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  1. I don't see any RolePlaying in the game!!!!

    You really are the voice of Order.. lol.
  2. How can people still defend this game.

    We just have to keep supporting the idea, keep the progress moving, this can't be a failed attempt, the idea is so pure and we need a MMORPG like this.. we can't keep raging over a pre-alpha stage.. I mean people need to chillout on the whole SCAM SCAM SCAM drama.. it's been a rocky start for sure.. but it's not even the full release, it's a test server... to test how things are going.. community managers are a dime a dozen, I've seen tons replaced by other game companies.. I don't know what Motown did but I'm sure they will fill the role somehow. We need to keep this thing going and just be patient while they fix it and come up with some sort of compensation for the rocky start, obviously people are upset and now it's a time to band together and heal the initial wounds.
  3. Devs scammed us so hard

    You are acting like this is the full release, this isn't anywhere close to being finished, this is not even really an alpha stage.. just give it time to work the kinks out and it'll become amazing.. it has a LOT of potential so far and this is just a small square part of a town. Everyone is so "I PAID FOR THIS I WANT IT NOW!!" :l they're an indie company, not Rockstar Games.. give them a break. They did *NOT* scam us, the game is playable, they bought more servers and made the game work a bit better.. it's the town square module, a test server.. calm the farm.
  4. The State of Identity (From a concerned citizen)

    I believe this game has a lot of potential, so far.. they have made the servers work for the most part.. and messing around on there is kinda fun - even though it's just buying clothes and such right now.. I think we just need to give them a little more time to work out the kinks and continue development until we get some major updates.
  5. The State of Identity (From a concerned citizen)

    I do understand how you feel, I feel it's a slight overreaction though, it's not the full game, it's a testing server.. people are acting like this is the final cut and that everything is currently present.. give them time.
  6. The State of Identity (From a concerned citizen)

    "You gotta have faith, Arthur!"
  7. The State of Identity (From a concerned citizen)

    @4thdesignI hear ya, man, I'm not disagreeing with you.. hey I'm part of the consumer base, but I think there's more to this than the community would like to suggest on their negative reviews... I doubt it's a cash grab, I mean they *did* release SOMETHING which clearly has been worked on a bit, there is attention to detail.. I doubt they would cut and run after releasing the testing server, it's not like the whole game just came out and that's all we're getting. Look at Star Citizen, I first saw that game when I was like 19 - 20 ish? look at how massive it is now.. it started out as NO character customization, NO ships, just a premade character running around a box.. no multiplayer whatsoever.. now there's fully mapped planets, trains, you can fly most of your ships and meet other players, shoot things.. it's advanced and it's still not fully released and that game had hundreds of millions of dollars of support and hiring lots of new staff.. they had so many resources granted over time. Yes, they may have had a better business practice to start off with by being led by Chris Roberts.. but I think with a little more time and patience, this could actually become something. I agree with something @Taichi said.. "everyone is so used to spending money and getting a return back straight away" that part is so true, in this day and age, I deal with retail and I see it all the time, a lot of people do not have any patience.. especially regarding staff and waiting times. We just need to give the developers the benefit of the doubt and TRY to be a bit more patient, I don't think this is even alpha or beta yet.. so we gotta wait for them to fix it.. wait until the first patch to see how it's gonna be, give it a week or two to see if there's any improvements or announcements. We gotta try to be patient.
  8. Hello my fellow citizens and possibly developers. I am someone who is currently concerned with the state of the community and also the state of the game itself. I am going to be honest, I think what the main problem is: This idea for a MMORP game is not really a first game idea, it's a Triple-A Game idea, usually a large production team and a helluva lot of funding, a major company usually is behind it. The Developers, well, we have to understand that they came from modding and scripting a pre-existing game. The first product isn't gonna be perfect, they are mostly used to releasing mods, so of course it's hard to understand the seriousness of a first impression game release "failure" - delay in a mod releasing isn't a big deal, nobody *really* cares.. it's mostly "Oh, well, these mods are delayed? it happens, it's a mod" not "We waited years for a game, they botched it, let's pull funding and give bad reviews". To expect what started as a group of friends that had an idea that began by making mods on ARMA - to then have a great business practice straight away with most likely little corporate business experience, possibly with little to no retail experience.. to expect them to perform what you'd see at a company like Rockstar or E.A. or.. Ubisoft.. obviously there was gonna be a huge problem with that.. to go from being a mod developer group to creating a whole company dedicated to creating a Triple-A style game is a pretty high goal to reach.. it took Rockstar Games 10 years to make GTA 5.. and that was WITH the use of assets from GTA 4... which was a difficult thing to do in it's own right. I do believe they set the bar a bit high for themselves and didn't anticipate the backlash from the community, struggling dealing with said backlash and missed deadlines/release dates. Honestly - in time they might have some great potential.. but they really gotta open the lines of communication, be honest with the community and don't be so vague.. if someone from developing messed up.. then admit there was a mess up and move on, the community would respect them MORE for being open and honest instead of being kept in the dark and being vague and misleading... even if they messed up - we'd rather the truth and being kept up to date, instead of losing faith just because they are worried that admitting they messed up would ruin their reputation.. that sorta thing is corporate suicide.. you gotta come up with a solution and a plan and inform the investing parties as to what you'll do to fix the issues. We as a community should still support them in their idea.. but they HAVE to be open and start TALKING to people, not banning them for even asking what the hell is going on or being negative or potentially worse.. people have A RIGHT TO be mad, a RIGHT to KNOW what exactly is happening.. we're investors in our own rights, we're paying them money for a product.. so yes, we, as a people, will get angry for something that we paid for not being what we expected... I'm sure the investing parties would appreciate not being banned for asking questions or being frustrated or mad about this, this isn't a MOD where you can just ban people you don't like, this is a GAME, this is a BUSINESS now.. you can't just kick out and ban every nay sayer.. it's up to the business to prove the nay sayer wrong. I love this idea, I love the team's idea of creating a completely revolutionized MMORPG, every MMORPG is either medieval fantasy or futuristic.. but it's bad business conduct to ban people for asking questions or being mad at you for failing to deliver what was expected, you gotta be better, apologise for the mistakes and then announce what you will do to fix it... it's good business to keep the buyers in the loop of what's happening, even if it's not sunshine and rainbows.. we prefer honesty, we would trust them more and trust they know what they're doing if they're open and honest instead of misguiding and vagueness. So, with that being said, my associates and I will still wait for Identity's production to continue.. but both the community and the developers NEED to understand BOTH sides.. and to work together to make Identity happen. Come on people.. stand fast, stand strong, stand together.. it's what Commander Shepard would've wanted. Thank you all for reading this.. and I hope that I have helped either the community or the people involved in Identity's creation. Kind regards, -A. Scoletti.