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  1. I just sent in my application form for a driver position. I was introduced to your firm by one of your current employees. The amount of work you have put into this company is staggering and amazing. I wish you all the best and look forward to working with you soon.
  2. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    Very nice documentation there, Agent. Keep it up!
  3. A day in the life: Mike Jackson

    No...i dont want to e associated with a great singer who would rather be white than his own skin colour...just no
  4. My Intro

    good to meet you mate! welcome to identity! I hope to be truck driver, working for a large logistics company.
  5. PC Requirements

    I definately think have nothing to worry about mate! You're all set for the game!
  6. Loaders and Trucks

    I will most definately be in the trucking industry s i am already part of a logistic company and i cant wait to be haulin cargo across the map and backing into tough spots. What a life! Cant wait!
  7. PC Requirements

    Well im gonna estimate these specs: 1. Intel Core I7-5557U 2. GTX 1060 3. G.Skill Ripjaws V - DDR4 - Memory RAM 16 GB 4. Intel 600p 512GB SSD Might be expensive but we do it for the best graphics and performance.
  8. Looking for a trucking job *Ignore this post*

    i am a trucker from DLI Logistics company. Contact our CEO @Rick_Anderson to get in touch. Hope to be on the road with you guys.
  9. Controller vs Keyboard?

    For driving im going to use my G27 wheel....depending on the level of realistic driving.
  10. A day in the life: Mike Jackson not old enough to drive a truck...wish i was thou!
  11. A day in the life: Mike Jackson

    6:15 am- Alarm goes off. I slowly open my eyes and sit up on my bed. The brittle early morning sun is peeking through my curtains. I stretch out my arms and yawn. I draw the curtains and make my bed swiftly. I hop into the shower and get dressed. Today i am choosing to wear my simple black jeans, Harley Davidson t-shirt and my River Island Leather jacket. 6:45 am- i jog down the stairs into the kitchen where i grab my favorite cereal out of the cupboard and a carton of milk out of the fridge. Mix them both in a small bowl and enjoy. As that didn't satisfy my hunger i get two slices of bread and made toast with strawberry jam as my spread. 7:10 am- I brush my teeth and comb my hair one last time. I'd put on my a pair of Chuck Taylor All stars and fetch my car keys. i would grab my work bag and give the house a quick scan on my way out. I walk toward my manual navy blue Chevrolet Colorado Pick-up and start the engine, put her in reverse and back onto the street. First gear is engaged and off to home depot! 7:25 am- Currently just got onto the freeway going west on I76 at about 70 mph. Home depot is 25 minutes away, ETA 7:50. 7:52 am- I pull into the employees parking lot at home depot and walk in. I exchange greetings with co-workers and head to the briefing room. My boss and 5 other drivers are already in and chatting. We discuss the deliveries that have to be made today and their exact details. Time, load type, weight, destination...etc. 8:10 am- I do a pre-trip around my truck, No.004, and inspect every element, gauge and trailer condition. {BTW we haul 53 footers] 8.15 am- I start the Cummins X15 670 hp, 2500 nm of torque engine in my Peterbilt , turn on my marker lights plus primary lights and pull out of the yard to pick up my first load, farm produce in the south of the island. Its a 30 minute drive from home depot. 8:47 am- I arrive on the farm and back into the loading area. I meat tthe owner and have a quick chat before i go and help load the trailer up. 8.59 am- a few minutes later, we've loaded the trailer about 22%, i lock the trailer doors, get into the cab, put the truck in gear and honked goodbye. It will be a 35 minute drive to the next pick up point in the south south west mountain region. 9:37 am- I arrive at the the second pick up point which is at a garment factory. There we fill another 37% with clothes to be taken to the east of the island. Now to the last pick up point just around the corner from the garment factory is a brewery where the remaining 41% of the trailer was filled with can of beer. Now to haul a fully loaded 53 foot trailer totaling 45500 lbs. Its now a 2hr 20 min drive to the main city . I join the freeway and set cruise control for 55 mph and enjoy the drive. Thick, grey clouds have started gathering 12:05 pm- I arrive in the main city from the south with some light traffic but heavy rain. The drop-off will be in tight spaces so i have to be extremely cautious. i make a total of 3 stops in the city. I leave the city with an empty trailer and go do a trailer swap with another fellow driver. 12:35 pm- I pull into a truck stop to buy myself by lunch. Fresh take away for today. With a Sprite and Salt and Vinegar chips to last a while. 12:52 pm- I leave the truck stop and head to my last drop off before i return to depot for a shift swap. 01:30 pm- I pull into the truck parking at home depot and back into a space alongside other drivers. I walk into the depot and register my hours on the road and i hand the keys over to another driver. I am now assigned paper work for the rest of the day until 04:45 pm. Its tedious work but i had breaks to chat and socialize with co-workers. 04:50 pm- I log-off from my work PC, grab my bag and walk out to my pick-up and drive home to some classical music. 05:12 pm- i pull into my drive way, shut the car off and get inside. I get my shoes off, hand my jacket up and toss my bag onto the couch. I grab a beer and turn the TV on and enjoy my favorite show, Top Gear. 05:50 pm- I go upstairs and get myself a hot shower. 06:15 pm- I come downstairs to make myself some dinner. Rice, vegetables and fried meatballs with Gravy. Sooooo good! As i eat i watch the news and text co-workers/friends. 07: 30 pm- I clear my plates and wash the dishes. 08:00 pm- I walk into my bedroom and tuck myself in, ready for another day with DLI! @Rick_Anderson , @Motown,@Siren
  12. Relatable but impossible?

    I actually hope that when i am on duty as truck driver that i would be pulled over by the police. I would be cruising at 55 mph and suddenly i see a pair of blue and red lights on my left mirrors. I would be quick to indicate to the shoulder and come to a stop. I'd shut off my truck and keep my hazard light on. The officer would then walk slowly up to the driver side window and we would start conversation that would go like; Me; How's it gong officer? Officer: Just fine here driver. You? Me: Not to bad myself sir/ma'am. Officer: Ye, i just stopped you today as part of a random traffic stop [he/she lies because not many people are on the road, she got bored]. So if i could have your license, registration and paper work that would be appreciated. Me: Sure thing you go. Officer: Thank you very much...sit tight and i'll be right with you. Me: All right. 5 minutes later... Officer: Well Mr.Jackson, looks like you're all good here sir. Me: Great. How...suddenly a rusty car comes flying down the freeway at 120 mph and the cop jumps on my battery box to avoid the car. Officer: Dispatch i got a 1099 going east on I75 doing over 100! I'll be 420[ in pursuit] Me: Have a good day off....they totally ignore me and rush off to their vehicle. The cop car burns out onto the freeway and chases after the rusty car...leaving me with my jaw dropped and a cool story to tell the boys back at home depot.
  13. Traffic Stops

    A i will be a truck driver in game what can i expect from the police as being part of a traffic stop? Just curious
  14. yes i am so in love with this game!! go Asylum!
  15. I am part of a Logistic Company and so my contribution will be to deliver the goods to the required locations!! Cant wait!