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  1. Please don't fuck this up.

    Apartments are not houses for starters. Also everything in the shop are available in game but will have a different layout. There is a in-game currency and jobs in game. You can get everything in the game but just not these specific aesthetics of items.
  2. Still Waiting..

    They do tell us, and Well it has been stated many times by me on posts like this. Maybe the search function is a good idea for people as it takes little time to find a answer compared to waiting for 1. There was a database bug causing crashes/ delaying moving forward. When one bug gets fixed, it also can create many more bugs, small or big. That is how development is and that is why the task is taking longer than need be. Issues, arise and issues get fixed, but more always creep up.
  3. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    Moderator not a developer. Also please read up on what the first module is about.... This is the first thing you should have done really as a step towards finding out what comes with the development.
  4. It wouldn't be fair for the developers to give an option to stop them being able to claim a item. Best thing is that, you can have a rule on your server, saying you are not allowed to claim pledge rewards or you will be banned. That is a way you can get around the option, but there will be a store in game on all servers and so it won't make a difference either way.
  5. Ideas to promote game

    Hey, if you want to gift a package already, please PM @Beach_Ball directly and he can sort it out for you, but in the future you must gift as you purchase but if need be, beach can amend/ give the package manually.
  6. Ideas to promote game

    You must gift the package as you purchase it, you can't gift items already in your inventory.
  7. Hey, yes. You can rent servers from Asylum. No to turning off pledge rewards that people get. Also, everything in the store can be purchased in game, however the style of the aesthetics will be different. The Pets for instance won't be the same that you can buy in game but there are pets to buy. You can modify a lot of the things with renting a server but you won't be able to modify everything especially the rewards gained from a pledge.
  8. Biggest Development Flaws

    1. The very first part is the worst idea and is what the big game companies set as the standard for games. Second not pre-alpha but alpha build. No one has stated that it will be perfect on the release of the module, however the biggest feature is the feature they are working on and is a must for them to complete before they release the module. There are no more constant delays, there were only 2 delays and so how is it constantly getting delayed? If there was a date then it could be delayed but there is a task tracker instead and so no delay is possible. 2. 3D artist are not Coders/ programmers. Why should the 3D artists sit idle while we all wait for the programmers to complete the task. Them doing nothing is th worst idea ever IMO because if they create more assets while we wait, in the long run there will be less assets needed to make for the game. Yes, but that means a slower development speed and slower means that the community will still get mad. People find reasons to just complain really which is sad. They have said in the past about there mistakes. Also, they do get a response but because there is a reasonable answer in the response, they decide to complain more anyways. I will pass this post onwards
  9. Everyone STOP!!!!

    2015 - 2018 = what 4 years? Strange because 15 + 3 = 18. Look, you need to read your post before posting it, because well you either are bad at maths or miss typing. It will be 4 years at the end of January 2019. Actually they are putting all the effort in but the task is being worked on and they are making progress but they have came across multiple bugs which had to be fixed before they could continue the task. They are also entitled to a day off, Saturday and Sunday are not a working day for them. They do overtime also but there is only so much a programmer can do in a day. We may not see the tracker visually changed but that doesn't mean the devs are idle.
  10. What's the Town Square Module Like? The Town Square Module, is not a Beta. It is a small standalone piece of the full Game. It is known as the Social Module. You can do only social sort of things, including apartment customisation, karaoke, painting, writing/ reading books, character customisation. There will be frequent updates. Beta is after all 3 modules.
  11. Seriously!

    It is 1 task, which they are trying to finish and have working correctly. They can't exactly show progress on this one task. Also there has been 2 streams of Town Square already, if you get more, then whats there to look forward to?
  12. Release the game

    No, because for starters, they can't make the date more than 2 years as a expected release date on kickstarter. It only allows 2 years and so it was not there fault on that. Also Kickstarter states that projects may take longer than the expected time, which in most cases always happen. They? as in the moderators? Hairy is a Moderator not a dev and he mentioned it could be but it was delayed and so The full Beta won't be this year. We have 3 modules to get through first. Whats the point you are making? Them doing lots of models don't slow down programming and so it's a good thing they continue doing more models because then they won't need to later on.
  13. Seriously!

    You pretty much complained about something, get an answer which is truthful as all the bugs/ errors since the new site launched and then you try rectify something again to complain more. Also it may sit idle visually but they are making progress as little as it may be and how long it is taking.
  14. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Well, the 1st year for Asylum, there was only 3 devs. They have grown to roughly mid - low 20's now. However they have redone the Town Square 3 times already. some of the very first devs they hired were fired. A lot of them were freelancers and so they only did specific tasks while also working on multiple projects at the same time.
  15. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    Well that is good because then they are fine as there was only 2 release dates. Remember the 1st Module is only the Social Module and a lot of people should know that it won't contain too much.