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Found 2 results

  1. New video? And question

    Everyone has their own opinion, I am curious to know yours. I do not want arguments. Lets make this a nice talk topic and lets respect peoples ideas. On to the real chat now. How do you guys feel about the video that explains some of the things we will be able to do? Are you excited for the gang wars? What lifestyle/job you're choosing to live ? Also, if you have decided on what you want to try and do let me know! I want to know what everyone has in mind. If this topic goes decently Ill share what I want to do as well. Question : Do you personally think we should have more gameplay of the town square before it is released. Let me get this out of the way that I am super excited for identity to come out and I am going to buy it regardless of no gameplay or gameplay. What do you guys think? I personally think we should have at least one more video of them walking around the town square and interacting.. I know some of you are on the edge of buying the game but I just want to know your opinions and answers - Yours Truly Cupcake
  2. My Personal Opinion

    Hey there fellow people! I'm here to give my opinion on this. I don't want any argument and I ain't here to complain as I don't really care about when it will go out or whatever, I got all my time. I'm a bit disappointed with their interaction with us though. What about those weekly tweet answers we used to get? And all those videos we got promised? I mean.. I've been working on a game for two months now, I'm a one man team, I work on modelling/programming/texturing and much more everyday and i still got the time to make two 20 mins videos to present all the gameplay mechanics and interfaces we've made (2 months and we got game mechanics and interfaces ready for final release) so I'd just like to know.. Is it pure laziness or is it just that you guys REALLY have nothing to show that could be intereting? I personally released a video on test gameplay mechanics and people loved it so.. Yeah. What do you guys think? I'm still hyped for the game, don't you worry.