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  1. i have a question. When it is going to be ready?. We are waiting for years an now, with only one issue to resolve. What happened here?

    1. HairyGrenade


      The Town Square module will be release November 30th. If you have an account issue I can assist you with that.

    2. FastAgg


      no, i haven´t got any account issue. i only wanted to know when it is going to would be playing.

      Thanks for the answered.


    This is John's former house, where he lived when he first registered the company, before moving to Kanata with his wife to build the company here where we are located now. This was before our Kickstarter campaign. During that period, John, and I (the only 2 on the project at the time) were both working together remotely. He from his house; me from Detroit, Michigan. This is nolonger our registered corporate address. I wouldn't have had my work permit approved if it had been, considering Canada's immigration services require that foreign workers have an office location to work from.
  3. "founder hat" instead of a kickstarter hat

    Hey there! Yes, there are two hats. Kickstarter Backers will receive the Kickstarter Logo founder's hat, and website backers who purchased a package from the site will receive the Identity Logo Founder's hat. Neither logo will appear on any official item during gameplay, and are unique only to these two hats. It may only be represented as "Founders Hat" in your inventory, but we can easily distinguish between who will receive what within our database, despite it appearing as one item on the website.
  4. Can you put your hands up in the game?

    Yes, you will be able to put your hands up and surrender to player police officers and criminals who wish you take you hostage. Note that anyone can restrain you with handcuffs or zip-ties while in a surrender animation state.
  5. Hola a todos!

    Housing, including farms will cost more (in-game currency) than apartments because there are a limited number of them available on the map for sale. I can't give a price estimate on them yet, but expect prices to be somewhat realistic to real-world prices. Yes, we will translate the game to many different languages for the full release, but the Town Square module will probably only be available in English.
  6. Hola a todos!

    Hey Seis, Welcome! To answer your question on agronomy; while there isn't a specific job or career in Identity for this, players can farm, care for (water, fertilize), and cultivate plants in a field, much like Farming Simulator or Facebook's Farmville (but in 3D). The food you recover from this process is mostly used for eating only, but individual ingredients can be used to craft recipes that offer different benefits to the player. It's not a very complicated system, as a design decision. We wanted to keep it rather simple, so you won't be able to breed plants, or required to maintain a spreadsheet of soil types for the best yield, or use the plants you collect for anything other than food. The type of seed you use, as well as how active you are with watering and maintaining the plants as they grow will determine how long you have to wait to harvest. Some will take longer than others, and won't be realistic. It ranges from 15 minutes to potentially even a full day depending on the type of plant you're growing.
  7. Let's talk about that Dev Blog

    Hey Xzothi, I'm happy to see concern for this. It's admittedly a pretty lengthy process just to add a single dynamic character model to a game, especially in our case where animations are broken into hundreds of bits that are blended into each other. And then vertex painting has to be done for each body, head, and every individual piece of clothing too. Parts of every clothing mesh also have to be manually culled by our devs so there isn't any clipping or z-fighting when player characters are wearing multiple layers of cloths (t-shirt + jacket). I'm missing a great deal of the process too in this explanation, but I hope it helps indicate why female character models are often added some time after the male character model. It's a huge task just to get one into the game, and that first character model is used to work out any kinks and bugs with skinning, rigging, inverse kinematics and animation so solutions won't have to be repeated twice for both after they've both been added to the game together. Much of this work is already done of course for both male and female characters, so if it doesn't make it into the first iteration of town square, it will be a top priority for the first major update after Town Square launch.
  8. Let's talk about that Dev Blog

    I just realized that's in metrics, but Identity's world and economy is based in the US where we use Imperial units. Although I suppose it will be a choice for the player as an menu option.
  9. Let's talk about that Dev Blog

    Thanks guys! Canada has been good to me so far. The cold weather is an tolerable tradeoff for all the other perks I didn't have at my old place! Shopping and all the restaurants I could care for are practically right next door to my apartment within walking distance. Can't complain! If you liked that UI from the sneak preview, wait until you see what Archer has been cooking up for the Town Square. I'm excited to see it in action! The video is also looking great. We're just waiting on a couple animation and clothing weight painting tweaks as far as I know, and it will be good to go as soon as we get that back from the animator. Wolf has been working on this for over a month now and he's ready to be done with it and move onto character customization for the Town Square. So so excited to see everything coming together this past month, and I can't wait to finally jump into the Town Square and meet all of you for the first time using voice chat!
  10. DevBlog #010

    If I remember correctly, the Artist's computers have better graphics cards (1080ti's), while the programmers computers have better processors.
  11. Unfortunately no ride-able horses as mentioned previously, but it's definitely an idea to keep in mind. It's not entirely out of the question, but at the very least, we could potentially see them roaming rural farm-lands in-game.
  12. Refunds

    Important Note: Currently available Pledge packages are temporary and will no-longer be available for purchase after website-changes are made in the near future. Pledge rewards and account credit will be automatically deducted from the account upon receiving a refund. Administrative action will NOT be taken against accounts that are issued refunds. Refunds can only be processed if purchases fall within the 180 day window Paypal offers for buyer protection. Important Note(STEAM): Due to technical limitations, refunds cannot be provided to accounts that have been manually linked to STEAM by the account holder. If you claim a STEAM Key for the "Identity: Town Square" module, it will no-longer be possible for "Asylum Entertainment Inc." to process refund requests due to our inability to de-activate the steam key after it is claimed via the STEAM desktop client. Future purchases from the STEAM Store or marketplace will require STEAM Support to process any refund requests, and will be subject to STEAM's own refund policy. The Account support forum is not an efficient channel for refund request, as Asylum Entertainment staff and volunteer moderators who would normally visit this forum to offer assistance with account related matters do not have access to its user's financial history with Asylum Entertainment via PayPal or other means. We are committed to pleasing our customers and donators in every way, and we respect that there are personal reasons in which a user may feel compelled to request a refund. We therefore ask that users who would like to request a refund do so via the Paypal website, or through Paypal customer service (1-888-221-1161) - the only method of Payment that we accept at this time. Please allow for a minimum of 5-10 business days for requests to be granted by Asylum Entertainment Inc. We strongly believe this newly recommended process will be much more efficient for those who may experience unintended delays in response to email requests, as it will not require pledgers to provide additional account information, or manual database queries. Asylum Entertainment and its hard-working development team appreciate the patience and understanding of our community members who understand that Game Development is a slow and challenging process. We are a small team working diligently to produce a unique game experience that has never been attempted previously. We thank you for your continued patience and support. Below is a visual guide illustrating the steps required to complete a refund through Paypal services. STEP 1: Select 'Log in' to PayPal STEP 2: Confirm PayPal Log in STEP 3: Select "More" from the ribbon at the top of the page, and then select "Resolution Center" from the drop-down menu. STEP 4: Select "Report a Problem" STEP 5: Find & Select your Pledge Payment to Asylum Entertainment, Inc., and then select "Continue" STEP 6: Choose the most relevant option relating to your problem. For refunds, we recommend selecting, "I have a billing issue" and then pressing continue before choosing "I want to report an issue that's not described". Either way, we'll find it. Last Updated: 9/17/2018 (September 17, 2018) @ 2:08 PM EST
  13. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Different people working on different things. Marvin and Antoine, who did these lamps and fans don't work on any part of the video.
  14. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    From Today's Gaming Hour Stream
  15. hey Im trying to buy the normal citizen pledge. but once im in there is only the option for donate is it there? once i pass over the "pledge now" sign there is no like "buy button". Is it temporally out or is in the donation or stuff like that due the Town Square?

    game looks awesome and can't wait to play

    ps. since im in europe, is possible to pay in euros as well?

    have a nice week