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Found 5 results

  1. The Identity Skyscraper

    (Taken off of the Nationstates forums) You must create a floor to add to the Identity skyscraper Rules: One floor per post No consecutive posts Do not destroy the elevator! The building is invincible You may not change the previous or future floors Do not skip floors Be as weird as you like but stay within forum rules I'll start: Floor G This is the building's reception and lobby, a sign above the elevator warns you 'Caution, Identity weirdness ahead' (Now you start from floor 1, then 2, etc)
  2. The Five Hundred Monkey Genocide

    Note; i'm taking this off a forum which has 10,000 monkeys, I've lowered this because that's a bit too much for our forum. The aim of this game is to kill 500 monkeys in various ways starting from 500 and counting down till only one remains. Each reply on this thread equals one monkey death, you have to specify how the monkey dies. eg: John: "The 500th monkey gets hit by a truck" Jane: "The 499th monkey dies of AIDS" Jeremy: "The 498th monkey dies in a mugging" I start The 500th monkey dies because his parachute doesn't open
  3. Continue The Story Mk.II

    So seeing as the last story died off and has been inactive for over a month I thought i would start a new story thread with a brand new story Rules; 1. Quote the above post to avoid Ninja'd 2. Be as creative as you want 3. Try to keep your post between 1-3 sentences long 4. Keep the story flowing. (don't say all characters died, the world ends, etc I'll start; Once upon a time, in a far away land lived Arron the Dragon. One day Arron the Dragon decided to visit his old college roommate, Rainbow Dash, for coffee at Starbucks..........
  4. Super Power Game

    Basically you pick a super power for yourself and other people put a limit on it you also put a limit on the above persons power Eg: person 1: Above persons limit: No one above me My power: Flying Person 2: Above persons limit: Only at night My power: ability to make dank memes Person 3: Above persons limit: No one will ever see them My power: ability to teleport Person 4: Above persons limit: You can only teleport into sewers My power: ability to permanently turn into a tree etc.. Be as creative as you wish (which can also include rudeness - if in good fun) Use this as a format (copy paste this) - - Above persons limit: My power: - - here we go:- Above persons limit: No one above me My power: Invisibility
  5. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    (Yes another forum game) The game is simple, type the above sentence with your eyes closed and after write a new sentence for the next person to type Rules: 1. Try to keep the sentences a decent length (4-10 words) 2. Don't use overly complex wording 3. You can write any sentence you wish, It doesn't have to be related to the previous one Your first sentence is: I'm hungry but there's no food