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Found 8 results

  1. |Red Star Limousines| Join our discord! For special benefits! Take a peek at our new website! Edit: We have rebranded from Emore Transportation Services edit: since identity took us by surprise on how much it wasn’t finished we have gone to a Newman game and will no longer be red star limousines for identity rpg “On time. Everytime. Rain or Shine.” Red Star Limousines is a private transportation service based in Ash Hill Town SquareWhether it be wanting to have a little space while going to the airport, or wanting to have a private partyWith your friends we got you covered varying from yachts,limousine’s,Commericial SUV’s etc.• Prices as low as 125$ an hour• As many people as you want• Friendly Certified Drivers• Any weather transportation• 24/7 Any location RSL Provides Plenty of Job just sign up an Application and you will be ready to go! Job Possibilities • Limo Driver (1/200 • Party Bus driver (0/100 • Yacht Driver(0/50) • Customer Service(0/20) • Carpool Driver0/400) • COO (1/1) • CFO(0/1) Red Star Limousines provides transportation to any location whether it be your home,airport,work etc we got you covered, whether you need a party bus,limousine,SUV or a Exotic vehicle you can count on us to satisfy your transportation needs CONTACT US: EMORE.IDENTITY@GMAIL.COM PHONE: COMING SOON! Hello thank you for taking your time to read this We are still in the editing process for our public buisness website You can now apply for a Job on our website (limo driver,yacht captain etc) We are a private transportation Service striving to satisfy your transportation needs Whether it’s needing a ride to the airport,to your house or just wanting to drive in style Don’t worry we got you covered Thank you for taking your time to read this “Ontime. Every time. Rain or shine.” *note company will be fully released after the release of the town square module For more information sign up for our newsletter on our website or contact us *We are open to buisness partners Please email us if you are interested *Due to complaints we have rebranded the company from Emore Transportation Services to Red Star Limousines due to the mouthful of words that Emore brough
  2. My discord

    Me and a few friends have created a discord a long time ago, where we used to talk and play together. Nowadays, we still do that... but we're open to the public! If u need a place to meet new people and play with them, that is the perfect place: Feel free to join and invite your friends too! Everyone is welcome here!
  3. Hi guys I am New to Identity just pledged this past weekend, (got my little apartment and garage I wasn't referred here by anyone I just randomly found it on the web looking at new games coming out in 2017. I been reading all I could find out about it the past few days. I am really like'ing what I am seeing. Its a shame there is not more marking for it but I understand with this type of crowd funding that the devs spent most of their time an money into making the game and not advertising . That's where we the fans come it. ) "Idea / Suggestion " I was thinking about Identity having some kind of referral program , where current backers could recommend the game to their friends and if those friends then pledge a donation to the Identity game development , the original backer and the new backer they both get a referral , point, star, credit whatever... The devs can then decision on a reward , for example 5 recruitment points will get you a Limited edition lava lamp for your apartment that you can only get from the referral program. Nothing game braking like more cash or cars or anything ridiculous, but a token of appreciation that's merely cosmetic and players can show off to their friends to show how they help grow the game. I have personally seen this work in other crowed funded games and I believe the word of mouth from fans is the best way to help a game and its community to grow, and these programs just help give it that little extra nudge in the right direction. Best Regards Kami
  4. TryHardCREW- Identity Gang

    Identity gang, we own the streets, the police work for us, we don't own cars or motorcycles, just our pesky bmx bikes roaming the streets, - the governor is going to have to do more to take us out.
  5. Playing With Friends

    How would we go about making sure we are on the same server as our friends? Most of us plan on collabbing and being on the same servers for business partnerships and such, so how will this work? Will all the servers overlap each other and just act as hosting places but everyone will be able to see each other? Also this would be a good question for us CEOs. If our company only exists in our server, we wouldn't be making as much profit as if it was available to everyone in the game. @HairyGrenade, had a feeling you'll have an answer.
  6. Roomates

    If two people are too poor to afford a house in this game, they should be able to team up to buy one. I believe this gives more a real world feel as well as bonding in this game. For some people, it is a dream to live with their friends, so they can live it here, that's what this game is about anyway in my eyes. It doesn't seem like a big change, but it's one that will benefit many.
  7. What is going to be the max size of housing? How many players can live in a house at once?
  8. Team

    Hi all, I'm a 17 year old from the UK and I'm looking to possibly set up a team or group for when Identity launches. This is essentially just to make things easier and/or more enjoyable when playing the game, I always find multiplayer games more fun whilst playing with friends. So if you're 16 - 18 (ideally) and speak English maybe we can work something out - just leave a post on this topic and we can chat on Skype or Facebook or something. Also if you have an Xbox One maybe we could chat/game on there (where I play most of my games - as my computer is utter sh*te). Thanks Josh