? would be more advantageous than despawning.
  8. I was thinking of starting a car business, but I had a concern. Would there even be customizable cars like there is customizable clothing? This was a great concern to me as I obviously need, at the very least, to be able to print my brand name on a car. Does anyone know if the Identity devs mentioned having customizable cars at any point? Please let me know. Best wishes -Owl
  9. Public Transportation - IDENTITY CONCEPT hope everyone had a great day! been working on some concepts for idENTITY AND THIS ONE, I PERSONALLY THINK WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION. VIEW FOR YOURSELF; tell me what you think, SIGNED, MPOTTERHEAD.
  10. Why is there parking in the game if the car is not used anyway? (Sorry for my Bad english)
  11. I have a questions on stealing cars. What will happen to the cars after you steal them. Will you have to find someone to who's interested, or will the car get abducted by aliens (despawn) after a while.
  12. Car Name Parodys

    I think you guys should parody real life car companys and names like "chave malibod 1998" or "forb explosion 2009" "nishan pathway 2014" "techla model W 2016"
  13. Car Odometers

    I think it would be cool if the vehicles had a working odometer on them. The more mileage you put on your car the less it is valued in the market. also the criminals could buy some tools to dial the odometer back on older cars.
  14. VIP Taxi & Limo Service

    ABOUT US Our goal was to simply offer the best luxury limousine service in Identity -- we ended up providing unparalleled customer service. From TOWN CAR, Luxury SUV, SPRINTER VAN to Luxury LIMOUSINES, our best- in-class fleet will make your next special occasion an unforgettable one. Whether you need Airport transportation, executive transportation or limousine service for your wedding day, we offer style and comfort to and from your destination. Regardless of the size of your party, our luxury LIMOUSINES can accommodate any size. When you want to ride first class, we’ll provide you with limousine service that will suit your needs. WHY CHOOSE US VS TAXI? There is a false generalized concept, which is that the taxi service is cheaper than limo service, and this is not necessarily true. Ex, if your taxi gets stuck in traffic or if your driver does not know the shortest route to your destination ,usually you would end up paying much more for your transfer. In most trips to and from your destination, "savings" in a taxi is so insignificant that it is not justified in comparison to the remarkable difference in comfort, reliability and service from our company. let's look at the following comparison table: SERVICE US TAXI Price known in advance ✓ ✖ Clean & Luxurious interior ✓ ✖ Uniformed Chauffeur ✓ ✖ All Fees included in the price ✓ ✖ Luggage assisting at the airport ✓ ✖ Waiting in line to get a car ✖ ✓ Smelly car ✖ ✓ Our commitment is to offer the best transportation services to our customers, at affordable prices, always taking care of their budget. JOBS We are currently hiring! Below is a list of jobs that we need Drivers(Unlimited) Dispatchers(1) Maintenance Crew(5) COO(1) CFO(1) For More Information Please reply to this forum with your question. We appreciate constructive criticism to help us improve our services.
  15. RC Racing

    I think we could have this as a cheap alternative to racing, this way when you are starting out you can still race. it would probably be a mini-game where your camera trails around the RC car in third person once you activate it, from here you can drive around the track until most of the players are ready. what do you guys think?
  16. Car Poll!

    Are you planning to take part in the car business?
  17. car stealing

    can you steal npc cars as some of the cars are "exotic" and would sell for a nice price and is it possible to steal other players cars. like in gta5 import export dlc?
  18. Realistic physics

    realistic car physics like in beamng drive would make the game better because people would actually care about their cars and obey traffic rules to avoid damage another thing I would like to see in the game is realistic body damage for example, it takes one shot in the head and body to kill someone and a shot in the leg will slow them down and make them drag their damaged leg, shots in arms will make them drop weapons or make driving a car harder
  19. Will vehicles such as cars be able to deteriorate overtime from lack of care/maintenance to eventually the point where you have a junker in your hands and pretty much have to find a new replacement car? While I believe, if its a feature, it should be a very slow process; it really would be neat to see appear in the game. Economy is suppose to be as accurate as it can be and I can see this greatly effecting the wealth of some players. Another question I wanted to ask is if vehicle repairs will be cheap and easy or more demanding. Say you got into a collision with a street pole and now you have a nasty dent in your vehicle. Will the damage be persistent forever until repaired for a costly amount (especially without insurance) or will it be something cheap like a $100 quick fix. I'm hoping for the more realistic path of the two. Now that I think of it though, could city destruction fines be issued to players for collisions with items like lamp posts or signs?
  20. Will there be State Troopers, State Police, City Police and Sheriff or just one massive department for the whole map? Wouldnt it be cool to have like Park Rangers and Search And Rescue units?
  21. Welcome to The Peaky Blinders. One of the most feared and respected organisations around. Allies of the Luprano Family. The hierarchy of the Peaky Blinders: 1. Council of 6 - Highest ranking members 2. Officers - Run the lower ranks, bring issues to the Council of 6. 3. Enforcers - Enforce the Peaky Blinders rules on anybody (gang member/civilian/police/politician). 4. Hitmen/Assassins - Do the Council of 6 bidding. 5. Protection - Provide protection to members shops, businesses, Peaky Blinders businesses and provide protection to high ranking members. 6. Soldiers - Represent the Peaky Blinders on the streets, work your way up our ranks, attack rivals on sight, provide protection for Peaky Blinders. 7. Shop owners/Businesses - Shop owners who run their shops but aid the Peaky Blinders in providing guns/clothes/cars to us. We provide protection for them. Our Rules Are As Followed: Take the oath of silence Do not join a rival gang Do not aid the police in investigations regarding the Peaky Blinders Do not disrespect another member of the Peaky Blinders Always be loyal to the Peaky Blinders Be obedient How to join: PM peakyblinder (ME) Take the oath of Silence You must then complete the Initiation of the Peaky Blinders
  22. This poll is for all the motorheads out there. Feel free to comment and suggest any other options!
  23. I've always found it rather annoying in ArmA Life or Gmod Life mods that driving into town can sometimes be quite a hassle as upon exiting your vehicle it is unlocked and random players will just bolt for your car with the intention of going on a joy ride. Will there be measures taken against this occurring?
  24. Let me know your opinion!

    Do you think there will be a sort of Manual transmission option if you wanted? Like in the settings, Because i am really hoping they have a in-depth car system. One thing i hope they have is a sort of "Clutch" Button. Tell me what you think!
  25. Car Building & Tuning

    Will the car building and tuning be completely unguided like in My Summer Car or will it be easier, more guided car mechanics and tuning, with a dyno and what not, like in Car Mechanic Simulator? What do you guys thing it should be?