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  1. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    Other companies do it? These devs did it because they got 2 dates wrong but mistakes are made all the time. RDR2 being big doesn't matter, they pushed the full game back 2 times. But we know that if a small dev team makes mistakes then it is against the law. You can be angry at them for pushing the dates back. But I will tell you none of the bugs on the steam release were there on the dev build before release. FACT. It also happens a lot for games releasing on steam.
  2. Question: BETA

    yes, and yes you need the passport and Beta access to get the early acces on steam if you go through the website. If you go through steam then it is the same thing as buying both on the site but as 1.
  3. making identity sandbox?

    I get what you mean, but I think that idea is worse than carrying on with what they have promised. if they do that then people will mod in stupid things too and the game will be ruined. It might make it be finished faster but that is saying to the devs to just give up on the game entirely IMO. I want the game as much as everyone else. I have waited from the beginning and I will wait until the end. All I want is the devs to finish the game without rushing or compromising to the community that is being impatient. Yeah they can complain but doesn't mean it isn't noted and it doesn't mean they have to change the game drastically as this suggestion. The complaints are to help the devs change how they go about doing things drastically rather than change the game itself.
  4. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Your opinion. It hasn't failed yet.
  5. Why the game will take as long as it will

    Here you go, the time line for this game, given on the steam store page. You don't look like you have read thiese estimates because you say Minimum 2 years, while true but The devs estimate module 2 this year, module 3 next year and that is 2 years basically and then Beta a year after module 3. This says minimum 3 - 4 years. I know you wont reply but maybe this will make you aware of some of the points you made are a bit behind. However I think some to be in my opinion true but some false.
  6. Custom Content, Workshops, Carpenters, and more!

    People will be already able to do these sort of things, in the full game. Lumberjacks, farmers, miners, etc. I cant remember the answer but I believe you will need to get the supplies to be able to craft furniture and it will be done in factories. However are automated. A lot of this information can be found within the twitch clips directory or FAQ's.
  7. I love the new update!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it is! That is a good point, but if you feel that they are doing it slow then why not try apply and get freelance work or even anything to help. If you work for them on this game, you will see the good and bad, and what problems they have which is causing slow work for the game. However, you should also realise that helping a game so early in development could be a waste but you should think of what it could be. I get if you help with more than the standard $60 then sure be more worried but If I back a game before the game is made and it doesn't go as promised. Well I watch development but dont ask for refunds. I pledged on kickstarter and also afterwards too. The money was to help development, with a high risk it might not work out. However I would jump on the train if I had such skills and experience you just talked about having. I would want to be not in the back but at the very front in the drivers seat instead.
  8. I love the new update!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those banned, broke rules. They were also warned before even banned, yet still continued after. The question is why don't you? You also say you need proof, when we give replies or they mean nothing, but How do we know you have such skills. My point is I could say the same thing, yet I cant actually. I wont lie I wish I could create my own game and if I could, i wouldn't be sitting back complaining and would try to create the game myself or apply for a job with these guys.
  9. Greetings from United Kingdom

    Hello and Welcome to the Identity community forums! Be sure to read the rules. If you are looking for information, please be sure to go to the twitch clip directory as that is full of information and you will be there a fair bit of time.
  10. Its going down hill

    They said there were some investors, but a lot of them wanted to take creative control like every publisher does. (In my opinion which they then ruin the games.) The devs wanted to keep 100% creative control on the project and that is what they have done. They did also say they had other investors ready at a point, but not sure on it now. 2 years is maximum with kickstarter goals, you cannot put longer if you wanted to. However they did feel it was a good estimate and they admitted that they were wrong. They also re-made Town Square module 3 times over. These were big set backs also. The first year after kickstarter was funded, they also only had 3 developers and one of the set backs was that the whole first year of work was basically scrapped due to design problems e.g. town square was too small and their standards were low on models. so they stepped up. I see you say Almost 5 years but it actually has only been 4 years and a quarter, and so it's not "Almost".... They have delivered the first module and they are still delivering updates.
  11. buses comes under transportation (not government job) No snow will be settling on the ground. There will be snow in only certain areas.
  13. Main Screen doesn't show Menu

    Please report all bugs using the google form in this area:
  14. Multiplayer

    There will be a few things o allow the server staff to moderate their own community servers. But no spawn commands, or give commands to allow people to cheat. That is a definite no.
  15. Multiplayer

    That is down to the owner of the community to get donation and is down on their own discretion. There won't be perks to give in game like a lot of other games have.