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  1. No update for 2 month??

    what happened to the cookie thOOOOO
  2. and this video for the Pubg Fan boys , ( Hint : The video is here to show how most AAA Games dont know what a gun is, ooh yea and pubg based on the Sales only it is a AAA game . ) look at the recoil pattern in real life with with 762x52 caliber when the suppressor was added vs before ) PLEASE TAKE THIS IN TO CONSIDERATION .
  3. Anthem , GOOD OR BAD ?

    to me the sales says it all , also a podcast from angry joe did it for me , ITS BAD , THANK YOU EA .
  4. As u know with a lot BS happening in games nowadays , there is this concept where players Shoot from the camera of a first person shooter game not the Muzzle of the gun where the gun u are carrying is just there for the looks, your body is doing the shooting not the gun as the projectile leaves the head of the character NOt the gun like rainbow six siege ( dont Dare say otherwise my ass is sore after 700+ hours of gameplay went to the toilet ) on the otherside Look at arma that projectile system in that game is based on the gun length and caliber and bullet drop Physics , Etc etc , u get the idea of the Q
  5. Epic game store

    write what u think , to me the whole thing is soo big that i dont know where to begin
  6. What I would do if I were Asylum right now

    i dont agree or disagree , with any of the above but , can we at least know What went wrong what is the technical Error that caused the whole thing , its for sure something the Devs are aware of , so what went wrong with the game is it the code or the engine or the servers or the adaptations and modding the engine or What ? u got the idea ?
  7. SCUM the next step in gaming

    buggs are expected just like tarkov but there is agame to debug in the first place
  8. SCUM the next step in gaming

    to me the system of 3rd person view am sold on that thing ALone
  9. SCUM the next step in gaming

    Scum is a game we should be wating for , the game got cool concepts and really good mechanisms with extreemly good gameplay logic thats my opinion , keep an eye on that agame
  10. Dev Blog #020 - Ramping up

    i dont know where am standing right now , the game will be taking more time , but the devs and @LuckyDuck is still providing good info , people are dividing , some making video's hyping it , some calling it a scam (not true ) , numbers on statistics Dont add up anymore , twitch streams are reallly promising , Waiting and non can be done , but hoping and say to my self it will be good , yup am more confused than hyped or discrediting identity right now NO IDEA WHAT AM TYPING HERE
  11. What is this shit

    how long Scum team been developing Before announcement in 2016 ?
  12. What is this shit

    ooh yea i forgot the In house anti cheat / DRM system not in details but a quick show case , that would help us to know that it wont be A cluster **** like some other Games , All the love and patience for Identity , But help me to give u the benefit of the doubt .
  13. What is this shit

    i can see what GRANDPALADIN coming from , look at Scum (video game) game was first announced in August, 2016 in UE4 early access is in q2 of 2018 , also they did develop advanced systems from scratch and they are some what close in development behavior to Identity , Tho Identity took Alot more Time to produce So little its frustrating to know that the TS will not have that much in it , Karaoke , cinema , Chess , is that it ? after all that time , thats it ?
  14. really bad management ?

    rust as it stands now