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Found 3 results

  1. Dank Mafia

    Dank Mafia well you either came down the wrong alley or the right one. so what'll it be, guns drugs or someone dead? oh information, your not a cop are you? ah hell i get paid anyway. what do you want to know? EVERYTHING! *sigh* fine but it'll cost you 4 bucks. Our Leader Goes by many names, Pain, Not Here, Nick, Mr. Heist, but, nobody knows his real name or who he is not even us. some say he's Mexican, others think, New York. what he does is set up heists, and raids that involve money, gold, drugs, or guns. Backstory our little "Mafia" started when a man named Luka got a call from a guy with a voice changer telling him that a delivery was made to a mall in his town. Luka made his way to the mall and was instantly approached by a man taking donations. Luka told the man that he didn't want to donate and the man said he's donating to Luka. the man hugged Luka and told him to look in his back pocket. Sure enough there was a small bag filled with cocaine, and that's how it started. Hierarchy first its Not Here then a man named Street then a select group called "the Golden Ones" who do the most important jobs then nominees for The Golden Ones then standard muscle Money How much you make is dependent on how good you are and how much you do for Not Here. you start with only a 3% cut but as you progress that goes up until you get to "even cut" (ex. team of four even cut = 25% always get more if you play with players) the more dangerous the job the more your paid 20% ALWAYS GOES TO NOT HERE ALWAYS 20% Rules Ahh my favorite part, actually that's money 1. Mic required 2. must be capable of learning (no age limit but constant failure = BAN) 3. it is okay to suggest jobs to Not Here but he has the final say 4. don't take jobs on your own, that will result in your termination 5. do not do any drugs we steal that will result in termination 6. if you want to join pm me
  2. Midnight Chasers Street Racing & Meetups Hello, we are the Midnight Chasers. Founded by a couple of friends in their basement hideout, this small team of organizers will bring modified meetups and illegal street racing to the island. The organization is run by 3 (currently) managers who will host a range of events including: - Modified Meets. Includes muscle, JDM, EDM and other car sub-cultures. - Street Races - Rally stages and monitored races - Drift sessions/touge runs - Drag Races at tracks and timed track runs and many, many more... We are car lovers within and always have been. A lot of our experience comes from both IRL and from the insane amount of car meetups we have both joined and hosted within GTA V. Before each event, we will be putting up our own custom posters onto both the forum and possibly our own website when the time comes. These posters will include time and date, the type of event and what theme of cars will be allowed at such event. Here is an example: Events such as meetups will be open for everyone and will be free. Races, on the other hand, will have a buy-in price in which small amount of money will come to the organizers and the rest will go to the winner of the race. For example, a buy-in price of $100. $25 with go to us and $75 will go to the winner. Current Organizers The King @Hanshi-Toshiro The Baron @JonathanTaylor The Duke @AlphaQue Each organizer has their own separate roles within the organization such as treasurer and some will only work with specific events. CLUB Depending on what your fashion is, whether it be street racing, drag racing, drifting or doing rally. You have the chance of being an actual member of the club, instead of just coming to our meets. Of course their are some guidelines. Men and Women must agree to the terms below. 1. Attend a certain amount of meets, get to know the regulars, the staff and current members. 4. You must show your worth to the club (sounds cringe but keep reading). In order for a member to notice you, you must show to them that you are better than the average racer and car culture enthusiast. 2. A current member must sponsor you (Basically recommend you) and show you the in and outs of the club. 3. You must shadow you sponsor for a minimum of three weeks. Depending on your degree of knowledge of the club and cars the weeks can stretch or shorten. MORE RULES TO COME! Thank you for taking a look at our new organization and we hope to see you on the road, and at our events of course... Feel free to comment and ask question or suggestions.

    The Black Mamba Crime family are looking for underbosses JOIN US NOW AND BECOME A MEBER OF THE MOST AWESOME MAFIA IN THE WORLD click the mamba to see our Page