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  1. So, I was reading the Reddit Q&A forum, and noticed that there was a question about armored vehicles. The response was that maybe S.W.A.T would have armored vans, but other than than their wasn't any. My question is, would players be able to steal an armored S.W.A.T van and drive it into a warehouse somewhere to use for some kind of heist they plan later on? This is assuming they disable any trackers and lose the heat.
  2. Trolls/RDMs/ETC

    Everyone stop fighting. JamesLuck covers it in this thread. Hope this settles it.
  3. I'm A Professional Transporter

    Up into nine figures for politicians huh? I guess those would be harder contracts, but to be completely honest I would probably at most give a seven digit figure, since that is still more than enough to set someone up for life. But I always assume that prices are to change as things come around
  4. So, I saw a few posts about this on The Hideout, do you think there will be a way to make a fake ID or other generally forged documents? I would like to know because these kinds of things are very important for keeping a low profile.
  5. I have a question about making/selling art along with who can purchase it. If I make art on one server, can people purchase that from another server? Being that there is a 300 player cap to a server, if there was a specific product I saw in a video of some sort or on a live-stream, would I have to go to the specific server to purchase that item/reproduction, or could I buy it at any vendor from a different server?
  6. Ideas Hopes Dreams DEATH IN GAME

    I think just having a large medical fee depending on what they did to you and some sort of recovery period from your injuries. That way you could simply just have a lot of close encounters with death rather than actually dieing.
  7. Consumer websites and online advertising

    I imagine a sort of Deep Web being developed here for criminals. Websites to sell illegal goods, gun trades, ect.
  8. Criminal Discord

    Just doubled down, didn't see the post that someone made already having a discord x.x Sorry about that EDIT: I still prefer mine, as it actually has rules.
  9. Criminal Discord

    So, I noticed that the Police made their own discord channel. SO I decided, why not get one for the criminals too? It's the Criminal Underground channel. Link below. If you want your own chat room, just PM me on the forum or on discord. A few rules to go over however: No racism of any kind. We are a friendly community for everyone. Do not fight or argue over little things. We should be civilized adults people. No NSFW content is allowed! If people don't want to see it, they shouldn't have to. Keep it to PMs. Feel free to join!
  10. Gene Smith for Governor

    The problem with outright gun bans is that it doesn't stop criminals from getting guns, it just raises the price they have to pay. The black market is always willing and open to sell a gun with a removed serial number, and as long as it is concealed properly, the owner of the gun doesn't have to let anyone know it is even there. Then in the event of a crime, how would someone defend themselves? Background checks are the safest way to keep civilians armed and secured, and still keep criminals from getting guns.
  11. Someone stop me

    I love Ray Narvaez Jr.. Dude is freaking cool.
  12. Casino

    Man, so many things that you could pour money into building an empire. Like, just think about it right, you could have an entire cartel dealing drugs, own a casino with your name on it, sell clothes and furniture in your product line, and still have room to buy and sell real estate and go clubbing on the side. This. Game. Is. Awesome.
  13. University

    Man, this sounds like it's coming together just fine! I would definately like to join in on this kind of job. Man, I am getting myself into all kinds of work, but I guess I'd rather be busy than bored. I could teach Financing and classes of that sort, being that my mother was a CPA and I take a lot of interest in money and cash flow and finances, ways to save money, your 401k, if it has to do with money, I probably know it Would be fun ^v^
  14. Keys High-End Apparel Design Showcase

    How about womens apparel? I do plan on buying some high end, maybe we could see some dresses or women's business attire?
  15. The Laundromat

    Yes, except less the idea of it being a physical laundromat, but rather normal businesses like a clothing and furnishings all-around department store, using that to cook the books and make the profits look larger than they actually are. Then, distributing all of the money back out to those who asked it to be cleaned! The whole idea and slogan however comes from a laundromat, you go in, pay your 25 cents, clean your clothes, and leave. Same deal. Come in, pay your 25 cents, get your 75 cents back clean and spendable, and do that for every dollar you want to clean.