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  1. CAVES

    Caves are already on a the plan for the full game
  2. It may be slightly more negative but I can say 95% of the reviews are not negative. %45 is positive and also A lot of the negative reviews are not justified reviews and just seem to be there to make people not buy it because the majority is higher with such reviews. I am talking about the reviews which have a 1 word answer or a few words.
  3. Rip me I was gone and missed the release

    First Module = Social Module... You should know it is a small part of the game and also it is still in development.
  4. Constructional Thoughts

    Did they get the $15 one? If yes then they have already got the game at full release for a third of what the full game will cost. $45 Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? “We currently expect one year of development between each module release, as well as the full Identity release. This time will be greatly affected by our resources; as more people purchase Identity our team grows and development will hasten. Help us spread the word! With our current pace, we estimate that the SWAT module will be complete in late 2019, the racing module in 2020 and the feature-complete Identity beta will begin in 2021. These are not to be taken as release dates but as our current best estimates.” Above is the time schedule on the steam store page. These are estimates but if you go on with that; 3 years time being Beta roughly.
  5. go submit a bug report in the right section please.
  6. left click to place it and right click to cancel. If you place it and want to remove it, then middle click, have it highlighted, left click to try replace or right click to return it to inventory.
  7. Both Jobs, Careers and the Economy will be in the Beta release after all 3 modules. If you mean Role-playing side in Town Square, then yes but in Beta you can create your own jobs / business'.
  8. Pricing

    The pricing is done/ calculated as if it was in the package and given a price individually to not being in the package. These apartments are to give players a place at the start / live in the full game, but you are able to buy these apartments with in game money but with a different layout to these pledge ones. The prices are justified to the package a lot of the old backers pledged for and so if they lowered it then, that package would be rendered to be not worth it.
  9. Town Square isn't what people are portraying it as.

    Them adding the extra things in the module is basically adding things which will be in the full game. Beta will contain all the 3 modules contents and more. Also some of the things they are going to add to the Town Square will also be featured in the next module. e.g. the Bank will be featured in one of the maps of Cops VS robbers game play.
  10. Houses are unique and will only bought with in game currency. Apartments are the only things available on the shop page.
  11. Founder , Motorist pack

    $15 = Passport (Full Game Access) $30 = Passport, Beta Access and module Access. (Steam Early Access) There are 3 modules and Beta for the Steam Early Access users which is $30 or more.
  12. seasons, from winter to summer.

    Hey there @Inspired The reasons for this is because they don't want to turn the game into a survival game as it is not that type of game. Yes it adds more to realism in the game world but it is not something that is needed.
  13. Apartment

    They won't until Beta.
  14. In the Clothing store area, you can already search for clothing instead of scrolling. e.g. That bar is what you click and type to search. It could say "Search" indeed I agree but it is a search bar nonetheless.
  15. Show me your apartment

    You didnt need to purchase an apartment as Fluffy said. As those with out an apartment can try out the customisation in town square in the Studio apartment. Those people just wont have that apartment in the Beta/ Full game.