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Found 6 results

  1. First-Class Coaches

    First-Class Coaches The objective of this company is to take players around the map to different cities and around each and every city. Or to take players to destinations where they can relax and hangout. This will benefit players that maybe don't have a vehicle and want to get to somewhere that is not possible to reach on foot. The busses will mainly run from city to city but they can also be hired out for different and special occasions e.e. Partying, Tours around the map, nights out and many more. Each coach will hopefully take up to 50 passengers. Why choose us? You should choose us because we are a very reliable company that can get you from A to B trouble free and in comfort and in style with a wide range variety of luxury and modern coaches. As we take you past some of the most exquisite scenery to your destination all you have to do is take in the beautiful scenery or even take a nap which you will have no trouble in doing as we try and make every journey smooth and peaceful. If you know that you will be hiring a bus in the game for your business and would like to choose this company please let me know on the post or DM me. Thank you. Our coaches: As we all know sitting at a desk can be very boring therefore when the phone is not ringing or no customers are in the reception area the receptionists are allowed to shop online if they desire or read the newspaper which I will buy a few copies for my staff to read or they can do something else that is appropriate on the computer.And the rest of the staff are allowed to read the newspaper or go on their phones during their break also a coffee machine will be placed in the staff break room. Disclaimer: This is what i would like in the game and therefore will not reflect on the finished product as it may not be included in the game. Thank you. If your company would like to be advertised on the side of one of our buses(if it is possible in game) please contact @iSpeedy10x on this forum or DM on the identity website. Thank you. Below are all the jobs within the company: CEO - @iSpeedy10x 1st Manager - @David-Brass Garage Operator/Head of Maintenance - @JamesPvP Receptionist - 0/2 Mechanic - 0/4 Drivers - 2/4 Below is the application form if you wish to work for First-Class Coaches. The positions will most likely have more available slots in the future; This is just temporary. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I will update it every couple of weeks. Disclaimer: The company may not be set up completely when the full game comes out so you may have to wait to be put to work. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Public Transportation - IDENTITY CONCEPT hope everyone had a great day! been working on some concepts for idENTITY AND THIS ONE, I PERSONALLY THINK WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION. VIEW FOR YOURSELF; tell me what you think, SIGNED, MPOTTERHEAD.

    Hello! i am K9, the head of transport for the LPU party and we're looking into free public transport if/when we get elected. this of course would not be cheap and would like to make a deal. any companies interested please feel free to respond K9
  4. Global Transportation

    Global Transport My Introduction: Hello, my name is James and well I think all of you have seen at least one of my posts now. I am going to be competing against Air and this will be fun as its going to be a challenge (if the business' are on the same servers). I love a bit of a challenge and well I give him the best of Luck. Business: So this company is going to specialise in public transport. We will have the many assets ranging from taxis to bus's/coaches to limo's. This company was founded to make you have cheap and easy journeys. Regional Areas City Bus Prices: Single Ticket: [#1: $2 - #2: $3 - #3: $4] This is a full single journey which is on any route in the city of purchase. Day Ticket: [#1: $6 - #2: $7 - #3: $8] This ticket allows you to have as many journey's in a single day on any route in the city of purchase. Weekly Ticket: [#1: $36 - #2: $42 - #3: $47] This saves you even more money as its unlimited journeys in a week on any route in the city of purchase. Monthly Ticket: [#1: $124 - #2: $145 - #3: $166] This will save you $20 from buying any day ticket. This ticket allows you to have unlimited journeys in a month within the city of purchase. City Outskirt Bus Prices: Single Ticket: (Will vary between) #1: $1 - $4 #2: $2 - $5 #3: $3 - $6 These tickets vary on distance and on which city outskirts. Return Ticket: (Will vary between) #1: $3 - $6 (city 1) Roseport #2: $4 - $7 (city 2) Turtle Beach #3: $5 - $8 (city 3) Ash Hill These tickets allow you to return the same distance as travelled. Weekly Ticket: (Will vary between) #1: $19 - $40 #2: $26 - $47 #3: $33 - $54 These tickets allow you to travel unlimited times for a week from day purchased. Monthly Ticket: (Will vary between) #1: $66 - $150 #2: $94 - $178 #3: $122 - $206 Coach Ticket: (Varying on Distance) #1: $20 #2: $35 #3: $50 Taxi Prices: (Varying on area/ Distance) #1: $4 [per mile radius] in towns. #2: $8 [per mile radius] in a city. Limo Hire Prices: (Varying on Time) Deposit: $50 Non Refundable. #1: $350 (4 hours) #2: $1550 (Full 1 Day Event) #3: $4250 (3 Full Day Events) #4: $2000 [per day] (Permanent Limo and Driver) {Weekly payments} Theses prices are not final and can be changed at any given time. Wages & Salaries The wages/ salaries of our colleagues/ work force will be very competitive and diverse to all. We do not discriminate, we pay our employees fairly and also provide legal coverage to every one for a certain monthly fee (automatically deducted from payments). Company Assets The Depot's: The depot's will be where all assets will be stored when not in use. All drivers will have to report in to the depot with the "Duty Manager" who gives them the permission and tells them which asset to use for the day. Asset #1: Bus Asset #2: Taxi Asset #3: Coach Asset #4: Limo Staff Positions Board Of Directors: James and Andrew Supervisor: (all available) x positions Workers: (all available) x positions This is a draft copy not the final copy of the post. This post will be updated over time as it is a long process and vital to success.
  5. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to have a look around. Welcome to CORE Transport, we are a Bus, trucking and Delivery corporation, focusing to become your main and #1 in public transport. Trucking and driving coaches is a specialty for us, all of us at Core Transport are enthusiasts of the road ahead, we make promises that we will keep and ensure our service is of the highest quality and wont be beaten. We are already hiring staff which will eventually begin work in the proper application number in-game. I hope you enjoy this comprehensive description of my corporation. Core Transport is a corporation who's main focus will be to become your #1 in transport. Not everyone will afford vehicles in Identity, so we want to give people the opportunity to travel with ease across the Island, the system below is a beta prototype and we will be trying a lot of new things to see what brings more satisfaction to possible future customers. We are happy to be the first announced transport corporation on the old forums, and we had the pleasure of having the first business post in this section of the forums. We are dedicated to our community and we hope to co-work with you all so that you too can build a transit system you would like to see. I started Core Transport because i have a passion in all things moving. A lot of my family are in the logistics and public transport business. Core transport is based on real world collected data, we have several written documents describing how our logistical and public transport system will work on identity based on the information that we have right now, and a special thanks to @Motown for answering a lot of private messages on the site which in turn helped shape Core Transport. We have some exciting news and updates coming shortly, so keep an eye on this section of the forums to be the first to find out new and exclusive information about Core Transport The following is a prototype of our system and how we would like to start off in Identity. ------Description of our Coach / City bus price lists and description of our system------ Once in the game I am planning on making the tickets BASED around these prices: ((CITY / CITY OUTSKIRTS BUS LINES)) - City service -Regular [$3.50]* (The ticket price may vary depending from where to where you are travelling) -Return [$6.50] (This ticket allows you to travel to your destination, and be able to travel back without buying another ticket, the price may also vary) -Day Saver [$25.00] (This ticket allows you to travel as much times as you want PER DAY in a specific ZONE, such as city, or countryside. The price may also vary) -Collaborative [$15.00] (If you are staff or part of a company that are partners with CORE Transport, you will get this ticket, with a discount instead of the Day Saver) -Weekly Bus Pass [$150.00]* (If you do the calculations -per day- this ticket will save you money if you travel with us a lot, the price may also vary.) -Event Pass [$450.00]* (Hosting an event? need transportation for ALL your guests? hire a CORE Bus with one of our bus drivers, and make as much trips as you want, from anywhere to anywhere in ONE day, this deal may have discounts) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((INTER CITY/COACH LINES)) - Inter City service -Inter City One way [$39.00] (Priority boarding = extra [$5.50]* -Inter City Two way [45.00] (Priority boarding = extra [$10.00]* -Inter City Worker pass [$100.00] (Unlimited trips for TWO Days.) (Priority boarding = extra [$10.00] -Inter City Collaborative [$26.00]* (Priority boarding = extra [$10.00]) (This is the city worker pass, at a discounted price for Co. Partners) One baggage = [$4.50]* Two baggage's = [$8.50]* Three baggage's = [$12.00]* (Prices may vary from time to time) (Special offers will be held for ALL of the above*) On-board meals will be served free of charge if travelling over 80km2* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (DAILY SPECIAL DEALS, OFFERS, AND MILES) If you travel daily with CORE Transport, for every mile you earn on your membership card, you earn points, point can later be redeemed to have free bus trips, free meals, free priority boarding or free baggage's. Every week, CORE Transport has a Friday and Sunday special which offers you a TWO WAY trips with any Inter city coach, for only $35.00, price includes vat, baggage and parking (if any) -----------Description of our Logistics system and how it works----------- Logistics - Deliveries and their cost: The way we will be calculating our deliveries cost is not by weight or type of goods but rather by how much room it will take in the truck trailer / van. Space in the truck trailer and van are divided into 6 zones, the costs would be as followed: SPACES 1 = 50$ | 4 = 400 2 = 150$ | 5 = 750 3 = 250$ | 6 = 1,000 Prices will be negotiable, and this is all a prototype. all feedback is much appreciated. Roles and procedures of the Logistical Driver. (1) The Depot: Drivers will collect their asset (vehicle) belonging to the C.T. Corporation at the start of their shift after the yard master / secretary* gives them their Driver Reference Nr and permission to depart from the Yard, once the driver receives his/her instructions then departure is permitted by the Security Guard. (2) The warehouse: The warehouse operators would be loading the truck before the driver arrives. Small vans or other truck drivers would be assigned to bring smaller goods to a company owned warehouse where the customers goods would be distributed to their final location. But it is possible to deliver directly from Factory > Destination if the payment reaches minimum for that process to occur. Its an important job to ensure that goods are loaded efficiently and effectively. (3) Secure Driver Procedure: When any driver enters a yard or distribution centre a driver number must be given, along with the vehicles registration plates and what kind of cargo is being transported. Core Transport is a 100% legal company and it is up to the Security Officer to ensure that no illegal contraband is ever transported. Heavy fines would apply for any contraband that would be attempted to transport. When trucks arrive and depart they are heavily checked by security officers to ensure the safety of the driver and compliance with the law. Dockets would be printed out for drivers with ALL the information they need to take off. This is not the finalized version of the C.T. system description. a logo and the full description will be uploaded in weeks to come.
  6. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to have a look around. Welcome to CORE Transport, we are a Bus and Delivery trucking company, focusing to become your main and #1 in public transport. Bellow you will find proper information and the applications form, which can be messaged to me or posted in the comments bellow. Information And Facts: -Even before identity is released, CORE Transport will already be offering prices as low as $20* -CORE Transport aims to be the heart of all public transportation with anything that identity has to offer, it is mainly a public transport and trucking company but a delivery service will be available. -CORE Transport's Depot's and Stations wont be just for CORE transport, they will be available to any other company that will need a location/system to work on and use. -To invest into CORE Transport, please contact Myself @Air -An updated version of this post will come out as more information on the game is released and also once my PC is fixed so that i may upload the logo and an advanced version of this post. Here at CORE Transport, we have the following ranks in order, here they are listed with specific details. Co-CEO Director of Operations Depot Manager Ticketing Officer Dispatch Officer Coach Driver Commercial Driver Bus Driver Security Guard Secretary More jobs may become available as information of Identity is released --------------------------------- JOB DESCRIPTIONS ---------------------------------------- -The CEO: There is only one CEO and that is myself, Astonair (Air for short) I handle all the advertisement's, designs and business relations with other company's -The Director of Operations is the man in charge of ensuring that the Depots and destinations are running perfectly clear, the DO (Director of Operations) will also create and manage bus lines, bus lines that are beaming will have more vehicles assigned, rather than those which may have one bus to multiple locations less frequently. -The Depot Manager ensures that CORE Transport always has the perfect prices for passengers and Cargo Delivery customers. The Manager also manages the advert campaign of CORE Transport, but this does not include other control over other commercial company's adverts. The manager must ensure that staff are working at full capacity to make sure the system is fast and sleek - to be hassle free for all customers. -Ticketing Officer, this is the person that firstly sells tickets in the ticket office / booth and writes down all the correct details on a special ticket that will be handed to the Passengers, the passengers would hold on to this ticket with a special serial key and regular information to be checked before boarding the bus, serial keys are written down and there can only be one like it (anti-scam system) In more rural areas or less visited locations, the ticket officer comes along for a ride with the driver, to sell and check tickets before passengers board the bus. The ticket officer will be using the Microphone system the most for sure, announcing arrivals, departures and other information to take the strain of a Dispatch Officer. Ticketing officers also go onto city buses to check tickets of passengers, as policy states that people can sometimes get on with no ticket checking, ticketing officers will get on buses at random times to ensure that people are not riding on the bus illegally. -The Dispatch Officer is a job for people who would rather have an office job, this jobs main priority is to keep tabs on what CORE vehicles (Buses, truck's, vans, other company's vehicles) and to ensure that they arrive and depart at proper times, buses would be directed to proper platforms, and most of the time, you will be using the Microphone System to announce arrivals / departures / info. -Coach driver, the name said it all for me, but here is some information anyway's: The Coach driver job is the most important and critical job in the whole company, as it is the heart and the reason for being (of the company) Coach drivers don't drive in the cities and towns, they driver to and from cities and towns having only one or two stops in each city/town before proceeding on its long distance away to the destination(s), it is the job of the driver to ensure that passengers are safe at all times, and that the driver always announces stops, updates and other information via microphone, Coach drivers are careful drivers, to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for the Passengers. -Commercial Driver, this is a driver that drives Trucks and Vans to deliver goods, depending on the good's size and demand, the Van will be a more likely option, or truck for long distance / high quantity loads. This driver does not need to worry about passengers, but needs to focus on its load, to ensure that the trailer (if any) is always secure, there is no one in the trailer (if possible) and that the transport of drugs is not tolerated. If departing from a CORE Depot, a security guard will always check and secure the cargo. (always on time) -Bus drivers, you might think that this is the same as a coach driver, but it is not, type Bus into Google images and then coach, the both have clear differences. A bus driver would drive a bus of different design (if any) around the more dense areas of the game such as cities and larger towns. A bus never leaves a cities / towns boarders unless it is an N/A service approved to move to another location. Bus drivers are in-charge of selling tickets to the passengers. If there are few passengers at a stop, the driver must find time to sell tickets, if its pact with people on a stop, the driver can let people right on to prevent time-loss. The bus driver cannot have chats with passengers while driving unless it is a general question or a request to buy tickets. -Security Guards always patrol around main areas where the CORE Transport company operates such as major bus stops or company commercial Depots, other than making sure no harm is brought to people when in large groups, guards check trucks before they depart for any Illegal consistencies or people on the back of the truck. Once the load is secured, the Guard gives the all go for the driver. -Secretary Manages all the messages / complaints / reservations / enquiry. All information is provided to secretaries so that Passengers/customers questions can be answered efficiently. These people usually work in a ticket officer or regular office. -Application Format- Forums name: Real age (must be over 15): In-game name (to-be): Character Age (required): Legal or Illegal?: LEGAL[ ] ILLEGAL[ ] What position are you interested in?: Why do you want to work as that position?: Why should we pick you over any other applicant?: Do you have a working mic?: YES[ ] NO[ ] Do you know the basics of RP?: YES[ ] NO[ ] How active will you be on a scale of 1 - 10?: SIGNATURE: