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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, Since the developers are working on resolving some issues at the moment, the only way to check out TownSquare is to enter it by typing 'open TownSquare' in the console. To open the console you press the tilde (~) key in the main menu. But for some people the console won't open. So therefore I decided to write a little tutorial on how I fixed it. First, open Steam and right click on 'Identity', then click on properties and go to the 'general' tab. Here you click on 'Set launch options' Click to see image There you type in '-console' Click to see image Click on 'OK' and you should be all good! Enjoy looking around for now!
  2. Xbox and Ps4

    Has it been confirmed that Identity will come out on Xbox and Ps4 because I dont have a good PC, I only have a laptop but I have an Xbox so does someone know?
  3. ATTENTION DEVELOPMENT TEAM Development team a very important thing that I always hate in game developers is that they hardly ever release games on Mac, I would love you so much and back you 100% if you can confirm that you WILL release this game on Mac, and Windows. Macs have pretty good specs and its a shame to put them to waist. Identity has so much potential to be one of the greatest games ever please, don't ruin it by being windows only. #IDENTITYHASSOMUCHPOTENTIAL PLEASE CONFIRM IF IT WILL BE RELEASED ON MAC BY REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT
  4. Will it go out on xbox one and other console
  5. i have a Geforce GTX 950 and i dont know if i can run the game... Do you need a very good Pc rig to run it or not... if you do i would deffinitly freffer to beable to change the Grapphics seetings In Game so that others with a worse pc can still play it in a nice smooth fps so that me and my friends can still play eventho my friends have worse rigs. i know this should and normally will be added to the game but i dont want the game to have minor diffrences if youy do for example Low it just lowers the texure quality... if you think the game should be well optimized and have a modarate amount of graphics settings to choose from Like this and answer or via comment or via poll. Thanks for lissening and have a good day!
  6. Console Game!

    i would love it if Identity would be on a console(s) If it would many more players could get the idea of playing the game without needing a gaming pc that is over 1000 dollars. many rpg fans that like playing them on consoles can then also start playing this game on the console plus there may be more players in the game if it would be - on the console. if you like the idea and want this to happen please let the developers know and motivate them to do it! Thanks for lisening! have a good day
  7. Skyrim: Special Edition (PC/Console)

    Greetings fellow community! At the title suggests, I know it's nothing new; but for a user with a computer that is unable to run the game higher than 2 fps, this is pretty exciting for me! It releases this Friday, October 28th; anyone buying it for console? Who here plays it and on what system? Do you mod it? Personally, I love immersive mods!