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  1. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Mostly in Eve online and 7 days to die at the moment
  2. The Xilion Law Practise

    You flatter me, thank you!
  3. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    Hello Jerry. Thanks for your mature response to this thread. For those reading along, allow me to elaborate and set the stage a bit for this grave accusation: The Neighborhood has its own Discord channel for members to chat and have fun in anticipation of the game's release. This ofcourse allows roleplay too. The Luprano "family" was a presence on this channel, too. Jerry, recently joining the Luprano's, at a tender 13 years of age, was installed as Capo. We were ofcourse all very happy for him. But power corrupts, and soon Jerry felt that flashing his Capo title around was somewhat of a natural thing. A shame ofcourse but, then again, poor Jerry is only 13. We understand. Next came wild business ideas, wishes of how the Luprano family would destroy entire businesses (yes, dear reader: your business too!). Basically: anyone who would not side with the Luprano's would be against them, and would be treated bad, extorted, threatened and killed. Because "That is the mafia way". I shudder to think where this boy got his information from. Needless to say, the business ideas were questioned but fell on deaf ears. Jerry was a Capo and this was the best way to do business. What shocked us was how easily swayed their Don was. (whom should be a respected, wise, and intelligent man). A 13 year old kid or not, Jerry was "blood", and he was right. By default almost, it seemed. What followed was a short conversation in which one could only conclude that I and the Don disagreed with our visions. And that, in essence, is fine and should be okay. Different people, different opinions. To me, the roleplay ended there. We had to think of the Neighborhood as a whole and while I certainly disagreed with the tone, and course of action this family took, based on immaturity and movie- and game rthetoric, it was theirs to decide. What wasn't theirs to decide however was to put a hit contract on me. Yes, because of a simple disagreement, the whole family felt like removing me entirely. It was at this moment that we called an end to the RP to just have a serious talk. It felt like the line between roleplay and real had faded, and we wanted to make sure there were no grudges. There were. The entire family opened up, with slander, curses, and the worst possible things you can imagine being said to me, Honeybader, Brownie, and more. The so-called brotherly family opened up and showed their true colors. They exclaimed how they were "true mafia" (mind you, this is outside of RP) ,that we didn't know 'shit', that we were a bunch of (well, you can fill this in yourself). As we could not let this slide for all that is decent, we decided it was time for the Luprano family to move on and find a new spot. We chose to leave it at that and not start a war on the forums as that is immature, not necessary. We can live beside oneanother and go our separate ways. It seems this offer has also, once again, been neglected and as such we feel the need to express this to the community in response to the above insult. Honeybadger is filling in the rest with excerpts from our Discord chat, to show all of you who these boys really are. Be sure to not join up with these guys. They care only about themselves, they are highly toxic. Beware. TL;DR: They misbehaved on our Discord server, called everyone names (of the worst kind, trust me), and now feel like we mistreated them by kicking them out of the server. Don't waste your time on them
  4. We have a Huge problem!

    Ok, ok.. guys. Could we first knock it off with the WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM attitude? Damn dude, you make it sound like there's a meteor heading for earth... jeez. Same goes for 70% of the posts. Where's the rational thought? You guys are making eachother scared and feeding oneanother.. gather your thoughts and take a second to look at what's happening objectively. The facts: - Big, powerful man from Rockstar leaves company under legal fire (big lawsuit to be following. This generally means he fucked someone over, or broke out of contract. If he did, it means he acted on emotion most probably. If that's true, that severely impacts my view on his 'greatness') - Immediately starts up a new project after leaving Rockstar, with a minimalist approach. This means he's been plotting to do this for a while and didn't get the funding or support within Rockstar. That means that his businessplan, for now, might not be viable enough for Rockstar to accept. That tells you something about the quality. - The minimalist website and info they're bringing out. It sounds a bit like this: "Today, I, Sir Blob Blobbetyblob am starting a new car company. I'll call it AWESUMCAR and make cars that fly! Yes! And it will be so much better than what you've ever seen. And that's all I'm telling you now! I'm starting this company with experienced people! Oh and we need 50 new employees for our office in England" <-- silly. All in all, I'm not saying they will or will not beat Identity. Simply because you can't at this stage. Man, if I could, I would be rich with predicting other stuff. 'Everywhere' will be... something. And that's all we know. We don't know anything about microtransactions, VR, large open worlds or not... heck it could be an augmented reality app. We don't... know. Now stop spazzing out please.
  5. Strip Club

    Likewise, good sir
  6. Strip Club

    Different opinions is all then, I guess. One thing though, as you mentioned that Asian culture is really about being conservative and has this taboo on all things.. well.. taboo. Yet most games with skimpy outfits come from Asia. And let's not even start about anima, manga... hentai, God forbid. If you wanna see something absolutely contrasting to taboo, look at hentai. It's worse than a strip club, believe you me. So taboo might still be a thing that Asian cultures are pretending, yet it's a false pretence and a bit of theatre. Because behind closed doors, it seems their taboos suddenly have no limits. I'd rather prefer being open about it, then.
  7. Strip Club

    I think that games should have more explicit content. In your face, too. This is the 21st century, where sex is an integral, accepted part of our daily life (as in, less behind closed doors). Porn is everywhere, series like Game of Thrones are at an all time high and, let's be fair, most games feature female characters in "armour". I don't even need to go into detail on that. Sexualization and plain acceptance of sex being something of mankind is just part of the here and now. This game, should it indeed feature a more in-your-face location for explicit content, will be right there with all the other media of the 21st century. And countries that will ban the game for that are not only blind to what is happening all around them, but fools to think they will have any sort of grip on this progression whatsoever. This of course leaves the topic up for debate whether or not you agree with this progression or not, but opinion is something different than fact.
  8. This OR That Game

    Awwwh can I pick neither? Both suck :3 Ah well, HP then. Chocolate or crisps?
  9. Strip Club

    You're overreacting Reason I'm saying that is rather simple. Unless you have never, EVER played a game where some form of sexual content was displayed, you have most probably been in contact with some prepubescent 12 year old boy who thinks "uhhh, titties" is sexy. Look at, for example, World of Warcraft. The roleplay servers. I believe one of the inns in the Human starting areas... there's bunches of people RPing "sexytime" in their underwear. And that game is PG13, so you bet there's minors there. So am I saying it's no big deal that some kid is engaging in sexual activities in a game and you, as an adult, should happily play along? No. No, not at all. But if the game puts age restrictions on the game, that's all they really can do. Other than that, it comes down to judgement of character. Because if you're afraid you cannot tell apart a 13 year old from a 20 year old (remember; Identity is voice based), then you suck. You do. And it's your own fault for conducting roleplay that you really, really shouldn't.
  10. Leslie Benzies "Everywhere"

    From the website: This sounds: - Like a Second Life clone; - Like "Pay to get these items to look cool"; - somewhat stalkerishly creepy; - Like Pokémon Go! (and hey, that was a success for 45 minutes, right?)
  11. Leslie Benzies "Everywhere"

    Leslie Benzies on his project: I can't say anything but it's gonna be cool in every way. ... m-hm.
  12. Phiedrus - Independent contractor

    I like the independent approach. Welcome, sir
  13. Would You Rather

    Well then, dead bodies it is! Would you rather have your partner tell the truth all the time, or lie in a way you'd never find out?
  14. Geography Game

    Tsitsikamma National Park
  15. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 16: Telephones, gents ready made suits, shirts, suits, ties, hats, underwear, and shoes. Going up... (Recognize this and win major brownie points )