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  1. TO The Dev And the Community

    I'm sure there are a few dedicated fans with knowledge they could use to help the developer team but them guys are too busy moaning that they've been scammed/robbed by Asylum Entertainment...
  2. This game is an early release product, yes maybe it's been in development for 4 years but guys please take a step back. I've played and yes it's very basic at the moment with some bugs but that happens on every early release title, especially when they've made you guys fully aware this is just the Town Square. An unknown indie gaming company comes up and pledges to create a great city life RP style game better than we've ever seen before, and we shoot them down before they've even released a patch? I'm on a 1050Ti and I'm running the game fine just a few lag spikes when entering stores which I can deal with. I understand the waiting time is frustrating and there is always an urge to write a bad review to make people aware of the progress but be honest! They haven't scammed you, if you purchased one of the very expensive packs then you scammed yourself really, I got the $30 founder pack and I'm already happy with my investment let alone when the game is fully released. This is the first of three modules and even if it takes another year or two to bring the new modules into place then so be it! We will come back in a year or two's time and begin playing the real game mechanics of Identity. My point being... Give them more time, if you've had the patience to wait 4 years like some of you make out then you've got the patience to bare with the Dev's and let them do what they need to do. There is a lot of work in place here for such a small company, Asylum Entertainment has my support and I will continue to play parts of it whilst it's in early access. Peace!
  3. Unable to download to steam?

    Hi all, Just linked my steam account to my identity account and it gave me a steam key to download the town square module (purchased the $30 pack). I tried to download it and it's added it to my account but doesn't show on my available games to play and also says "Unable to download - App configuration unavailable". Is this just because the game has not yet been released for Steam and they're still working on it? Or is this an actual error? Any help is appreciated, Thanks James