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  1. Another Rant about time square

    There's nothing mysterious to it? His one year contract ended (as he knew would happen when he signed it a year prior), and he decided to take a break rather than extending it. Which is understandable with all the cry-babies on this forum asking for refunds, having issues (usually related to the user) to fix, and certainly having had blame thrown at him by not-so-nice people about thing which are out of his power. Yeah I understand he's taking some time off. Anyone would if given the chance after working one FULL year in -basically- after sales service. So get your facts straight rather than claiming things you clearly know nothing about. Even though the info is widely available, you haven't bothered checking yourself or asking around before claiming "mysterious loss."
  2. Developer blog.

    If you have a question about Asylum, regarding the duration or release of something, always think "delay" first before going over other options.
  3. is asylum on the stock market?

    How would a small company like Asylum be on the stock market? They have no steady income (pledges are not a steady income) for starters. It would make no sense, and no one would buy shares. I don't see how anyone would take that risk. Also I think some of you need to research how the stock exchange works, and what a company needs to be able to show before they are able to be on it. Asylum is just too small for it to make any sense.
  4. Another Rant about time square

    The problem that's left over is not something that can be ignored prior to any kind of launch. @LightBringer is spot on.
  5. ur new cheif

    How does the troll not get I'm trolling him back?
  6. ur new cheif

    When you write "chief" wrong two out of three times, I think I'll pass. You're about ready for elementary school though.
  7. Redeemed my game key and game is not in my libary?

    So you're basically calling me a fanboy now? Lol. I'm well aware the full game is many years away, heck, I'm the first to say it won't be here within the next two years, probably even more, so apparently you haven't really read around the forums enough before pointing (incorrect) flaws out about the users (including me) here. I'll stand corrected (and admit it even) if you can find and quote me on other threads proving me labeling anyone that aren't "blindly happy" or not "hyped". Good luck in the hunt.
  8. Redeemed my game key and game is not in my libary?

    I think you don't understand I'm calling you out on something else. But ok.
  9. Redeemed my game key and game is not in my libary?

    I don't know who "u" is. Have I met the fellow?
  10. RIP Mac Miller

    Which doesn't give him a free pass on his other behavior.
  11. Redeemed my game key and game is not in my libary?

    It'll be at least 8 years for the negative nancies among you, and a few months for the rest of us.
  12. Hi, i like this project.

    You mean the CEO of Valve (formerly Valve Corporation.) Know your own job title sir.
  13. Not getting key

    You did check the the "Account" page (the very same you linked your Steam account on)? It should appear there now. If now, Beach will sort you out I'm sure.
  14. Or you could actually read the Sticky in the Announcement Forum.
  15. Death

    This won't some kind of Arma mod. Things like these will be less common than you think. And this will be even more true for private servers.