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  1. VIP area

    No no I'd be there too 😂😂
  2. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    The thread in particular isn't the issue it's certain individuals and they should be monitored for their behavior
  3. RIP Mac Miller

    The side that I heard was that he had multiple counts of domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend and that he'd also raped her, on top of that I believe one of his music videos potrayed a white kid being hanged which I find bang out of order. Just because he might have been charitable doesn't mean he don't have skeletons in his closet and likewise we may only have heard one side, either way he's dead and if he has done all things people have accused him of he'll burn in hell. This isn't really relevant to forums so I don't understand why this is even a conversation.
  4. Getting Keys!

    Except we aren't blinded or fanboys. We're dedicated individuals who believe in the game and know by this point it isn't a scam unlike all the naysayers. We're people dedicated to backing this project with the intention of it becoming a success and if that makes us fanboys in the eyes of people such as yourself so be it.
  5. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Hear hear. I agree, we all stand behind John and the whole asylum team and have done throughout this entire process despite some blockades and delays happening. We should all be sticking together and helping the devs in anyway we can and if there are people who still think this game is a scam then I say bah humbug to you. My personal message to the devs is this: You have all of our support and love no matter what and we all stand firmly behind you. Thank you all and keep strong.
  6. Someone care to help me

    Don't take my word for it but to my mind afaik if you pledged to an email account then it's permanent, I don't actually think you can change the email your pledge is linked to and if you can then I can't see why there'd be an issue, but if you can't then I'm afraid it's out of asylums control because your old provider closing down isn't their responsibility or fault.
  7. Getting Keys!

    Never mind, my internet was messing around and I wasn't aware I'd already responded, please ignore this post.
  8. Getting Keys!

    Apologies I didn't mean for it to come across as though I hadn't read the post. All I meant was that I needed to know how to stream via YouTube for when the game actually comes out and in the meantime I'd wait as usual. Sorry for the mixed wires.
  9. Getting Keys!

    Finally got my steam key and it's activated yessssssss!!!. How do you go about streaming town square via YouTube? As I'd like to be able to.
  10. Release the game

    Going to say the same thing I say to everyone else. Get some patience and wait like the rest of us, if that's too much for you go and do something until the town square releases. I swear to honest god if people keep moaning after TS comes out I'm going to be royally fudged off, this constant spam of wahing posts needs to stop.
  11. RIP Mac Miller

    You know what else is dead? Mine and everyone else's patience having to read this same old dead horse being beaten on a daily basis.
  12. Another One Bites the Dust...

    Request mods to close this thread because once again people seem to don't get the message of stop making pointless threads that serve no purpose.
  13. Pets

    Actually the whole point of these specific pets is that they're unique, you can only buy them on here and not in game. If you want unique pets buy them with real cash and help fund development.
  14. It's everyone that's under 18 that are the worst. They have no patience and want everything right now. Fed up of reading it every day/week.
  15. Judging from all these posts none of y'all know what patience is. Day after day of constant whinging posts, yeah we get it you all think the game is a scam because you can't play it right here and now. I swear kids and young people can't go a week without having everything when they want it and this is coming from someone in their early 20's!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, mods need to keep closing these posts because they're pointless and don't bring anything to the table other than people crying about the same things that have been answered and explained 100 times.