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  1. Medical System - A comprehensive Look

  2. No update for 2 month??

    Yup, I agree. However that would be a lot longer waiting and so the reviews would be just as bad because of the waiting.... People will always complain about something.... People nowadays are greedy and just want everything done when they say "I want it now" etc. If they find the tiniest of things, they will complain about it. That is how the world is/ people are. They search for something to complain about because that is what they want to do. Exactly what should be done. A great tip, to stop people moaning but for others to start moaning either way. It is never a winning situation for those in the spotlight. Announce it and be crushed by negative things if failed to complete it by promised time. Or Don't announce such and get people hating on the waiting for the announcement. It is a hard decision to make in most cases.
  3. No update for 2 month??

    Like the games we get for $60 and then it is not even the full game and rather like it is in Beta. I think people should read before buying because clearly majority of the reviews are for the full game and not a module and just shows that the people who wrote them didn't read the store page or research anything.
  4. Im giving it till the end of june or july

    Paypal refund policy states within 6 months, so how long ago did you pledge? It was always stated that the game would be in stages of modules and the Beta will feature the open world map / full game world. The Beta will also include the jobs, cars, RP in general and most of the finished game.
  5. No update for 2 month??

    Give me that cookie. Thx
  6. Lack of communication from developers

    You pick on Identity, but really why not mention any of the other kickstarter projects that got further funding after kickstarter? Star Citizen was the biggest crowd funding on there; raising $2 million USD. However they raised over $250 Million USD afterwards...... Identity and these other projects didn't announce they needed more funding after the project like those "RAW" developers did. RAW devs told kickstarter that they was not honest about the funding amount. The others thought it would be enough but realised after the project was complete it was not enough. RAW devs lied about the funding goal being enough because they clearly knew it wasn't enough + they made the goal lower to make sure it got funded..... Rather than the higher goal and less chance of getting the funding... Hope this makes a bit of sense.
  7. Lack of communication from developers

    To expand on what @dagtagsaid, the rest of the mechanics will be in the Beta. The Beta including all 3 modules, but in 1 world. + the entire map and the the economic system. Jobs, careers. making it the closest thing to the full game.
  8. Lack of communication from developers

    Okay, but you do want to wait or do you not want to wait. If you think about it, you will be waiting the same amount of time but with nothing to try out along the way. Yes I say in parts, but you will experience the full game in the Beta stage. If you want to wait until the Beta stage then you can choose to wait and not play the modules. The devs only introduced the modules because they didn't want everyone to wait more for the feature complete beta with nothing. You can wait if you want the Beta... Just don't play the modules until Beta is released simple. Just don't moan about waiting if that is what you want rather than to play the modules before it reaches the stage you want.
  9. Lack of communication from developers

    The Modules are apart of the game. It is literally focusing on the 3 different parts, once they are done, they join them together while adding more to give us the beta, which will be feature complete. But they will continuously adding more to the full game. This way, you get to experience different sections of the game sooner rather than waiting longer for the entire thing. This also helps with testing as the game progresses.
  10. Lack of communication from developers

    Most games on kickstarter surpass the 2 years they have as a timeline. Just remember 2 years is not enough to create a game from scratch. Yes it took them 2 years extra to get to the town square module but that is because the resources were low. A small team, and low funding compared to games usually have. They also had set backs which increased the delay further, not just 1 set back but multiple. "This so called module" is very important within the game. The foundations are built within the module and yes it may only feature the social parts of game-play but it plays a much bigger part behind the scenes than you know. There are a lot of irrelevant reviews on steam, while a lot of relevant ones. Yes, it could have gone better, but a game in Steam Early access should always be known to be very buggy in the first place. Some pledgers/ customers, bought / pledged for Identity thinking they were going to get the full game straight away but by not reading what they was getting gave them disappointment when it was clearly stated/ said that the first thing would be Town Square known as the social Module. This is self explanatory too.
  11. Lack of communication from developers

    The Town Square is apart of the game, The way it works is the 3 Modules being standalone pieces / functioning alone from one another, will eventually merge into 1 and with more added including the full map, will then be the Beta. Beta being very close to the full game. The Town Square is being worked on, so is the swat module, but these will be both vital parts to the full game and so they are making the game already. Correct. It is getting there, as little progress we may see, it is moving closer to the next stage each day. Which questions? 1 Person resigned, 1 person decided to not renew his contract which had run out. So I count 2 not 3. What False promises? Because for 1 they have delivered the Town Square module, they gave what it said would have in it on day 1. They have added a couple different things to it too. So what was the false promises?
  12. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Not A problem, just done it.
  13. So.... Is Identity dead?

    I am sorry, that I had to hide your post, but it was not because of what you said but if you read my reply above, I stated I hid all posts quoting a post which violated the rules. as I quote what I said:
  14. So.... Is Identity dead?

    @ZanderiusMaximusI have only just seen the post and so I have hidden the post for the language used. However, understand EVERYONE'S post which is quoting that post is now also hidden. Also @Preston_bodhi_343 Please mind the language, profanity and insulting others is not tolerated here
  15. Plans for Identity

    You are missing the Paramedic career and maybe add a option for None and Other.