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Found 7 results

  1. Will there be a way to easily use your phone (sort of like Uber) to request for transportation by plane across the map? In Asylum Life, it's redundant to transport by plane because of the small size of the map, but if the map is large enough in Identity would plane transportation for strangers like a taxi service be feasible?
  2. Public Transportation - IDENTITY CONCEPT hope everyone had a great day! been working on some concepts for idENTITY AND THIS ONE, I PERSONALLY THINK WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION. VIEW FOR YOURSELF; tell me what you think, SIGNED, MPOTTERHEAD.
  3. Pilot

    How about a career in Aviation where players from all over the map can travel from one place to another. The airplane must be owned and maintained by the pilot and people pay them to be taken to places. You could also choose to work under a business man who hires you. You could also become a third eye for the Police by flying Helicopters and serving the Law.
  4. mechanics and physics

    is it possible to build a helicopter in the game if you have the knowledge and build other things like cars boats planes etc... ?
  5. When we saw the trailer we didn't hear much about vehicles , if there where going to be any air vehicles. we did notice the boat the flashed on a couple of times on the trailer but that's it. Will we expect helicopters for paramedics? or cargo planes? These would be very useful and would make the game twice as immersive .I'm hyped for the game more than anyone already since i cant get enough of arma life , and i have high expectations for this game and that it will surpass the problems that arma life has,like rdm.
  6. What about airports?

    Are there any plans to introduce an airfield let alone planes in the game?
  7. What do you think of making an airport with Real flight schools where you have to gane a licence to fly or cruise around or legal fishing and a flight agency where you can learn how to be a pilot and simulate flying over to different airports around the Identity world, let's say you open up a little land where you can only access by private small planes and yachts and big boats. small tourist land where you go to shop and host legal fishing competitions, big beach parties. rent villas on the beach , something like Saint Tropez,ibiza,etc.. someplace where you will have to work hard to get there, become a millionaire and buy your own private plane,contrat a pilot that has different licenses like for transporting you on teresteral and water vehiculs and also be a bodyguard. so many open ideas for this project.