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  1. Is this game playable ?

    any work arounds ?
  2. Is this game playable ?

    i tried to start up the game today and after pressing play i get stuck on this screen (see the schreenshot below) anyone else had this happen? i even tried creating a new charchter. relogging doesn't fix it either
  3. So...my list of issues

    17. main menu music doesn't loop (or there is no music in character creation screen)
  4. I was reading the early access info and saw this. Personally surprised but it's more realistic then release dates we got in the past. I'm just happy we can play town square soon
  5. SpatialOS and Server structure information

    source ? having this type of tech not enabled early on seems bad to me
  6. Getting Keys!

    i would love some more inside things for the hardcore fans <3
  7. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    tbh you should update your community with the fact you got unbanned. that video made them look very shady. and not everyone looks at the forums to find out you got unbanned
  8. anyone else not like the new site?

    intresting , my main site account settings has a option to link a forum account (why is this not the same account) ? https://gyazo.com/e17886bbc8169909cdfe2beea068ed41
  9. Much upgrade higher prices now

    weird i heard the same thing about the old prices staying available for a bit
  10. anyone else not like the new site?

    its weird how i can't seem to go to the main site from the forums the forums are busted ( there is no bar on top telling me notification , looking at my profile etc) the site has no https i hope that gets fixed soon
  11. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    instead of using wayback machine you can see when things changed with this, (i cant find the original forum post) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HE14PqMDiLEVKomb7ZC9sQYyQQ6M3vZcCTs7idZjDQY/edit?usp=sharing about tasks being in "testing" : and just in general this stuff takes time. once they get there framework up and running things are easier. other then that that first release is more imported then the full release. if the modules fail a lot of people won't look back at the game at its full release. so let them take there time. i rather wait then get a rushed product.
  12. i remember someone saying that it takes steam a week to validate the product. if thats true your date aint realistic
  13. Could we get a time ?

    this case its NOT , you do not want your community be in a voice channel all day and wait till release. i used to be a part of a rp community where they have closed down the server for 4 months for a massive update. and o boyy that last day is stupid as f!ck when its a 4 am release for you and you have been waiting since 10 am imo they should give a release hour at least 24 hours in advance . those last 24 hours should only be needed to fix those little nasty things , the we would get to play should been done a day or 2 before that either way (and yeah i know about the delay still a thing they should consider for next time)
  14. Could we get a time ?

    with so little time left it would be nice to get a specific hour of release. or did they post this somewhere recently ?

    i rather have 1. give me a good trailer get people hyped. get money so you can get a project of this scale done... don't get me wrong i can wait and i know what goes into making games. but for marketing this is a game trailer that makes me go , okay lets wait and see how this ends up being. i played asylum. in total i have 2000 hours in arma most of the time in modded life servers. i know what i excpect from a life game but for people that never played something like this. this trailer didn't show what this game is about...