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  1. Problem trying to link steam account.

    Hi Mason, we're aware of this issue and the devs will look into it today. Sorry for any inconveniences! Cheers, Cayn
  2. Possible Problem with Identity Emails?

    Hi VirtalPeguin, emails are being sent out in batches to inform you that Steam keys for users with Beta Access are ready to claim on the website. The key won't be in your personal email, but can be found in your account settings on your profile tab. If you haven't received the email yet, just wait a little longer, it will come with one of the next wave. Cheers, Cayn
  3. Hey Pulse! Module One will be updated frequently with content updates like new hairstyles, clothing etc. but also with new shops and features like the tattoo shop and the shooting range at the basement of the police station to try out some guns! Cheers, Cayn
  4. Date ?

    Hi oasixm, no ETA for our first playable module - it will be out as soon as the remaining tasks are completed and after Steam has approved the final build. You can take a look at the progress right here: Cheers, Cayn
  5. If your pledge doesn't include an apartment (like the Founder package) you'll get the "Studio Apartment" for testing purposes. That's just for the modules / beta, so you're able to try out the customization features, but you won't have it when the full game is out. If your pledge includes an apartment, you'll have it even when the full game is out. Cheers, Cayn
  6. Hey Mikusiodaktyl, for module one, everyone with the "Founder" package will get a studio apartment to try out the customization. But for the full game there will be a hotel / hotels if you can't afford an apartment. Your room there will be free, but you can't customize it at all, it's just meant to be a temporary place to live until you have earned enough money to buy a place for your own. Cheers, Cayn
  7. dobbs

    Hey and welcome to the community, Dobbs! Make sure to check out these useful links inside of my signature down below to get the newest information about the game. I hope you'll have a great time in here and maybe on the discord as well. See you soon in the game! Cheers, Cayn
  8. Greetings from Belgium

    Welcome to the community, Techtu! I hope you'll have a good experience in here. If you have any questions in mind, make sure to check out the useful links inside my signature or just ask! We're happy to help. Cheers, Cayn
  9. Quick Thank You

    Yes, that's correct. The forums are going to be the same on the new site! So all of it should still be here. We're still having issues with our payment provider, that's also correct. We hope these can get resolved really soon! On our end, we're good to go. Cheers!
  10. Hello all!

    Hi Sarahd094! Welcome to our community. There will be plenty of options, I totally get what you're saying. You should really try out everything to see what you want to do mainly! If you have any questions, please look at our great FAQ's and the huge Twitch Clips Directory down below inside my signature. They provide a lot of answers to the most asked questions, answered directly by the devs! Feel free to message me if you still have any questions in mind. See you in module one! Cheers, Cayn
  11. Hello from Denmark!

    Hi Nicolas! Welcome to our great community. Please take a look at the FAQ's and our huge Twitch Clips Directory down below, which provides the newest answers to nearly every question. If you still have any questions in mind, feel free to ask! See you in the game! Cheers, Cayn
  12. Hi TheLeipers! Wir können noch nicht sicher sagen, wann der Full Release sein wird, jedoch werden die nächsten 2 Module nicht so lange auf sich warten lassen wie das erste, da "Town Square" schon das Fundament liefert. Dennoch wird es wohl noch einige Zeit dauern bis alles fertig ist - wir wollen die Entwicklung ja nicht hetzen und ein unfertiges Spiel auf den Markt bringen. Und wie BukkitYT schon sagte, bitte das nächste mal auf Englisch, da dies das offizielle, englische Forum ist. LG! Cayn
  13. Hello from Sweden

    Hi Nelfie and welcome to our community! Thanks for your support towards the development of Identity so far! We really appreciate it. Make sure to check out our great FAQ's and the Twitch Clips Directory below to get always the newest answers to all of your questions. If you need help with something - send me a message! Cheers, Cayn
  14. The first module will be out on April 23rd 2018. You need the "Founder" package (which includes access to all 3 modules + beta + full release) to play on April 23rd 2018 - as soon as the first module arrives. You'll receive your steam key in an email on April 22nd / 23rd, close to Town Square release.
  15. Introduction

    Hi Victor! Welcome to our community. If you have any questions in mind - feel free to ask! And take a look at our great FAQ's and the Twitch Clips Directory down below for the newest answers. Cheers, Cayn