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  1. Is there an Irish Mafia?

    I believe there already is a Russian Mafia on here if you dig far enough. Whether its still active i am unsure of.
  2. Luprano Family

    Maybe if having to ask how to join, you shouldnt be joining???
  3. Forum Help

    I made this a while ago. I hope it helps
  4. Car Meets

    Yeh no worries bud. Ill leave a link to our org here just so you can check it out. We do a lot of GTA V meets if you ever want to join us
  5. Car Meets

    Me and two of my buddies run a meetup and racing group called the Midnight Chasers. If you are interested you can find our post in the hideout section or I can post a link. We have some good ideas set up for this group and much like you want we have our own steam group and teamspeak server
  6. Smoking, Vaping

    I smoke cigars, cigarettes, pipe, vape and do snuff but i doubt they would add in all of that. If anything, well see an action like in GTA just to smoke a cigarette. Although its an 18 game, i dont think its their top priority to promote this sort of stuff but then again you never really know. Well just have to wait and see
  7. My ETA of the 1st module

    I somewhat doubt it but then again, you never know. Your opinion is your opinion but mine says probably not that close
  8. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Congrats to you man. It looks like all the time put into it has paid off. Good luck to your and your family Mr Langston
  9. Sex

    Literally never heard of it looks like a good game tho
  10. I Need Your Help

    Original brand. This is your time to be creative man. You can make anything you want. Find a name, make a logo and youll have a lot more people at your doorstep
  11. Nostalgia List

    @LuckyDuck Oh yes! black hawk down
  12. Sex

    *searches up Bonetown*
  13. Ranks

    Citizen only entitles you to the full release of the game on steam at a discounted price. The founder gives you that and also the beta before the games release and access to all 3 modules that are set to release this year/early next year Modules info can be found here:
  14. Identity referral program

    I for one am really liking the sounds of this and im glad the devs have come back positive with it. As long as the rewards are not game changing and are things like apartment decoration or rare items like clothing then i can see this working. It will give the community something worth going out referring members for and will also help out the devs financially in turn. Dont forget, the more people we get now, the more people we have when the game releases.
  15. I can't insert new images

    Its most likely the way the permissions have been set up. With the introduction of the new groups for the UI artist and systems programmer its possible that something got changed here or there and its just a matter of going through the group permissions and ticking it back on. Ive used this forum provider many times but i cant for sure tell you where to find such a fix.