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  1. Identity Crime and Memes Gameplay Video (parody)

    haha this is great
  2. Developer Q&A sponsored by Powergaming7

    Haha. Glad you liked it man!
  3. Developer Q&A sponsored by Powergaming7

    You didn't come across as rude! I did sound dead though!
  4. Developer Q&A sponsored by Powergaming7

    Glad you got some answers you were looking for! But what can I say? I'm dead inside
  5. What Youtubers do you want to play this?

    Frankie, Robbaz, MrMoon, Kiwo, Sada, Psisyndicate and there's probably a couple others but I am currently brain-dead so yeah.
  6. Identity YouTube Videos!

    Hey @JamesLuck01 thank you for the kind words! I think the most important thing here is not to have a debate on who is the better YouTuber because that is up to the viewer, however I think it is alot more important to know that Identity is getting some exposure. The devs don't have that much money to be spending on marketing unfortunately but having people on social media outlets like YouTube / Twitter is a big way to get the game known to other gamers outside of our community. I mean let's face it if hardly anyone knew about the game it would be boring as you'd have nobody playing it, and that is not good in a game like Identity. @ThePro Apologies for making you feel bored man! The main reason is to why I speak slower is to make sure firstly all of the information I give is accurate and secondly to make sure the viewer digests all of the information, because some people take a bit longer to take in the information you give them, so if you are talking fast then they will not take any of it. I will try to improve in future videos though! Thank you for the criticism, and I do hope you'll stick around because when the game fully drops my channel will hopefully be changing to entertain you alot more! Regardless, TheDynasty makes great content (Not just his Identity content) and I respect him as a YouTuber and as a great guy, I do recommend his videos! Also in my Identity gameplay series I want to make sure people can get the full experience of what Identity has to offer, so that means absolutely no abusing any powers. I mean I don't think I even have any powers lol. I mean ironically that is known as powergaming *I think I need a name change lol* But I would never try and abuse the position of being a YouTuber ingame to get anything out of it, that's just wrong and makes people feel left out of the experience when we have both paid the same amount of money to play the game.
  7. Welcome! And where do I sign up?
  8. Hi all from GA

    Hi! I'd recommend you to join the unofficial Identity Discord server when you get the chance, there's lots of people on here that are eager for the game! Including the devs, here's the link: https://discord.gg/9M7ZgUm
  9. Tracking

    This ^ devs take notes please @Motown
  10. TLDR: Cut the developers some slack, they have alot on their plate and they need to put their time into the game as they have a deadline to meet. So many of you are concerned with the state of the game so far, with people asking this game is never going to be out or if it is going to be released then its going to be the year 2034 by the time that happens well here's the thing; There's a team of approximately nine people all working on Identity, and there's one community manager known as @Motown that deals with uploading pictures to all of the social media outlets , writing dev blogs, keeping undesirables at bay, answering questions on here, twitter and Facebook, and I'm also presuming he is the one that also has to edit the video together then uploads it. Essentially you could say he largely on the marketing side of the game. However on top of this he has to admin for Asylum life (Arma 3 life server) which is a huge job on it's own. Also he has to 3D model. All of the models you have seen thus far of the game, have been made by @Motown and another 3D modelist in Asylum Entertainment. So you could say he has quite a job to do when it comes to being a 'community manager'. I put community manager in quotations because he does alot more than manage the community. But still there's the fact we haven't seen a video. People are drawing the line under, This game has been cancelled omg the developers are scammers. No, actually for a small team of nine we get quite alot of information given to us. @Motown tries to answer questions about the game everyday and gives new information on it, also we are given new pictures, once or twice a month. Yes we haven't seen a video but a video takes a long time to make. Time that the devs don't exactly have. Let me use an example real quick, if you know who I am, I upload Identity videos talking about the game, and giving news on it when I can, and usually depending on the length a video CAN take around 2-3 hours. Now why do they take 2-3 hours. Well first of all, I have to make a script, seems simple but yet it's not. You have to proofread the script otherwise you'll sound like you can't speak English and I have made mistakes of letting some words slide into a video and it just makes me cringe every-time I hear it back. But you also have to have the creativity to write it. This takes a while to do. The script is also there to structure the video out, just from reading it you will be able to see how the video flows. Now you could say don't bother with a script just do it without one. Well you could do it that way. However it would be extremely unprofessional with lot's of stuttering and the devs might not get everything in that needs to be said. Then once you are done with the script you move on to recording it, recording the video time wise. It depends really. If I were to mess up a sentence and slur my words, I would have to start it again, which is pretty goddamn annoying. I usually take half an hour, give or take recording it as I do edit the audio after each cut I do. Next we go onto the editing. Honestly I'm pretty quick at editing, I kind of just get into a rhythm with it and do it. It, depends solely on the person who is editing and how well they know their software so I can't get an exact number on it, but if the video is long it's going to take a long time to edit. Finally, you'll render out the video then upload it to the media outlets, e.g YouTube. This obviously depends on your specifications and on your upload speed. So... Why am I going through this. Well it's just so people can realise how long a video can actually take. Time that could be put into 3D modelling or coding for the game. Also these times are for me and what it takes me to make a video and they're 3-5 minute videos. Granted 3 hours for me would be for a much longer video but you have to remember that this gameplay video for Asylum Entertainment would take a long time because it has to be approved by @Paratus and if it's something he doesn't like he will make sure that it's done again because well he takes pride in the game. Remember nine people work on the game. Two of which work on 3D modelling and on 'community managing'. The rest have to work on coding for the game and people are coming and going from the company if I remember correctly. So give them some slack, the devs have alot on their plate. I really do recommend going to see a game being developed. You can see the YouTuber BrandonJla create his game 'Hover Junkers' and that is nowhere near on the same scale of a game like Identity, that also has around the same amount of people working on it, also to note that Hover Junkers is still in Early access. But as the consumers we do have a right to question the developers because at the end of the day we're the investors of the game, we determine it's success, and I really do understand peoples concerns. But like I said cut them slack because they're under alot of pressure and you know we should be happy that they want to take their time with a game like this. One last thing before I end this lengthy post, if you think its a scam why in the world would they still be answering questions and uploading pictures. If I were to create a scam, I would have got the kickstarter money and ran with it a long time ago, just saying. Also remember that they have a deadline to meet, Early 2017 but expect delays. Thanks for reading this post and I do hope that it helped clear up a few issues people were having. Oh and here's the Hover Junkers devblog btw (go watch to see how lengthy a game can take as it is quite a long and interesting process:
  11. Hello from the UK

  12. Hello from the UK

    Hello there!
  13. Car list

    These are a bunch of cars/trucks that I want to see in Identity. Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 and the LP 580-2, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Veneo, Lamborghini SESTO ELEMENTO , Lamborghini ESTOQUE , Lamborghini REVENTON , Lamborghini MURCI√ČLAGO , Lamborghini MIURA , Ferrari F12 Berlinetta + TDF, Ferrari 458 (Speciale), Ferrari 488, Ferrari La Ferrari, Koenigsegg Regera, Koenigsegg Agera RS, Koenigsegg one: 1, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Bugatti Chiron, Bentley Continental GT speed, Bentley Mulsanne, Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Roys Ghost, Audi R8 V10 plus, Audi RS7 and S8, Ford GT, Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger 1969, Dodge Charger Hellcat, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac ATS-V, Cadillac CTS-V, Mercedes C63 AMG, Mercedes G63 6x6, Mercedes AMG GT-S (Brabus), International Lonestar, BMW M3 , BMW i8, Nissan GT-R, Jaguar F-Type SVR, Jaguar XJ, Porsche 918, Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911. That might be it, post any other suggestions under here -PowerGaming7
  14. Alright, hows it going?

    Awesome to hear that. I will choose Jack I agree with you there!
  15. mods - player made

    I think they might enable mods at some point, but dont quote me on that! If not they will be looking into it!