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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I wanna ask if you guys could implement a live chat on this forum section of the website somehow alongside working on the game. It would be for just hanging around and chating with the community till the game gets released. What do you guys think of this idea?
  2. Hello team, only discovered this game yesterday when someone pointed me this direction after I said I wanted to play a realistic game in character, and I am loving the look of it. I'm a bit old-fashioned in the control type I like though, so there are a couple of sticking points as to whether I will follow up my initial interest or not. Hopefully the right answers will be waiting for me. 1. How is basic movement of your character controlled? I like keystrokes to be able to walk forward, backwards, and (most of all) to turn. I am not with this weird unnatural "strafe" movement I have come across elsewhere at all, and if direction control is only by mouse then that would be an interest killer for me. If mouse movement is default for character rotation, would there be an option to change that to keystroke? I have no interest whatsoever in pvp, so speed of turn is irrelevant to me. 2. How is camera view controlled? I appreciate that this would be mouse almost for certain, but would not want the camera to move with any involuntary twitch of the mouse. I love the way it is done on SWTOR, where you hold down a button and then move the mouse to adjust camera, so that your view only changes when you want it to, and not when you involuntarily move the mouse (such as when you cannot rest it on a firm surface like a table, which is the setup situation I have). 3. On the subject of player interaction, I do not have a microphone and don't want to voice chat (would feel a right idiot talking at the computer in front of my husband); is there a text chatbox alternative to voice? Sorry if these questions have been answered hundreds of times already, I spent hours looking for references to them yesterday without a hit. I hope to become more involved very soon!
  3. Classic Songs from the 60s....

    Hi there! This is a random hangout post for those who love 60s music such as myself. My all time favourite songs are 'Chain of Fools' by Aretha Franklin and 'All Along the Watchtower' by Jimi Hendrix. I hope there are some 60s soul and jazz radio stations on Identity, if that's too much to ask. What is your favourite song? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!
  4. VoIP Channels

    Hey there, I was wondering(and therefore decided to make a post) if there were limitations, like distance or coverage(house, vehicle, lab, ...) when citizens are using either the Text chat or the VoIP chat(if there is one in the first place). Can someone give me an answer and tell me if there are Local, Global, Vehicle, etc. "channels" for chatting? Thank you!
  5. Hey, guys. I'm planning on getting citizenship, is it worth to get it now? I've been craving for a game of this genre, but I'm wondering how the voice chat or chat system would work. IDK if it's me, but I don't know if the game will be very laggy especially for someone living in Singapore since most of you guys are Americans or Westerners. Another thing is the voice chat, I don't know about most of you guys... but will it play a major role? Will there be voice changers to fit the avatar you created? If not, there will be players who are insecure about their voices, or young players in general whom won't be able to fit right into the game. (Considering I'm 16 myself and I do have a weird accent because I'm bilingual, different languages have different way of phrasing stuff so it might be a challenge for me personally) Can't imagine a cop or a grown ass gorilla looking man sounding like a 12 yr old lmao. Because if that's the case you have restricted alot of younger audiences or people who don't fit in or sound the way westerners do. *Ahem* (me) EDIT: Oh yeah, how come the first module is still 76%? I don't see any increase the past couple of days.
  6. I was wondering how the chat system will work in the game. I am assuming there will be a text chat feature where people will be able to type through correct? Also will there be special ranks for people beside their name such as MyName(Founder): for example? Also during the modules will there be a NDA for videos or will people be free to post videos as more videos means more people could learn about this awesome game!
  7. Criminal Discord

    So, I noticed that the Police made their own discord channel. SO I decided, why not get one for the criminals too? It's the Criminal Underground channel. Link below. If you want your own chat room, just PM me on the forum or on discord. A few rules to go over however: No racism of any kind. We are a friendly community for everyone. Do not fight or argue over little things. We should be civilized adults people. No NSFW content is allowed! If people don't want to see it, they shouldn't have to. Keep it to PMs. Feel free to join!
  8. A place to chat

    Hello all, My name is Doc Rogers, you may call me Doc. I am the California President for the Bad Company Rangers MC. I have decided to extend my TS as a place for ALL forum users to converge to hang around and chat about the game and or forums. Teamspeak: When joining please use your forum name, a lot easier to recognize users that way. All I ask is that everyone please follow the TS rules as provided by myself and @Herzog or any Admin that may be on. Hope to see all you forum users online and chatting it up! Who knows maybe we can get the great @Motown to come and hang out! Cheers and have a great day. - Doc Bad Company Ragers MC President, California
  9. Team

    Hi all, I'm a 17 year old from the UK and I'm looking to possibly set up a team or group for when Identity launches. This is essentially just to make things easier and/or more enjoyable when playing the game, I always find multiplayer games more fun whilst playing with friends. So if you're 16 - 18 (ideally) and speak English maybe we can work something out - just leave a post on this topic and we can chat on Skype or Facebook or something. Also if you have an Xbox One maybe we could chat/game on there (where I play most of my games - as my computer is utter sh*te). Thanks Josh