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  1. So.... Is Identity dead?

    And yet here I stand. So clearly the devs don't take what I said to be insulting or flaming.
  2. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Mine hasn't been deleted because the mods can see I'm not explicitly insulting someone. I've kept within the terms of the forums simple as that.
  3. Question: BETA

    So you perfectly understand that all the modules are standalone pieces of the game, are not designed to be a full game Individually and you also understand that it will be a few years before the game truly enters beta phase?
  4. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    It's a shame most people either forget that the devs stated town square was going to be small or are just too young to understand that game development is a long and arduous but rewarding process. I, like you and everyone else just ignores these scam card callers but a point needs to be made.
  5. So.... Is Identity dead?

    And I would hope 95% of this community would belive it won't. You guys have done so much for us by keeping us in the loop and the dev team has done so much more by not only bringing this dream to us but also by going above and beyond to ensure that feedback is listened to and things are added in earlier to stop boredom. Seriously guys, thank you all so much.
  6. My time in Identity as of Today

    Thank you John, always helpful and quick to provide clarification as to what the problem is.
  7. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Ah well the community still hasn't learned I see? Seems a lot of people still don't understand how kickstarted projects work or how alphas work or how betas and modules work etc. People pledged to this knowing it wouldn't be much until beta and despite the fact the devs have actually added more than they intended people still continue to act entitled and like they've been scammed. You lot didn't learn before and you still haven't learned now, the devs are working hard and you will get your full product one day when they get there. Jeez it's like the last few years never happened and the prokecewas just announced.
  8. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    Jesus the detail on this is outstanding. And my God that bedroom/ apartment looks so damn classy. Honestly man have to say when I eventually get to play identity I'm going to look forward to this a lot. Is there a specific thread where people post their apartment designs for players such as me to drool over 😂😂
  9. Still can't make a character or login

    Well I can only thank everyone for their input and apologise for getting hot headed but I didn't realise it wasn't a straightforward as if you meet minimum requirements for a game then you're sorted. My laptop isn't actually that old and was only purchase about a year and a half to two years ago but it isn't a gaming laptop and of course can only handle small scale games
  10. Still can't make a character or login

    I am eventually looking at getting a high end gaming rig but it'll cost me about 1.3k. As for gta I don't actually have it but I used system requirements lab to tell me if I can run GTA and Arma III on minimum requirements and I can. Once the memory leak is fixed that might be enough but if not then I'll just happily wait until I get a way better setup, thanks for the all the help anyway people.
  11. Still can't make a character or login

    CPU is AMD A6-7310 with AMD Radeon r4 graphics card RAM is 4gb Edit: I can run GTA V and Arma III on minimum requirements if that helps
  12. Still can't make a character or login

    If the method you've just described has even a slight chance of working I'll go through the reinstalling process again. If it doesn't work then I don't have any ideas and if the mods or devs don't tell me of any other methods or solutions then well bugger me. If it does work then thank you for your help
  13. Still can't make a character or login

    Through steam.
  14. Still can't make a character or login

    Okay the town square has been out for two weeks and i still can't even get past the first screen. I get to the character screen where my dude stands and nothing happens at all. No menu comes up, no option to make a character or to be able to play and login. All I want to know is why the hell I can't get past a simple character creation screen and into the game like everyone else can, I've waited my fair share of time like everyone else and despite all of these problems supposedly being fixed it isn't. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm not doing that again. Can someone please for the love of God just give me an answer and an estimation of when this will finally be fixed? I apologise for being hot headed but it's two weeks and several things have been fixed so why hasn't this?
  15. Patch notes

    Again read my previous statement. I have no issue with being patient my issue is that the aforementioned problem was supposedly fixed but clearly hasn't been and I'm wanting to know if said problem likely be fixed anytime soon. Yes I've been saying since April everyone needs to be patient and that applies to myself and in this case it still very much does apply to me. Just because I'm ticked off doesn't mean I'm impatient and it certainly doesn't mean I'm trying to preach something without it applying to me. I just want to experience town square for even just a few hours to see what it's like and after that I could happily wait another 2 years before it's somewhere good. I backed this project with full knowledge of what could happen and at the very least I'm entitled to experience it for a while.