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  1. -Application Format-
    Forums name:Mr_Tom
    Real age (must be over 15):15

    In-game name (to-be):Dr Tom
    Character Age (required):42
    Legal or Illegal?:Legal

    What position(s) are you interested in?:Co-CEO/Director of Operations/Depot Manager/Ticketing Officer/Dispatch Officer/Secretary

    Why do you want to work as that position?: Really like managing money and, sales as well and, roles with high power. 

    Why should we pick you over any other applicant?:I run my uncle's restaurant in Europe during the summer.

    Do you have a working mic?:
    Do you know the basics of RP?:

    How active will you be on a scale of 1 - 10?:9


    • -Application Format-
    • Forum Name:Mr_Tom
    • Website Name:Mr_Tom
    • In-Game name (to be):Dr Tom
    • Position of Interest:Ticketing Officer/Dispatch Officer
    • Why would you like to work at Core Transport?:I like the transport industry.
    • Do you have any past experience in the selected area?: Ya, managing money and, ticket booths usually at the BSA events.
    • Have you been a past applicant?: No

    Sorry Old Application

  2. @MichaelPayneHaha We're always here, issue is there's just so many things you can do until more information about the game is released, always good to have competition but I hope our two businesses could work together for a better Identity for all Regards, Air.
  3. Hey everyone, I'd like to take a moment of your time to give you an update on CTC for both our dedicated staff, investors and Core Transport Patrons. I would like to say that I'm happy to see Identity moving along and now with the release of the Town Square Module I think it's safe to say we're all pretty hyped - for the module and for the chance to get to meet you all in-game in character! Core Transport is still going strong with plans being formulated, our current graphics improved and new bus lines being developed behind the scenes, we are also working on a more improved distribution plan for our truckers and partnered factories and business which will rely on this service and as always, we will be going out into the real world visiting actual Trucking and Bus companies to gather real world data so that we can make a comprehensive system for smooth driving and to show we mean business. A special thank you to all of you who have kept Core Transport in mind and to those multiple investors who have pledged their in-game money of $1,000 and $4,000 and with all of those One's and Four's combined, we will have a head start and creating your #1 In Public Transport and Logistic solutions. Our mentions on forums and other posts by other players don't go unnoticed and I would like to thank those players who have been here with us and Identity from the very start just like ancient beings. We are proud to be the first Business on this forum and we won't be slowing down any time soon with our development but we have decided to re-start our public campaign to gain the attention and awareness of new players who may not have heard of CTC yet, for those who haven't, we welcome you to our corner of the forums. Thank you for your support and to all community members who contribute to this post, Regards, The Core Transport Team
  4. @AxisUG Yes, Core Transport is currently seeking drivers, right now our only opened positions are for Coach drivers and City bus drivers but on the management side we have Chief Operations Officer open along with Depot manager and Security jobs will be scratched as we will be seeking a private company who specialises in security professionally to assist at our bus depots, we're a transport company after all, right? Thank you for your enquiry, we can talk further through private messages if you wish. Kind Regards, CEO of C.T. Astonair
  5. @BrianHamilton We have many guarantees from several people with their stance on investing their starting money into the company for shares, I do firmly believe that from the moment we get in the game we will be the first with any sort of public transport vehicle such as a Coach or the equivalent. Its part of our company's services to offer coach and minibus hire for any occasion so an answer to your question is yes. -Astonair Core Transport is not yet affiliated with any political party but hopes to establish ties with one - once a good partnership is worked out. @LuciousTimes I could show you images of planned routes, business documents but we will stray far away from other companies which will take images and A) Show what amazing vehicles they will have without knowing the vehicle list or B) Brand vehicles with graphics that may be far from possible with the in-game graphics maker and unfortunately these things will not come to fruition once the game is released, we would like to work with other companies or enter a partnership with others who seek realistic goals to shape a company and friendship not based on assumptions, basically, sorry I don't have the kind of images your looking for -Astonair @MichaelPayne Sorry, don't remember giving advertising permission, that's bad business on my end, please remove and we can negotiate a formal deal to business related responses on this topic, thank you. -Core Transport Team
  6. Indeed it would, especially that Core Transport is seeking to get involved with the Politics (or a party) in regards to public transport availability and reliability - for representation.
  7. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an idea about Electric and plug-in Hybrid vehicles. Being a person who pre-ordered a Tesla model 3 and an enthusiast of Electric Vehicles naturally I thought I should share this on Identity. In reality, I am the first in my family to make a pledge to never in my life touch a petrol or diesel pump and so far I have gone with my promise. I think that Identity should have a few Hybrid and fully Electric vehicle models to satisfy everyone in both your average vehicle sector and premium sports vehicles. I don't know if you need to put petrol in your cars in Identity but if you do I think it would be a cool idea to have some charge point infrastructure around the map but much smaller than that of Petrol stations to simulate the real world. Many companies offer home charging points and the Developers did say that you will have some limited exterior customization and this would be a neat little addition to charge your car at home. Minor public Network but possibility to open your own network as a business and set charge prices, parking etc... Manufacturers could produce these. Doesn't it take longer to charge than filling up a tank with petrol? Well... Yes, at home charging points it takes hours where as at public DC points it takes minutes. The way this could work in Identity is just to extend recharging times to something like 5x or 6x longer than it takes to fill petrol depending on the power output and vehicle. Electric Vehicle range can vary from 100 miles to 200 miles to 300 miles on a single charge, people can enjoy the instant torque on some EV models and more storage in vehicles for transport. Is this idea practical? That's up to you all to determine but I know that with instant torque ill be happy with any Electric vehicle that could be released in Identity. There is a lot of vehicle diversity so why not add a few charge points to the identity map, flare things up a bit and offer home owners and business owners the opportunity to install charge points to get more customers. Electric vehicle charging could open more possibilities for manufacturers to produce and deploy charging points for homes and stations, could you buy land to set up your own network? It would be cool to do something like that from land you might own (Not just charging, general ownership and management of land for whatever you want) What do charge points look like? That really depends on the country and county then companies like Tesla have their own network of Superchargers which charge your vehicle for 80% in 30 minutes (They can also use public stations) Here is a look at various charge points globally: The costs: Your average regular electric vehicle can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 while premium EV's (Electric Vehicles) can be from $65,000 to $115,000 and sports electric vehicles up to $200,000 Elected officials could amend rules based on Electric vehicles too, introducing or removing incentives and free or paid charging point access at government charge points (Excl. Privately owned) Here is a look at some common electric vehicles from each category: Tesla Model 3 ($28,000 - $35,000 standard version) Nissan Leaf (Avg. $27,000 standard version) Hyundai Ioniq (Avg. $20,000 Standard) Tesla Model X (From $80,000 - $115,000+ Premium Electric SUV) BMW i3 (From $35,000) BMW i8 (From $115,000) The question is, what do you all think? I know some people like the roar of an engine or find it unattractive to charge your vehicle but personally I firmly believe it would be a nice addition to Identity, the developers could always just make 2 or 3 models and a hybrid or two then see how it performs then offer more options in future updates. I hope I can own one of the above in Identity, thank you all! Regards, Air
  8. - CORE Transport Action Plan - Corporations are now divided so things like transport and logistics are listed as separate identities. We can't take two rout's but what I CAN do is to open a subsidiary corporation on an alternate character leading up to the formation of: -CORE Transport Lines & -CORE Logistics This would allow us to work with the system, but which one is a priority? how will it work for our staff that want jobs they applied and got in for? Well... that's up to the developers and here's why- CORE Transport has been an influential factor from the start, we have gathered real world data from being permitted to survey logistic and public transport systems at several companies, one in Ireland, England and United States. We have repeatedly kindly asked the developers for their thoughts on the Public transport sector in terms of city buses, coaches and minibuses / shuttles - Previously we were told that coaches wont be permitted in the game as they can easily block the roads (just like a truck can) so using that as a counter we received a neutral stance on the idea of buses and coaches and hopefully that has changed. If Buses, Coaches and Minibuses will be in the game - the CORE Transport Lines corporation will be launched first and be our priority and only later will we continue to open CORE Logistics. Thank you to all who have stuck with us and we hope our Business partners continue to be firm partners of ours into the future (especially that most of the businesses wont be set up from the start). Our investors have not backed off of the idea as far as we can tell and so we still have a pretty large starting capital to be your first and number one in public transport AND Logistics! Thank you everyone, I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Regards, -Astonair
  9. Core Transport Update: Hey everyone, I'd like to start this post off by saying thank you to all our amazing supporters and investors out there - I'd like to bring you all some news thanks to information further released on the Cargo and Public transport corporations - Should corporations only be allowed to take one direction (e.g. public transport but not cargo) we at Core transport believe that the best course of action would be to stick to Public Transport and work on building the best infrastructure for our customers at realistic and competitive prices offering both Standard rate and Budget rate services. Core Transport stopped posting updates as often as we use to as we believe we have reached the peak at what we can say for the moment until more information is released on Identity so while on this post we would also like to state that driver applications are now open and anyone over the age of 16* may apply. We thank all of our Business partners for continuing to stick with us these past few months and we will maintain our cargo partners for now and see how the developers allow the system to run. We continue to hold the proud title of first Transportation corporation established on Identity dating back from the old website and we hope we can continue to carry that part of history with us into the game to share our real world gathered data with you for a efficient and comprehensive system. Kind regards, CEO of C.T. -Astonair Core Transport team.
  10. Core Transport Careers

    Hello everyone! The Core Transport Corporation is once again opening its door to applications. The following jobs have reopened so please message me using our application format found in the "Job Bank" section of the forums. Management roles available: [] Chief Financial Officer [] Chief Operations Officer [] Director of Operations [] Depot Manager You may apply via application or you can join our discord and apply through voice without the need of writing an application. 16+* Only for management roles please, all other roles are available from 14+ The CTC Team thanks you very much for reading and for your interest, we are seeking highly skilled people to be ready to work with us and our investors (Board of Directors) right after the games release to establish our public transport routs and arrange logistical deliveries and start up the service. Vehicles will be provided to current accepted drivers and currently our applications for Truck Drivers and Coach Drivers are CLOSED so please check back in the future. Feel free to join our discord for a chat even if you aren't interested in applying. Thank you all! Regards, CEO of CTC Astonair
  11. @Thejuiceman Hey! Thanks for following our thread and still sticking with us Appreciate the offer too!
  12. Hey bro when you getting back? I sent you an app via pm <3

    1. Air


      Hey, I'm back now and getting into my daily activities, just finished moving and getting into the rhythm of the new school :) 

  13. @Bella_B I'm not sure yet, i have discussed private limo hire before but i don't think were going to go to the further extent of offering private car services or rentals @WRUchamps If you would like to become a driver, we have an extensive explanation of the job on the Job Bank section of the Business forums, it includes a format to apply with, private message me it with your details