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Found 10 results

  1. Unable to download to steam?

    Hi all, Just linked my steam account to my identity account and it gave me a steam key to download the town square module (purchased the $30 pack). I tried to download it and it's added it to my account but doesn't show on my available games to play and also says "Unable to download - App configuration unavailable". Is this just because the game has not yet been released for Steam and they're still working on it? Or is this an actual error? Any help is appreciated, Thanks James
  2. Getting Keys!

  3. Is this game even real?

    Lets be honest with ourselves. There might be a small chance that Identity might not be real(food for thought) Anyway if it is real I feel like it is just going to be like radical heights and shut down their servers because not enough players are going to be playing because there's nothing to do in the town square module and it'll probably take them another 2-3 years to release the second module right after +6 month delays. I'm joking but I am honestly kind of mad with how long this is taking but I cant blame them cause I dont know what's going on or how hard it is to create a MMORPG. Just hope everything's going well and it comes out soon.
  4. New video? And question

    Everyone has their own opinion, I am curious to know yours. I do not want arguments. Lets make this a nice talk topic and lets respect peoples ideas. On to the real chat now. How do you guys feel about the video that explains some of the things we will be able to do? Are you excited for the gang wars? What lifestyle/job you're choosing to live ? Also, if you have decided on what you want to try and do let me know! I want to know what everyone has in mind. If this topic goes decently Ill share what I want to do as well. Question : Do you personally think we should have more gameplay of the town square before it is released. Let me get this out of the way that I am super excited for identity to come out and I am going to buy it regardless of no gameplay or gameplay. What do you guys think? I personally think we should have at least one more video of them walking around the town square and interacting.. I know some of you are on the edge of buying the game but I just want to know your opinions and answers - Yours Truly Cupcake
  5. Could we get a time ?

    with so little time left it would be nice to get a specific hour of release. or did they post this somewhere recently ?
  6. I wondered if there is any specific date for the beta release?? Because a friend and I wanna sign up the 30$ version to be able to test the game in BETA
  7. Can the game be played in India?
  8. TryHardCREW- Identity Gang

    Identity gang, we own the streets, the police work for us, we don't own cars or motorcycles, just our pesky bmx bikes roaming the streets, - the governor is going to have to do more to take us out.
  9. I Was wondering how big it was going to be in km squared and i didn't find an answer,so can someone please help?
  10. Hi everyone! I'm just a little bit confused on how pledges work. I pledged $25 on the old website. But on this site the minimum for a beta access pledge is $30. Does this mean I have to pledge another $5? Also if I wanted to upgrade my pledge say $30 to 50 would I only have to pay $20? Furthermore, I'm wondering how to sign up to the town square beta. It keeps sending me back to the pledge screen? Is this a glitch? Just a bit confused! Other than that the new website is great! Good job guys! - PowerGaming7 -GoopyGamemaster - Account ID 131