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Found 76 results

  1. Hi i have a queston

    So i know the devs are still working, and to admit i do have a bit of hope for this game, so when can we see an update, footage of the new map new newsletter SOMETHING! i just want to know if/when you see yourselves releasing this?
  2. Does anyone know how to put furniture in their apartment?
  3. how to report mods?

    is there a support email to report a mod?.
  4. Will we be able to choose our home country? im personally from brazil and will we be able to choose that country?
  5. Some questions about business

    1. How is whole concept of economy work if everybody has the same amount of money at the beginning of game? 2. Can government own a business? 3. Will there be buses in the game? 4.Can you be a mechanic in game? 5. Will there be a unlimited amount of cars for sale? And can you please rate my English (1-5) ?
  6. As you can see,my English isn't perfect, so how important is language for playing on a public Identity server? (Because i had problems with some hard rp samp servers) Will you be able to be a corrupt cop? * EXAMPLE : You are on duty,and you see someone making drugs,and he gives you money to pretend that you have not seen anything? Will you be able to take a loan out of bank?
  7. Questions on In-Game Books

    Hello all! I have several questions regarding player written books in-game that I can't seem to find any answers to anywhere else. 1. Can someone copy a story from the game and use it as their own? Will there be inter-player copywrite infringement or copycats that try to leech off the fortune of another? 2. Can a person used existing stories out of identity that belong to other authors? I would think stories in the public domain, like Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein, are free game. Meanwhile stories that have been copywritten, like The Shining and DUNE, are restricted. 3. Is it possible to recreate roleplaying systems like Dungeons and Dragons or GURPS in Identity? (This kind of delves into creating your own board game and isn't necessarily a book question, but I thought I'd ought to ask it here) Thank you all for this wonderful community, Murderface
  8. With the upcoming Release of the Town Square Module will we see any Updates for Either Swat or Racing modules when Ts Module releases and is it going to take as long as the first module to come out?
  9. a question for the modules

    I ask myself a question as the dev are creating scripts for the system of town square, for the creation of other modules will be faster and easier ? @Paratus @Beach_Ball FR: Je me pose une question car les dev sont en train de créer des scripts pour le système de square town, la création d'autres modules sera plus rapide et plus facile?
  10. Will there be stockings for female characters? and could you wear them with any shoes, shirt or pants? because in GTA 5 it prohibits you to wear stockings with shoes other than some high heels. My last question is will there be longer hairstyles for female characters? by long I mean down to about the knees or lower back.
  11. Hi i see you can work as dispatch. But how is it gona work in gameplay? - Will you be sitting behind a computer screen or are you going in a map view? - How do you interact with on duty cops, paramedic and firemen? - Are there an overview list of active cops, paramedics, firemen and vehicles for the depatch to see? - Are there any special action dispatch can do to support police, paramedic and firemen? - Are calls trackable to catch prank calls? - Can people without mic call 911? - Do police cruiser and swat helmets have cameras built in for dispatch to see through? Im curious cause im such an strategy player and dont know how much dispatch can do. even irl ?
  12. So guys come on how do we download town square when its released will it be on steam or do we download it from here or what? what do we do?
  13. I was wondering how long the public beta testing is gonna last for the town square module? Will the public beta expand out of the Town Square eventually? Also, what's the ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) til the full game will be released? My girlfriend wants to buy the citizens pack but she's not too sure yet, so we're not sure if she should get the founder or citizen pack. Thanks! - Mastahakill
  14. Hey there. Seriously can't wait for the Town Square module in March. I have a great PC for games but I'm worrying about my 1.5 mbps. Obviously, I'm not sure how Identity TS or the full game will work, but if anyone is familiar with "Rust," I can run "Rust" perfectly fine highest settings only in extremely low populated servers. I'm talking like 15 players or less without a problem. I highly doubt there will be many servers, especially official servers, that will have that low of players in Identity. Nor do I think that would be fun. I'm more interested in playing Identity in their official servers, but there is no way I'll be able to be in a 50+ player server without extreme lag or disconnecting constantly. Will I even be able to connect to and experience Town Square module? I saw an answer to a question by a random online user to another random online user saying you should be okay playing with 1.5 mbps if you don't have anything else running. Could that be true? Thank you!
  15. Once the square modules are released, will it be available for everyone or only for those who has more than citizen?
  16. Hello all,I have a simple question: where do secret societies fit on this forum? I suppose here, but I am not too sure. Can anyone help me with this conundrum?
  17. What is the Founder Hat?

    Is there a picture anywhere of it?
  18. Combat Video: It's been quite awhile and I'm curious when we're getting the combat video gameplay so we can have an idea of combat in Identity and will the video specifically be about combat and weapon mechanics or will you show off other stuff in the video as well? Town Square: Will town square have paintball? (Please say yes! )
  19. I know this game is suppose to be modern and all of that. Maybe even city based. That does not change how where I use to live there was a horse brigade.(Still find it dumb how the fire department had to pick up the poo the horses left...) So I am just really wondering is will there be horses in this game to ride on? As I pointed above it is not unheard of to have horses in a city.
  20. Finacial Situation

    How is the financial situation. Is says that about 750k+ were raised. Is this including kickstarter (I'd guess so)? Furthermore, if the average salary of a programmer is ~60k and of a graphics designer ~40k (according to 24/09/17), how long will they be able to continue? I have no experiance with in-depth financial business, but I think the budget looks kinda thight, especially over such a long period of time.
  21. I have a PC myself, but it would be intresting to find out if there will be mac support for identity. Hope to get some answers
  22. A New Server

    Hello. I have a few ideas for a server on Identity. I have ran roleplay servers before, I have owned many DarkRP's and own one now, I have also played on plenty of roleplay servers across many games. Once I play the town square module, I will have even more ideas. If I was to work on an Identity server, possibly with some other people, would anyone be interested in looking at it and possibly playing on it? I know we can't actually make a server to play on, but I could work on rules, applications, governmental branches etc. and a forums. I think I could make a very good server, but if no one will consider joining it there isn't much point. Let me know below!
  23. Greetings all, I have been awaiting the release of identity for quite some time and I know that I shouldn't assume that it will be the best MMORPG of all time. I am here to ask the simple question: Will there be trains and/or metros? I know delivery trucks is a community favorite and all, however, bigger shipments that are being sent to large factories might take too long for large profits to be possible. Also, I know it is against RP and all, but highway bandits can be a thing. They can just shoot the driver, steal the supplies and sell them to the highest bidder. Metros are less of a problem, but it should still make an appearance if trains are implemented. I am not trying to overhype the game or put holes into the developer's plans, it is merely a question.
  24. Is there going to be voice chat? similar to Gmod?