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  1. Rate the communities!

    Good Communities: 1. Identity, always welcomed people, helped new members out and great people to talk with. 2. Garry's Mod, The community was terrible as a whole but smaller communities were great to join before all the modding started really. I started playing Gmod in 2009 and it was great. The community has got worse as a whole as time has gone on. 3. Rainbow Six Siege, R6s was great at the very beginning but has ever so slowly got more toxic as the years have past. 4. ARK: Survival Evolved 5. Age Of Empires 3 Bad Communities: 1. CS:GO 2. Rust 3. GTA V
  2. Watch out redeeming those Steam keys

    Hey, you know it is common sense for you to read/ keep yourself updated on policies. They don't need to make announcements as it is up to the users to keep themselves updated with those things as every company usually reserves the right to make changes to the policies without notice.... If you intend on getting a refund, why would you redeem your steam key? That makes zero sense and so you put yourself in that situation.
  3. Hey, still recruiting new staff and white-list applications. White-list applications are not required straight away, but better to get them out the way before rather than later.
  4. Identity competition? Nine to Five

    The original comment about the arcade section was because there is a section for other games and that section is called "Arcade". But otherwise this game you think is a lot better is going to be a steam early access and that is not how Identity is doing things. Early access kills games and sometimes it helps but it can kill a game quicker than a game can grow. Just remember, they also are working to have a map the size of GTA's one. That is so much more significantly smaller than what Identity will have and well they are going to have "Game-modes" they will have Ai roaming in one like GTA Online will have. Why do we want a new GTA Online? we don't and especially not one with worse graphics. They obviously took the idea, and it still seems to look more arcade like which is a definite no to me liking it. However it could do well or it could just die. I won't hold my hopes but I will keep an eye on it as it seems interestingly a copy of Identity in general.
  5. This is pointless. . .

    There are 3 Modules and then the Beta before the full game. Module 1 will be the longest module to be developed, Module 2 (S.W.A.T. Module) will release the quickest but Module 3 (The Racing Module), there will be a lot of hurdles to clear, with some brick walls the devs will hit and will take more time than Module 2 but will be shorter than Module 1 in development. Then we will need all 3 modules to be joined as 1 before getting the Beta while also adding in the rest of the features which are planned for Full Game Release including the full map. The Beta is for general testing, stress testing and bug fixing. Your opinion is optimistic about the full game coming 2019 and I totally hope so but my opinion it will be at least 2020 and I think that is optimistic for me to say. I have faith in the developers but I want to not get my hopes up. I am 100% with them, but we need to wait longer if we want the game we want.
  6. This is pointless. . .

    You are assuming you know the guy and stating he don't have knowledge about something when you don't actually know him in person. You clearly have not been here too long because you are "practically" saying that the developers have never stated they have made mistakes. Well I can say they have stated they have made mistakes, but I don't see any other company doing so. They are still new as a game company and so things are to be expected to be out of place. Everyone knows that amount of money is not enough to develop a game. There were only 3 developers for an entire year. They are now a 25 man team roughly. This has not been in development for 4 years yet. Good games take a couple years, Great games take several years. The team is smaller than a Triple A company but it still has hope to deliver a game of such high standard. The new and small team needs 1. Time 2. Support 3. Trust. Trust is always last to have with someone. Oh and the information which DagTag gave you came not only from the Moderators, it came from the Community Manager. The Moderators get their information from the CM. Don't assume you know somebody unless you actually know them.
  7. Town Square Player Housing

    After the 1 week grace period of the new payment methods being available with the new website. The current packages will be gone but singular packages will become available e.g. you can / will be able to still purchase an apartment but it won't include the game with such a package, meaning it is an extra onto having one of the packages now. For Example: I get the Founder package now. The new packages are now added and I want an apartment. I can buy the apartment as a addon to my original pledge without it changing my pledge package. If I were to not have a pledge package and I were to purchase the apartment then I will need to pledge to the appropriate package to get the base game too. (As I need the base game to use the apartment I just got.)
  8. Hey guys, the forum is back up and running. I will be sorting out some of the links as they are currently not working and I will be working on getting all the site sorted.
  9. [NA/EU] Syndicate Gaming

    Hey, just wanted to point out. There is no Judge career/ job at all in the game. The Jury players are randomly selected and also becoming a lawyer is a player business. You should maybe just have player requirements as a lawyer etc.
  10. Hey there,, so on Official servers the language will stay as English but at the full game release the game will get localisation for other languages. However I am sure that someone will start a private server with the Russian language only at a point to cater for your language.
  11. What TeamSpeak address did you try? 1. kyservers.on.vg (This one is old and is not in use no more) 2. identitylife.on.vg (This should work, however please tell me if it didn't work.)
  12. We have now reached the 200 Members mark on the forum. We however have not got the full list of members white-listed. Our new site is still in construction and being setup in which we can resume the white-list applications once is up.
  13. Hello everyone, Just wanted to inform all interested parties in joining our community that our website/ forum is currently undergoing a big change. We are migrating over to a new host and in doing so we have already retrieved our backups and so anything including posts and new members signing up won't get migrated over and so I will update this post when the migration is complete so that you can join our community. This change will help us in the future. Thank you for all your interest and we hope to see you soon on our new site! Kind regards, James Management
  14. Can we get a feedback sub forum?

    This sort of thing will come with the new website like a lot of the forum stuff will. I think more areas will be on the forum for feedback and more.
  15. The main post here is not fully up to date. The forum is however and both dev positions and staff positions are in an "OPEN" status.