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  1. Supercar Saturday!

    Love your idea and i would not mind sponsoring you, also i'm not sure if you would like to be advertised on one of my buses.
  2. First-Class Coaches

    In the past week we have been busy updating and creating a couple of things for our post for example you can now join the team and we have now created a logo (the logo may not appear in game). And I am very pleased with the way things have turned out. We will keep on updating our forums post every couple of weeks until the Identity game is released. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. First-Class Coaches

    Yes the drivers will be interviewed at first to see if they are capable of becoming a bus driver and then myself or one of the managers will take them out for a test drive a couple of times until we think they can safely drive a bus full of passengers. And in order to make sure each and every driver sticks to their timetable and doesn't go the wrong way we will have trackers on each and every bus, so don't you worry you will be in safe hands and we'll make sure of it.
  4. First-Class Coaches

    First-Class Coaches The objective of this company is to take players around the map to different cities and around each and every city. Or to take players to destinations where they can relax and hangout. This will benefit players that maybe don't have a vehicle and want to get to somewhere that is not possible to reach on foot. The busses will mainly run from city to city but they can also be hired out for different and special occasions e.e. Partying, Tours around the map, nights out and many more. Each coach will hopefully take up to 50 passengers. Why choose us? You should choose us because we are a very reliable company that can get you from A to B trouble free and in comfort and in style with a wide range variety of luxury and modern coaches. As we take you past some of the most exquisite scenery to your destination all you have to do is take in the beautiful scenery or even take a nap which you will have no trouble in doing as we try and make every journey smooth and peaceful. If you know that you will be hiring a bus in the game for your business and would like to choose this company please let me know on the post or DM me. Thank you. Our coaches: As we all know sitting at a desk can be very boring therefore when the phone is not ringing or no customers are in the reception area the receptionists are allowed to shop online if they desire or read the newspaper which I will buy a few copies for my staff to read or they can do something else that is appropriate on the computer.And the rest of the staff are allowed to read the newspaper or go on their phones during their break also a coffee machine will be placed in the staff break room. Disclaimer: This is what i would like in the game and therefore will not reflect on the finished product as it may not be included in the game. Thank you. If your company would like to be advertised on the side of one of our buses(if it is possible in game) please contact @iSpeedy10x on this forum or DM on the identity website. Thank you. Below are all the jobs within the company: CEO - @iSpeedy10x 1st Manager - @David-Brass Garage Operator/Head of Maintenance - @JamesPvP Receptionist - 0/2 Mechanic - 0/4 Drivers - 2/4 Below is the application form if you wish to work for First-Class Coaches. The positions will most likely have more available slots in the future; This is just temporary. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I will update it every couple of weeks. Disclaimer: The company may not be set up completely when the full game comes out so you may have to wait to be put to work. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  5. public transport

    1.can you create clothing for your company e.g. put the company name and logo on the clothing? 2.Can the employer choose how much the staff get paid? 3.will bus cards/tickets be a thing where other players buy a card/ticket and the player can then add as much money to it as they want and when they board the bus they scan the card/ticket on some sort of device like we have in the UK. 4.Will there be a destination board on the outside of the busses to let other players know where the bus is going? 5.Is it possible to customise your busses e.g. change colour of the bus, put company name and logo on it?
  6. public transport

    1.Can you create your own website for your business? 2.Can other players book a tour and if so how will the payment method work (how will they give you the money)? 3.Will the buses inside and outside get dirty if so will you have to clean them? 4.where will the supplies come from will they just appear or will they come in by boat controlled by AI or something? Are there boats in the game where players can drive them and can players go fishing? 5.If you work for the emergency services how many hours a day can you work?
  7. public transport

    1.Will there be an option to change your voice when you speak into the mic e.g.change your voice More like a man or more like a woman? 2.Do you have to have the correct busses for different routes e.g. could you use a coach on a service route? 3.Will there be all the equipment for farming in the game? 4.can you put ads on the sides of the busses? 5.If you own a house with a garden can you plant things in it e.g. fruits?
  8. public transport

    Thanks RAGNAR
  9. public transport

    1.Will the cars in the game only be made by American car company's or will they be things similar to toyota, BMW, Mercedez-Benz...? 2.Can you have a coffee machine that makes things like an Esspresso? 3.Will you have to brush your teeth in the game? 4.Will there be radio stations, news and weather in the game? 5.Can you carry around a wallet or a purse wherever you go or will you just have to use your credit card if you have a credit card unless you just carry around money in your pocket?
  10. Tour Guide - My Career

    Only because I'm thinking of creating my own bus company and if your looking for a bus then you could rent one from me if you desire.
  11. Tour Guide - My Career

    What vehicle will you be taking the people on?
  12. public transport

    1. Will there be different districts for example a residential area or the suburbs? 2. To vote for a Mayor do you have to go to a polling station? 3. Do you have to pay VAT on goods such as food? 4. Will you have to charge your phone? 5. What is the biggest house. How many bedrooms does it have? And can you buy a mansion?
  13. public transport

    1. Will food go off and will you have to throw it in the bin? 2. Will there be garbage trucks? 3. Can you cook for yourself and buy different ingridients? 4. Can you eat food on a plate? 5. Will you age in the game (Grow up)
  14. public transport

    1. Will there be a radio on the busses. And can you download your playlist from you tube or something into the game? 2. Will you need an operations license to run a bus or truck company? 3. Can you design the interior of any vehicle and paint the outside of the vehicle? 4. Do you have to take a driving test? 5. Do you have to go for an interview to get the job?
  15. public transport