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  1. Censorship like NK

    What post got deleted if you dont mind me askin
  2. Censorship like NK

    No one gets banned for speaking their thoughts its the way they put it out there people gets banned for
  3. No Steam Key!

    They would say what i just said they are out of steam keys people have to wait for the next wave of keys
  4. No Steam Key!

    He is right the key comes out in batches so you will get your key eventually
  5. Skull & Bones Recordings

    Sorry i dont see what your issue is i just provided you with a source ?
  6. Skull & Bones Recordings

    Cant wait to sit in my car and listen to them tunes
  7. Beach Ball Has Left

    That message says the 14th its the 26th man you are late most of us knows. People need vacations you know. He left on good terms
  8. Any scheduled release date?

    No ETA
  9. What is this shit

    If you wanna know whats coming with Town square i have a suggestion for you ASK THE PEOPLE ASK BEACH WHAT IS COMING WITH TOWN SQUARE
  10. What is this shit

    The jobs money drug cops and all that is with full release you say you watch the stream but you dont know what you taking about Exactly Town Square there is No Currency, Economy, Governors, Votings, Police, Jobs all that comes with full game i dont know how you follow streams and still think all this comes with Town square next time when you watch the streams listen closely i would recommend you to turn all your volume and actually listen. ITS A SOCIAL MODULE. AND ITS A TOWN SQUARE NOT THE ENTIRE MAP @Masa
  11. Relase Date ?

    Even after 3 modules there is a beta before full release i think
  12. Well, the day is almost here.

    Well first of all i wanna explore the possibilities of decorating your apartment, i wanna check all the different clothing options. spend a lot of time in the karaoke bar, chill in my apartment and use the tv. Probably get tired of the decoration options i have in my apartment and redo it. Play chess. Make art. Make books that makes no sense and put them in the library. Submit my beautiful art to the art gallery take over the graffiti wall. That was some ideas
  13. Well, the day is almost here.

    If people really want they can get hours of fun i already have a decent list of stuff im going to do