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  1. Posting As Someone Who Is Unbiased

    The "Mansion Concept" is done with a common concept artist technique. I cannot remember the technique name however. Those comments are not the right things to be said, however it is the truth too. No one is forced to be here, Mods can only show what they are given to show. (They are also under NDA and so unless they are told they can share, then they can't.) The game is still being worked on, as slow as it may be. (I cant give any evidence, but only my faith in the project) Most game budget's are higher than merely little $1.5 mil. Games cost a lot nowadays. Most mmo's cost more than $5 million if not more. So the low $1.5 is less than 1/3 of that. I am very patient myself, however it can be frustrating over longer periods and that is why you need to watch from a distance; not closely.
  2. No update for 2 month??

    I am not talking nonsense. I am telling the truth. The module was fine on the servers before going on the steam servers. I am a customer myself. I tested the module before it hit steam and no game breaking problems were there. You can believe me or not but I won't lie about what I tested as it is not what I will do. Also a fact about day 1 launch for a lot of games on steam, they are broken and I mean game breaking bugs. There is something always wrong on day 1.
  3. No update for 2 month??

    This tag is for my post count..... I can't say I agree with everything said or done for the game but, I don't have as much say as everyone else here. The truth is, the Module wasn't as broken before the release day on steam. Everything was working until it was on steam side for everyone. Basically steam release/ servers broke the module, as nothing game breaking or such which happened was actually broken before steam.
  4. No update for 2 month??

    Sorry i never replied before, but currently I am also waiting for an update to give you. When I get one, I will be sure to give it. Other than, they are still working on the game, I have nothing. A Very Opinionated statement that is and the devs may have not given an update lately but it doesn't mean they have abandoned the project. That $15 was clearly stated for the "Full Game Version" and not any Earlier versions.... Therefor you can wait until the game is done because that is why it was half the price of getting it in Early Access.
  5. People need to understand

    I think you might also be in denial about the project, because it is still going ahead.... It goes both ways, you don't know it is not still being developed and are just guessing. I know it is still being worked on. Am I also in denial? (Rhetorical Question)
  6. Thank you for pointing that out for me. I still have not updated the links as I have to redo a lot of the work on the site again.
  7. No update for 2 month??

    Definitely. I will go and ask for sure and to be fair I would love to see the community get an update. Yes I agree! The steam reviews are disgraceful.
  8. No update for 2 month??

    I didn't say all people who are complaining put no research or had any thought about the game before pledging. Just a lot of them. I have waited 4.7 years for this. I do ask questions myself. I also ask when they are going to update the community, because It would be nice not for me but everyone to get some news. Just remember that there might not be something worth our while with a update. Yes something is nice and all but having it small and not worth it can be worse than holding out for a bigger update. Definitely. Just, it is actually better to have constructive questions and not the ones which just cause arguments.
  9. No update for 2 month??

    Everyone has the right to voice their concern but the question is "How many of the people doing that, did not research more about the project before throwing money away to it?" There are a lot that just saw it and went oh I want that, but it was with no second thought nor reading up about where the project is at in development. Those people need to realise that it is their fault for not putting thought into what they were doing with their money. However, Others who read up on the game and did some research first, they should also have put in thought about whether they would want to help development and even wait a long period of time before getting something worth their money. These people have the right to be frustrated at themselves for throwing money in a project which is far from finished as much as with the time they have to wait for updates. But it is entirely their fault for using their money. Go ahead, voice your concerns but remember it is mostly your fault with the waiting, to see where your money was going towards. You had a choice pledge and wait or sit in the background watching as it goes forward with development. Enjoy the wait and play other games for awhile. Peace out! James
  10. Important Notice: Unfortunately, our site was hacked with almost everything lost. Fortunately; we managed to save all the users, but the forum was unrecoverable. You should be able to log in, however in the unlikely event of not being able to. Please reset your password. Please bear with us as we work towards restoring the forum to the way it was. We apologize for the inconvenience. - The Identity Life Staff Please click here to go to the forum.
  11. I have updated my main post with new and the latest information, while reformatting it to a new look!
  12. Any Serious/Hardcore Communities Out There?

    I am still here and my community is still growing. I do need to update my post a bit more too but the updates are added within the post comments! Find the link in my signature
  13. Rate the communities!

    Good Communities: 1. Identity, always welcomed people, helped new members out and great people to talk with. 2. Garry's Mod, The community was terrible as a whole but smaller communities were great to join before all the modding started really. I started playing Gmod in 2009 and it was great. The community has got worse as a whole as time has gone on. 3. Rainbow Six Siege, R6s was great at the very beginning but has ever so slowly got more toxic as the years have past. 4. ARK: Survival Evolved 5. Age Of Empires 3 Bad Communities: 1. CS:GO 2. Rust 3. GTA V
  14. Watch out redeeming those Steam keys

    Hey, you know it is common sense for you to read/ keep yourself updated on policies. They don't need to make announcements as it is up to the users to keep themselves updated with those things as every company usually reserves the right to make changes to the policies without notice.... If you intend on getting a refund, why would you redeem your steam key? That makes zero sense and so you put yourself in that situation.
  15. Identity competition? Nine to Five

    The original comment about the arcade section was because there is a section for other games and that section is called "Arcade". But otherwise this game you think is a lot better is going to be a steam early access and that is not how Identity is doing things. Early access kills games and sometimes it helps but it can kill a game quicker than a game can grow. Just remember, they also are working to have a map the size of GTA's one. That is so much more significantly smaller than what Identity will have and well they are going to have "Game-modes" they will have Ai roaming in one like GTA Online will have. Why do we want a new GTA Online? we don't and especially not one with worse graphics. They obviously took the idea, and it still seems to look more arcade like which is a definite no to me liking it. However it could do well or it could just die. I won't hold my hopes but I will keep an eye on it as it seems interestingly a copy of Identity in general.