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  1. Public Transportation - IDENTITY CONCEPT hope everyone had a great day! been working on some concepts for idENTITY AND THIS ONE, I PERSONALLY THINK WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION. VIEW FOR YOURSELF; tell me what you think, SIGNED, MPOTTERHEAD.
  2. Bank robbery ideas

    Will heists/robberies be happening while innocent bystanders are in the building, meaning the criminals could keep the innocent people hostage inside?
  3. Forums in other languages

    You can just translate your page, etc. They don't have enough staff to provide translators, etc.
  4. Fame

    I think a cool idea would be red carpet events, award shows, concerts, movie premieres would be a great addition to this game as it will focus on what we see on the mainstream media these days, it would be really fun for us players to witness that kind of stuff.