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  1. It's an english speaking community with servers around the world, it doesn't matter about the location itself, more the community. But I do see your point. If this grows further we may consider allowing different languages for specific areas.
  2. There is no age limit. (Sorry, I didnt realise james had already answered this as it was on a different page).
  3. The deleopers have confirmed that weapons will be heavily customisable, although i cant find the tweet to confirm this.
  4. @Zeus I agree, how about a PB?
  5. 12Guage // External Hammer Engraved Double Barrel .308 7.62x51 // FN FAL 9x19mm // Keltec PF-9 12Guage // Mossberg 590 9x19mm // MP5A5 .357 // Winchester Lever action 8mm Lebel // Remington Rolling Block 5.56 NATO // SA80 L85 .308 7.62x51 // Keltec RFB 7.62x39 // AKM Foregrip .303 British // Lee-Enfield No.4 MK2 9x18 Makarov // PB
  6. bump 16: the shitty hollywood reboot with all gender roles swapped
  7. General Identity TeamSpeak Server

    More than likely. I've poked my head in a few times and the only person who's in there is the creator.
  8. again, ask over a pm, don't ask stuff like this directly over the thread.
  9. space travel

    You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw this get posted.
  10. General Identity TeamSpeak Server

    It'd be nice if you guys could add some spacers in and not use so many symbols, and maybe not keep all the text in the centre. As good as it looks, it also looks crowded and a mess, and doesn't look very friendly. It'd be nice to see some more civilian rooms aswell. Apart from that, good ping and from what I can tell a good permissions system. Nice one.
  11. In Identity i wanna be a.....

    Well best of luck too you, no dream is impossible
  12. How about you PM him instead of cluttering this thread.
  13. In Identity i wanna be a.....

    dude thats a tough career choice