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Found 4 results

  1. Your Apartment Ownership

    so from what i can tell, i own a studio and one bedroom, due i keep both units, and if i upgrade to a lux apt, will i then own 3 units, same thing for the garage. is all furniture free at this time and clothes in the store, when will the currency system kick in. will all inventory reset at some point
  2. Owning a Bar

    So while I'm aware that this topic has apparently been touched upon before, the only information I could find on this was pretty vague. I read in one of the earlier posts that bar ownership was not going to be a feature in the game, but there was no real source to confirm this. With that said, will it be possible to own a bar within the world of Identity, complete with decoration and the ability to host events such as karaoke and poker evenings? If not, will the premade bars have bartending jobs available or will they simply be run like any other NPC shop? Thank you!
  3. Agriculture

    I really want to know about what they are going to do for the farming end of things. myself my family farms corn, wheat, and hay ive played that farming simulator game and is sadly misses a lot of key parts to do with those parts in this field. If there is anyway that farming could get some attention i would for sure buy this game and a pc to run it.