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  1. Roseport Pirates

    The Roseport Pirates have now arisen again. Recruitment may continue.
  2. Sure this could happen, but when I asked the devs about this they said they wanted a clear idea so you could tell who's a cop or not. Also the main question that was being asked was if police officer clothing would be dropped, and I said no.
  3. I already asked a long time ago on Twitter and they said no.
  4. Roseport Pirates

    Thank you very much!
  5. Roseport Pirates

    Yachts will be our primary target. I too don't think big sea transports will be in-game but yachts are confirmed.
  6. Roseport Pirates

    I'm recruiting more pirates. I hope some of you come aboard and help us take from the rich and give it to us. Sea transport is our main source and once we hit those big ships, all the money for you and me.
  7. Captain Alex's Marina Dealer

    Bumpity bump bump!
  8. Roseport Pirates

    I wonder what the hell happened to my images on my post.
  9. Roseport Pirates

  10. Roseport Pirates

    Sorry! I've been busy for the past months. Finally I have time.
  11. Roseport Pirates

    I haven't done anything.. Yet.
  12. Ship Captain

    Be a ship captain so we can have a new target. Good luck on the seas.
  13. What criminal activities are we planning on doing?

    I'll be a pirate sailing the seas and robbing ships.
  14. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    The Devs said that they don't want the map to feel 'too small'. They also don't want people flying over RP scenarios such as a car crash, when you could be down there also RPing. I would look for a tweet for you but sadly I'm a bit lazy right now.
  15. Roseport Pirates

    It seems no-one wants to sea transport as soon as I created the organization.