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Found 17 results

  1. With the upcoming Release of the Town Square Module will we see any Updates for Either Swat or Racing modules when Ts Module releases and is it going to take as long as the first module to come out?
  2. I don't know if this has been answered in the past (by the devs or by the community) so my apologies if it is. When TS drops in a few days (or maybe few weeks who knows?) will a 'town square' be the complete module release. Or are we going to access to the whole island to play around with and cars and guns be limited (or even none existent). I only ask this because if there is only the town square and everything listed on the TS page, Won't 99% of the community load in. walk around for 5 minutes, check out the bars, the library, the apartments and think 'yep. i've seen enough. see you in 6 months'? Are we able to start a career with the starting module? police, emt, mail man ect. or is this simply a beta test on how annoying 30 people singing along to 1 song at a karaoke bar can be? i would loveif someone has a direct link to a dev blog explaining what exactly is coming. Thanks!
  3. Time between modules

    I have spoken to motown about how long will it take for the 2nd 3rd and beta to release what do you think or what do the devs think
  4. Can the game be played in India?
  5. Question for shop

    Hello, I would like to buy the VIP version 500 but I wanted to know if when we buy the passport is only for the first module or for all and not that town square ? because I will not be able to buy the VIP pack 3 times and I really want what's inside.
  6. Ii really want as a 15$ pledger to play the modules its unfortunate that I can only scrape up 15$ before the Town square is released So Modules please
  7. Module Size and min Specs

    Hello There I am Wondering What is the size of the town square in the game and the file size of the module And also i am wondering the min Specs For The Modules Because Im waiting For a New Gaming Pc Because my Old One Broke And Im Using an I3 Laptop with intel hd graphics 3000 and i have seen that if you can run gtaV AND Arma3 you can run identity fine but i cant run those games
  8. Hello Guys I am New Here and i am planning to Pledge 15$ For Identity And I have Read Somewhere That The Modules Are Considered An Alpha Instead Of A Beta So Is That A Typo Or Is There Going To Be A Full Map Part of Identity Which is The Beta And Also Are There Vehicles In The Town Square module?? Thanks In Advance -Warzor Wesumi
  9. Still on 89%

    For the past month or so, I've noticed that the progress meter on the page for the town square is still on 89%. I don't know if it just isn't being updated or it's actually just taking especially long. I just want to have a basic idea of what's happening.
  10. If i buy the Founder grade after the modules has started , I have the acces for the modules ??? Sorry for my English , I'm French
  11. Quick Q. why has the town square been at 76% complete for past months seems like it will never move up.
  12. Question.

    A question. I have seen a video where they show the module and it is 76% and that video is from December 6th. And the module is still 76%. Why?
  13. Access to the modules.

    What tier will we have to buy in the shop to have access to the town square module when it is released?
  14. Just wondering if there will be tasers in the game and if cops will need search warrants to search an RV for example or hideouts.
  15. Town Square

    The town square module has been at 55% for weeks and weeks now. When will you guys be updating it to show how much progress you have made?
  16. Police in the Town Square Module

    Basically the only job I would want to be is police, more specifically the SWAT/Armed Response, so I was wondering, do you think we would be able to become simple jobs such as a police officer in the first module (Town Square)? I think we should be able to.
  17. Announcing Gameplay Modules

    We at Asylum Entertainment are very excited to tell you, our community, how you will be able to get into the game sooner than you think! Identity's modules are small portions of Identity which will be released before Identity is ready for the world. This lets you experience part of the game months sooner than otherwise possible. The first module you'll be getting your hands on is a social environment which we've called Town Square. The Town Square will include all major social components, and will allow you to finally create and customize your characters. You can meet hundreds of new people and explore several cool features of the peaceful city life. For more details on Town Square, check out the modules page on the Identity website. Following the release of Town Square you'll experience SWAT player versus player action and eventually vehicle races of all sorts. We'll be bringing you more information on the modules as they progress!