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  1. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I'm not sure why it's taking so long, but I know Motown has mentioned about a bug causing a crash in the database. https://i.imgur.com/2NljY1k.png It has been shared on the Discord, please view the image link above. And they don't put any dates since they don't know how long it will take to fix the current bug. Also, people has been very unhappy about the few delays. Is it? I don't think so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNcJj4C_8ZE
  2. Will there be bitcoin?

    Cryptocurrency won't be a thing as far as we know.
  3. Les français sont de la partie !

    Bienvenue dans la communauté @TrakixHD ! SI tu as des questions concernant le jeu, n'hésite pas à nous en faire part. Je suis aussi sur Discord ( LordBenji#6313 ), et il y a un serveur français sur Discord avec plus de 1000 membres ( https://discord.gg/eBCnSd6 )
  4. So....Turns Out Some People were Wrong

    We're still here! I understand some people are just around in the Discord to "troll", they often leave sarcastic and exaggerated remarks. They're not very healthy to be honest, it frustrates me when there's still toxic people around, but what can you do? I'm going to stay, because I know this game is going to be awesome, no matter how long it's going to take for them to release it.

    It wasn't in the Twitch clips, but in the Extended FAQ 1. What is in game prison like? There are no player prison guards though. The decision for that was mostly just because we couldn't find a way to keep it engaging and fun. We don't want people to be forced to sit and watch other players.
  6. Why's that? And the plan is actually to make it so you can interact with the objects that you would normally interact. They won't be able to make everything on day one, so yeah, a few weeks as previously stated.
  7. Programming and Bugs Please Tell

    Cyber was nice and actually said in the Discord what was at least one of the bugs, which was clipping through the elevator and "dying", seems fun lol.
  8. Was the closed beta date confirmed?

    I can say a few things for sure. Module one is getting pretty close, I give it a few weeks at the pace it's going but you never know what else might lengthen the waiting period... For module two, it should take much less time than module one obviously (module one is one story of its own). As there's going to be some core aspects of the game implemented, my very rough estimates would be few to several months. For the module three, well that's a different story... They have to build new vehicle physics from scratch (because they won't use the one from the video obviously), and I can't put any estimates for that. For the beta... it's still too far and we're not there yet, few years? We'll see.
  9. Property Rights

    Yeah no one can breach inside your home, but someone can still get into your property. I wouldn't advice to shoot them as you'll very likely have to deal with law enforcement. If someone is just innocently walking close to your house to admire it, I wouldn't shoot him. In fact, I wouldn't shoot at anyone...
  10. Instagram fan page

    I don't usually put estimates because it does tend to be misleading. But at the pace it's going, I mean it's going well. Few weeks...
  11. Farming?

    There will be public and private plots. You can grow crops on the public ones at your own risk, while other players can steal your crops if you don't pay attention to it. The private ones will be player owned, and you'll need to buy them in order to plant anything on them. I'm not sure if you still have to pay a certain monthly fee like houses in order to keep them under your name.
  12. Identity Theft

    It's been discussed before, they won't add things like passport/identity theft, bank account theft (yes there will be heists but it won't affect players), hacking (I know you haven't talked about it but still thought about mentioning it). I'm unsure about the "dark web" thing to be honest. I'll just put a reminder that the developers doesn't want players to have a really unfair experience. But there's still a few things you'll be able to do like attempting to rob a civilian, or even kidnap them (after knocking them).
  13. I know you've mentioned features that'll only be available in the full game. But worry not, Town Square will still have plenty of features to explore. You'll be able to visit some buildings, watch movies, sing at karaoke bar, throw popcorn at others, and some of the stuff that has been already mentioned. Also there will be more stuff as they will update Town Square daily.
  14. New website

    Exactly as @Cstove have said, I'll quote the moderator who quoted Beach_Ball about it: Cayn-Yesterday at 6:32 PM "we're still waiting on our payment service provider. We've left them several messages and voicemail yet no response, it would appear that they are the current bottleneck. We can't launch the new shop without it as we've been promising credit card payments forever with the new site." - Beach, today
  15. Task Tracker Not Updated?

    I'm a human, just like every single one of us in this thread. You'd think that everyone is going to work their butt off everyday 24-7, that's not how it works. I know they have been working overtime for Town Square, but you have to keep in mind they haven't automated the tracker yet. Also remember that not every developers are working during weekends, hence why it might be possible that there's no significant progress (completed task or anything that needs updating). I'm not better positioned than you, so the amount of posts isn't relevant to my knowledge. I'm just here to discuss and help others when I can.