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  1. Question: BETA

    So you perfectly understand that all the modules are standalone pieces of the game, are not designed to be a full game Individually and you also understand that it will be a few years before the game truly enters beta phase?
  2. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    It's a shame most people either forget that the devs stated town square was going to be small or are just too young to understand that game development is a long and arduous but rewarding process. I, like you and everyone else just ignores these scam card callers but a point needs to be made.
  3. So.... Is Identity dead?

    And I would hope 95% of this community would belive it won't. You guys have done so much for us by keeping us in the loop and the dev team has done so much more by not only bringing this dream to us but also by going above and beyond to ensure that feedback is listened to and things are added in earlier to stop boredom. Seriously guys, thank you all so much.
  4. So.... Is Identity dead?

    You're an idiot and it's obvious. You've literally just had a genuine, sincere and truthful explanation given to you about the situation and the reality behind game development yet you refuse to listen and carry on with this fingers in ears saying LA LA LA can't hear you. People like you are the worst, you ask for an explanation or demand one then when the mods give you one you don't even bother to respond respectfully. If you want to be salty with someone then be salty at yourself for not reading into how Kickstarted projects work before spending your own money. I spent 500 dollars ( actually closer to 300 odd pounds as I'm British) on this game as a pledge and yeah I was pretty miffed on the one or two occasions the game was officially delayed but that's life and I actually accept this is a part of game development. You're moaning about multiple deadlines when the devs had like two official deadlines with the rest being estimates. You are what makes this community toxic, people like you who even when the devs are going out of their way to expand on what should have been a small social module, using resources and money and time that could be spent on the weapons module are F*****g ungrateful and selfish. I can easily tell who's a pathetic little child on this community with such ease by how people act. What's even sadder is half the people who act out like you do have probably come from either cod or gta. Deal with your insecurities, man up and stop talking to the devs like trash because you didn't get a perfect game on day one.
  5. Its going down hill

    You can continue to believe the conspiracy if you wish but It has been said more than once that the game is in alpha, which means you won't see pets and the devs need to make money to keep the development going. Not everything is a scam or a conspiracy.
  6. Its going down hill

    Giving up any sort of control must never happen simply because once you start allowing other people to take control a little here and a little there you start losing the overall intention of the game. Let's not pretend that giving a publisher any control would make it better because it wouldn't, half of the things the devs have in mind for this game and the direction it would go in would never make it into the game and the publisher or investors wouldn't have to guarantee they wouldn't try and implement things the devs have said they would never put into the game. This is the first dev team I've come across that have a solid dream that is well intended and giving any of that to publishers would only sabotage that dream. I don't care if this game takes another decade to fully release I would rather it be done by these guys who all have honest intentions than any of it be given to investors or publishers who aren't interested in dreams and ambitions but only making profits and as much of it as possible.
  7. My time in Identity as of Today

    Thank you John, always helpful and quick to provide clarification as to what the problem is.
  8. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Ah well the community still hasn't learned I see? Seems a lot of people still don't understand how kickstarted projects work or how alphas work or how betas and modules work etc. People pledged to this knowing it wouldn't be much until beta and despite the fact the devs have actually added more than they intended people still continue to act entitled and like they've been scammed. You lot didn't learn before and you still haven't learned now, the devs are working hard and you will get your full product one day when they get there. Jeez it's like the last few years never happened and the prokecewas just announced.
  9. Its going down hill

    Okay as I said before you clearly don't understand how Kickstarted projects work or how alphas work. If a projected is Kickstarted the terms state clearly you aren't guarenteed to see a final product, you'd know that if you read the terms of backing it which you clearly didn't. As for charging double the price on release is about 40 dollars or something and its cheaper for those wanted to become a beta tester and play the three modules before it went into actual beta, we are still in alpha and will be for a long time to come. It seems to me that you're just another player who backed this expecting it to be all amazing at release and now realizes that it isn't and wants their cash back because they didn't think. You made the choice to back this project not only for yourself but for someone else too and that decision is on your head. You cannot expect a small, recently established company to deliver triple A quality for the first time and you can't expect them to get everything done instantly. You had every opportunity to file for a refund before town square came out and you chose not to and now all of a sudden it's not to your expectations and so you come here slandering the devs effectively. This project will one day be great and to the expectations that we all hoped for. Alpha stage is only the beginning and if I were you I'd either learn to not throw money at projects you haven't clearly looked into or just accept that you've blown your money and just wait until full release.
  10. Its going down hill

    i really don't get half of this community. before release everyone was complaining about this and that and how it won't happen and how the devs are frauds etc yet when the game is actually released in an alpha which a lot of people clearly don't know what an alpha is, people still keep on bitching and moaning about everything else. what irritates me the most is people giving the devs,mods and CM a bunch of aggro when they should have learned what a kickstarted project and alpha release is before backing it. people complain about lack of content so the devs add content in and people still complain like ingrates. i wish the devs would actually temp ban people for hurling abuse at them and whining all the time, maybe they might actually learn some manners and respect. i haven't been on the forums in a while but thank you lucky and john and everyone else for continuing to work ever so hard on making identity great and for giving us all a dream worth chasing. keep up the good and hard work
  11. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    Jesus the detail on this is outstanding. And my God that bedroom/ apartment looks so damn classy. Honestly man have to say when I eventually get to play identity I'm going to look forward to this a lot. Is there a specific thread where people post their apartment designs for players such as me to drool over 😂😂
  12. Still can't make a character or login

    Well I can only thank everyone for their input and apologise for getting hot headed but I didn't realise it wasn't a straightforward as if you meet minimum requirements for a game then you're sorted. My laptop isn't actually that old and was only purchase about a year and a half to two years ago but it isn't a gaming laptop and of course can only handle small scale games
  13. Still can't make a character or login

    I am eventually looking at getting a high end gaming rig but it'll cost me about 1.3k. As for gta I don't actually have it but I used system requirements lab to tell me if I can run GTA and Arma III on minimum requirements and I can. Once the memory leak is fixed that might be enough but if not then I'll just happily wait until I get a way better setup, thanks for the all the help anyway people.
  14. Still can't make a character or login

    CPU is AMD A6-7310 with AMD Radeon r4 graphics card RAM is 4gb Edit: I can run GTA V and Arma III on minimum requirements if that helps
  15. Still can't make a character or login

    If the method you've just described has even a slight chance of working I'll go through the reinstalling process again. If it doesn't work then I don't have any ideas and if the mods or devs don't tell me of any other methods or solutions then well bugger me. If it does work then thank you for your help