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  1. New video? And question

    Everyone has their own opinion, I am curious to know yours. I do not want arguments. Lets make this a nice talk topic and lets respect peoples ideas. On to the real chat now. How do you guys feel about the video that explains some of the things we will be able to do? Are you excited for the gang wars? What lifestyle/job you're choosing to live ? Also, if you have decided on what you want to try and do let me know! I want to know what everyone has in mind. If this topic goes decently Ill share what I want to do as well. Question : Do you personally think we should have more gameplay of the town square before it is released. Let me get this out of the way that I am super excited for identity to come out and I am going to buy it regardless of no gameplay or gameplay. What do you guys think? I personally think we should have at least one more video of them walking around the town square and interacting.. I know some of you are on the edge of buying the game but I just want to know your opinions and answers - Yours Truly Cupcake
  2. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    Everyone complains about it being delayed, don't get me wrong, me as well. Cstove is 100% correct though. We are not gonna want to go into a game that's been worked on for like 3+ years and get something we weren't hoping for. Do not build your standards to high as of right now because we will only be in beta for TS. The game will become wayyy better as time passes. that's a fact! I want to download this game and not want to log off since this has been such a long wait they honestly have had so much time to make a game that will hit right on the nail.
  3. Exploring

    What do you think about the hunting though?
  4. High Rise Offices

    I am hoping that some of the building we will be able to walk in with our friends and have like next door neighbors as you do in real life. That would be insane, Doubt it would work though since there is an infinite amount of apartments. Hopefully it is not too much like a buzz to go in system.
  5. Exploring

    Exactly what I was thinking as well, I know as time goes by this game will get better and better.
  6. Police Shifts

    I am also pretty sure that there will be someone that will be the operator type of guys, I know more than likely there will probably be a certain station or something you can go to as a cop so you will be able to talk to other cops, There will be a use of NPC'S because there is not ALWAYS going to be someone on duty as operator and what not. We seen in the video release, The guy says " I need back up " when he says this he says it not sounding like a NPC or in game character so there is probably a push to talk button you use to alert other cops, cant wait! Yours Truly, - Cupcake
  7. Exploring

    Before reading my question I want you to understand I DO NOT want links to dev blogs, twitch videos, etc. I already have looked through a lot of these but I just want other peoples ideas and verifications/opinions, Please read through this entire question before sending a reply right off the top. Also, I do know that a lot of the things I am saying will more than likely not come out until further more into the game, just read. Much love <3 Do you think we will be able to explore the world to its full extent? For instance, GTA 5 ( I know it will not be like GTA 5 but this is the closest relation I can get to this game. ) Anyways, in GTA 5 you can basically explore the entire map, No sky boxes, no barrier blockages, nothing like that, no false image that we wish we could explore. Do you think identity will relate? This is a question I have been wanting to ask for a while. I just want to fully understand how much there is going to be to explore, Also, I do not think the developers have released anything about this next question, but do you think MOST of the buildings will be explorable? In GTA 5 we have soooo many houses/ Skyscrapers, that we cant explore in or go into. Do you peeps think we will be able to explore a lot of the buildings in identity? Or will it be GTA fashion. My final question is will there be sharks, wolves, etc. that we will be able to hunt? Yours Truly, - CupCake <3

    Putting this out there before you read this, I have looked a lot of the twitch videos and things like that and I would be happy of just getting the answer to these. I don't want to get linked to things, etc. please and thanks(: Will everything be explore-able? I'm curious. I see in some of the screenshots around that there is mountain, forest, hills, prison, etc. are the locations we are able to go to. Will most of the buildings be enterable? will there be jobs to be in the prison? so many questions I can go on and on. The main one right now is everything going to be explore-able and will most of the buildings be accessible, also one last one. Will there be fishing/hunting/etc? Love, CupCake
  9. I was talking with my buddy and we were wondering when town square releases will there be any jobs that we can make money? Is town square just going to be a place you walk around and explore? Will it be somewhere you can still make money? I was most curious on drugs honestly. Will there still be drug making in the town square? Or is town square just in interactive place that people just talk and meet. I was also wondering if there will be an over extension or will town square just be the town and the outside will have scenery that you are not able to explore at the time being. This last question is quite random, but its about murder. How will murder work? If I had a pistol and had it and I shot someone will I automatically be arrested/ put in jail, or will I just get a wanted thing and try to evade the police.