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  1. Lack of communication from developers

    The Modules are apart of the game. It is literally focusing on the 3 different parts, once they are done, they join them together while adding more to give us the beta, which will be feature complete. But they will continuously adding more to the full game. This way, you get to experience different sections of the game sooner rather than waiting longer for the entire thing. This also helps with testing as the game progresses.
  2. Lack of communication from developers

    Most games on kickstarter surpass the 2 years they have as a timeline. Just remember 2 years is not enough to create a game from scratch. Yes it took them 2 years extra to get to the town square module but that is because the resources were low. A small team, and low funding compared to games usually have. They also had set backs which increased the delay further, not just 1 set back but multiple. "This so called module" is very important within the game. The foundations are built within the module and yes it may only feature the social parts of game-play but it plays a much bigger part behind the scenes than you know. There are a lot of irrelevant reviews on steam, while a lot of relevant ones. Yes, it could have gone better, but a game in Steam Early access should always be known to be very buggy in the first place. Some pledgers/ customers, bought / pledged for Identity thinking they were going to get the full game straight away but by not reading what they was getting gave them disappointment when it was clearly stated/ said that the first thing would be Town Square known as the social Module. This is self explanatory too.
  3. Lack of communication from developers

    The Town Square is apart of the game, The way it works is the 3 Modules being standalone pieces / functioning alone from one another, will eventually merge into 1 and with more added including the full map, will then be the Beta. Beta being very close to the full game. The Town Square is being worked on, so is the swat module, but these will be both vital parts to the full game and so they are making the game already. Correct. It is getting there, as little progress we may see, it is moving closer to the next stage each day. Which questions? 1 Person resigned, 1 person decided to not renew his contract which had run out. So I count 2 not 3. What False promises? Because for 1 they have delivered the Town Square module, they gave what it said would have in it on day 1. They have added a couple different things to it too. So what was the false promises?
  4. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Not A problem, just done it.
  5. So.... Is Identity dead?

    I am sorry, that I had to hide your post, but it was not because of what you said but if you read my reply above, I stated I hid all posts quoting a post which violated the rules. as I quote what I said:
  6. So.... Is Identity dead?

    @ZanderiusMaximusI have only just seen the post and so I have hidden the post for the language used. However, understand EVERYONE'S post which is quoting that post is now also hidden. Also @Preston_bodhi_343 Please mind the language, profanity and insulting others is not tolerated here
  7. Plans for Identity

    You are missing the Paramedic career and maybe add a option for None and Other.
  8. Complete lack of direction?

    Maybe, but that is not all entirely true because anyone who has the passion of something and is determined for something, then they can complete such a project. No matter how small or big, if you have passion and determination I think you can get it done.
  9. Complete lack of direction?

    Developers can only take into account for somethings, but the developers cannot predict the future of what might or not happen.
  10. Complete lack of direction?

    Basically this @4thdesign
  11. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    Goal was $150k CAD, amount shown raided on kickstarter was roughly $180k. Devs never received 180k as some pledgers never got charged and also the amount the devs got had a fee taken too.
  12. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    Current version of map was done with in the last 2 and half years as they had to redo the design of the Town Square. Also Kickstarter games never use the amount they set as a goal to reach but they always use a lot more than that goal. It is not realistic for devs to set the goal too high because they don't receive any money until the goal is reached and the campaign has ended. However, that being said the goal was 150k and they reached $180k but backers are not charged until they accept the charge. This included many of the big kickstarter backers and so the devs didnt receive 180k but also there is a fee kickstarter takes. Developers are not cheap.
  13. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    They never had 1 million at a given time, That amount is over a long period of time. They started a project because this game is their dream, like it is for the customers/ pledgers. That is what Kickstarter is for, they need funds to help kickstart the development and getting more resources for a project idea. When you back a kickstarter project, there are risks you are taking because there is not 100% that it will be made fully. A lot of projects dont get as far as Identity has. Also Steam Early access is another way to say we are developing the game but for us to get more resources we are going to need more funding and basically testers during early stages. Oh I never quoted and directly answered like the rest but I addressed that. All developers who kickstart a project know that they might not reach so much money, that is why it is a kickstarter. They set a lower goal they find will be high enough for them to get started with the project. Then the crowd funding continues on there own game site so they can add to that while allowing for those who missed the initial kickstarter to pledge still. You may think it is as easy as 1,2,3. but You don't just hit 1 brick wall in game development unless you are lucky, because i is usually multiple brick walls which slow development down. If you fix 1 thing, you can break another. If you update the game, it could bring old bugs back. If you have a bug, you have to find it's roots and hope it is not in the foundations of the game itself. That is a figure that they raised over the years of development and likely never had close to the number being in the bank at 1 given point. (I dont know what was there or not, I am guessing that they never had it at a given time because the Out goings for the development. Also the devs are human and need breaks, they work in the office 9 - 5 Monday to Friday. Those who are free lance work on stuff assigned to them in their own time with as they don't only free lance work from Asylum but for other game companies too. When? After the kickstarter, because that is what crowd funding is for, it is to get more funds for the game development. That is also self explanatory that they are working with small amount of funds otherwise they wouldn't launch in Steam Early Access. It is not hiding information. They are still developing the game and you say they should be investigated for what? Really? there are loads more games in steam early access and you think because these have slow development that they should be investigated. Well There are a lot more games which also have slow development too.
  14. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    No, it should of done. That is right. But the devs are human and all humans make mistakes. The devs had hit a brick wall in development because they had to re-do the module, and also most of the funding came within the last 2 and a half years. The other funding was very low and it was slow development due to that lack of funds. However if the devs had the funding they got within the last few years then, we would have seen this module 2 years ago atleast. Yes they need to adapt of course. You may think there is no content inside it, but there is but small. The Town Square was always said to be small and a social module with low content. Yes you may think that but the way people act shows another story for a lot of people. Another factor to what you point out above (Funds) is Man Power. You could also say Experience in making a first game. (Modders, creating their own game for the first time). 2/3 Modules or close to all 3 modules yes, I would agree if they had a lot more funding at the beginning, instead of a few years in. Also if they had better experience. ( What I explained above) then it would have been further ahead in my opinion. However it is not like that. Yeah but funds is everything. Having the funds in the beginning could make a difference. Also knowing who to get / hire is a key factor on it also. Games are expensive nowadays, compared to years ago. It is also a growing area, and so will rise more likely still. No one can really tell you how much a game will cost because how do they know what it will cost as the cost can rise or lower at a given time. The price of that is done by Paratus. Also that $30 is actually the amount for everything while the game at full release right now is half the price as for the waiting. the $30 is what the 3 Modules, Beta and full game costs. I personally might not agree that it is the right price for the modules but it is not anyone's decision but of 1 person to choose. Right or Wrong, he feels that is a good price for the early access and full game. If Steam had a separation of the arly access and full release I would think $15 was right for 3 modules and the beta. At the same time if you look back at the kickstarter pledge prices. $25 CAD roughly £17 back then and roughly $29 CAD for £17 now. Would you be happy that you pledged more or the same amount as people did today on steam? I am not sure what the rate was for USD - CAD back then but I can say if the price has to be $30 USD for it to be atleast higher than the kickstarter then I agree with it. However, I don't think (as my personal opinion) that $30 is the best price. It might be a necessary evil to keep up funds for the game though.
  15. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    I knew about that unknown investor, but never knew they got that investment from them? I have no clue and also they have been doing things, yeah bug fixes but they are working on the game. I have seen multiple updates over a few days. Small bug fixes but it is still something while they are working on more content. I would say I am sure that if you had the amount they got so far over 4 years that you wouldn't still have a full game. Games are more expensive than the look to create.