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  1. Nudity (Not PRON!)

    especially if your playing it in the living room
  2. Should I Upgrade

    Your money, your choice my man. Not really our place to say whether its worth a dime or not. Me personally, I got the founders because I am strapped for cash but you could upgrade if you would like to further support the development team (more so) than the benefits. 250 dollars is a lot of money man.
  3. Restaurants & fast food places

    That's a great idea, pretty sure it will be implemented into the full game. Nonetheless, I'd like to see Identity's version of Carl's junior haha.
  4. What do you think is going to happen earlier?

    Goofs and gaffes aside, any forum activity is good. It just shows that people are still lurking because they are interested to see the outcome of the game. The forum has been becoming dead... however, as of recently, the blogs have slightly brought the forum some traction again, especially with the announcement of a new community manager. Just so you know I voted the opposition just for the lolz, fite me brah (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
  5. Rape and slavery

    Hopefully not on the official servers, I don't want to be virtually raped while my family and I are in the living room. Not that pleasing yeah?
  6. Looking For Members & Executives - BCR MC

    What does the New York chapter mean?
  7. Ahh. We are about the same then! I'm a Eurasian though. My father is Polish and my mom is Singaporean. I can't speak Cantonese or the local dialect but I can speak fluent Mandarin. (Textbook level) Haha, I hope that there will be an actual Chinese group in this game, because I don't want to be the only awkward one speaking with a Chinese accent on this game ha hahaha.
  8. Strip Club

    Yeah, it's kind of sad honestly. Keeping up your image is something you should do, but some people are just too depraved. Maybe some are into cartoons but they keep it to themselves. You don't want to seem like a pervert who fondles over cartoon drawings right? Anyways, it was a good talk. Haha, as I said before... it's all about how you carry yourself. Maybe you can act shameless, but that's only with your buddies. It's like how you have to be professional when you are at work right? First impressions are also everything, so when you meet someone you should hush up about such things. Especially strangers... I hope to meet you in-game in the near future, you seem like a nice guy to hold a decent convo with.
  9. Strip Club

    It also depends on your upbringing, honestly. I won't disagree with what you say but I believe people should be more conservative. "Face" is also another thing. Especially in Asian culture, after living in Singapore for a good part of my life... I also notice people are less "up front" or direct per se. I believe it should be like this, some topics should just stay taboo such as Sex, Drugs etc.. and sometimes it's better not to be confrontational, especially with touchy topics such as Sex. A lot of things can be viewed as offensive, especially if such things are so open for the world to see. Its all about how you carry yourself. Talking about such things is usually viewed as being shameless too, it's a good way to destroy your self-image. Maybe it doesn't matter in the game... but it just tells you that you don't have a good upbringing. As I said before, it's just my opinion. Being upfront causes a lot of unnecessary trouble too. Some things are just much better off kept under the rug.(Sex, politics, religions, drugs) Can you seriously imagine walking into your room and the first thing you see is your kid grinding up against a pole online? *At this moment you realized you raised a hoe* ( Not trying to slut-shame, but there is a reason why jobs related to taboo such as mentioned above are degrading) It all depends, sigh. This subject can really cause a shit storm, so there isn't much of a point continuing this argument is there?
  10. This OR That Game

    cars red or blue
  11. Strip Club

    Right, right. I'm just saying that kind of stuff is seriously wack... I'd personally stay away from such places altogether. What probably would happen is that the Strip Club will turn into a honeypot for thirsty pre-pubescent kids. Maybe it's just the culture here, but won't Identity also become censored or banned in certain countries like China or Japan then? Even in Singapore... explicit content in full-blown MMOs are frowned upon. There might be sexy avatars here and there but I don't think anything related to "sexytime" is appropriate. I think Identity should shy away from places with anything explicit in general honestly... although it could ruin the immersion but that is just my opinion. :-)
  12. A simple hello

    damn daniel back at it again with the white vans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Alright. I'm going to pledge 30 dollars for the game now, thanks for answering my questions man, cheers! EDIT: Pledged.
  14. Thanks, mate. One last thing, if the server is located in oceania.. (I'm SEA btw) will I have a lot of trouble playing ID? PVP and PVE wise, hope it doesn't go above 150 ~200 ping ish. Perhaps there will be servers located in the SEA region in the future?
  15. Strip Club

    Sure as hell hope it won't. Even if you create restrictions due to age limits, people will still find ways to get through nonetheless. So what you should be worried right now is if your stripper is not underaged. God forbid her parents don't see her playing as such an explicit role, or you are gonna have a good time in the slammer, my friend. I heard prisoners don't treat kindly to sex offenders too.