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  1. My thoughts

    I have to say i first did lose interest in the town square module but... They have been putting out dev blogs monthly. That has gotten me excited for it again. My thoughts is that if they keep on putting out dev blogs every 3-4 weeks nobody will have a reason to complain. Thanks for the recent Dev Blogs Devs.
  2. How do I request a refund?

    There are a million post on this topic. Use the search function to find one.
  3. Let me know your opinion!

    I did not know this thanks for telling me!
  4. Let me know your opinion!

    Do you think there will be a sort of Manual transmission option if you wanted? Like in the settings, Because i am really hoping they have a in-depth car system. One thing i hope they have is a sort of "Clutch" Button. Tell me what you think!
  5. This is not my video but wanted to share this with the community if you did not know already!
  6. Modding

    Im pretty sure that they will not allow any modding even on private servers
  7. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Okay, you will see me there!
  8. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Will there be a more stance/show car competitions. I feel like that will bring some people in and myself
  9. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    I am more of a import kind of guy but i put one muscle car 1: Subaru BRZ 2: Mitsubishi Evo 3: Nissan 240sx 4: Scion FRS 5: Subaru Wrx Sti 6: Camaro 1986 SS 7: Mazda Miata
  10. Hello from Canada !!

    But... You're Canadian I thought Canadians are too nice to be arrested... Joking dude, just seen Canada and arrested in the same post and had to say something