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  1. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    ? I will always be open to customers
  2. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    Interesting... I really like this map actually! But I bet the new one will be amazing to!
  3. Suggestions for Cars & More

    @TheGingerOne I am to sure about the military vehicles! I don’t think there will be any but I could be mistaken.
  4. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    Yes Llama42
  5. Suggestions for Cars & More

    @Edolin Thank you for your suggestions! Ive picked some of the suggestions and added them on the thread! You must understand I would have to create 10 documents for every vehicle category (which I might do) but for now I only have this one . You have good suggestions though! -RealLifePlayer
  6. Suggestions for Cars & More

    @Alshun I have added a few cars to the list which are unique! Thank you for your collaburation but unfortunetly not all of your cars can be put into this document! I hope you untderstand, Cheers!
  7. Suggestions for Cars & More

    Okay Np if you want you can submit some more cars that follow unter the grouping above ^
  8. Suggestions for Cars & More

    Thank you for your suggestion I will be taking the Delorean from the list. I will not take bikes and concept cars But thx!!
  9. Suggestions for Cars & More

    Of course I said I will add good suggestions
  10. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    Thank you for your Response! I thought about what you said with the secondary Business plan and I have come up with this: If we are able to buy stores (Which we can) I will buy them and rent the store to the one that actually want to use the store for a fee (1% of cost). Same as with Hotels and malls I buy them People rent them. It doesn't Need to be only houses but houses are a good start!
  11. Hello everyone! On this feed I want to collect the cars that you guys have in mind that would work perfectly for Identity! Just write the Name of the vehicle and I will add it to the list! BTW I AM GERMAN AND MOST OF THESE CARS ARE EUROPEAN SO YEAH.... Supercars Ferrari 812 Superfast Lamborghini Aventador S Mclaren 720S Mclaren P1 Porsche 918 Spyder (suggested by @Edolin) Pagani Huayra BC (suggested by @Edolin) Königsegg Agera RS (Suggested by @Edolin) Iso Rivolta (This is an actual car not a concept! 5 were built) Lamborghini Huracan Performante (sort of suggested by @Edolin xD) Henessy Venom 2017/2018 (suggested by @Edolin) Sportcars Shelby GT350 Nissan GTR 2016 Maserati Grand Cabrio Sport Porsche GT3 BMW M2 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 (sugeested by @sinityx) Mercedes AMG GTR (suggested by @sinityx) Chevrolet Camaro 2017 (suggested by @Alshun) Chevrolet ZO6 (suggested by @Alshun) Dodge Challanger (suggested by @Alshun) Audi R8 (suggested by @Edolin) Dodge Viper (suggested by @Edolin) Alfa Romeo Gulia Quadrofolio (suggested by @Edolin) SUV Range Rover Velar Porsche Cayenne 2017 Dodge Ram 2013 (suggested by @Alshun) 2017 Chevrolet Silverado (suggested by @Alshun) Ford Raptor (Pickup) Lamborghini Urus (suggested by @Edolin) Seat Ateca (suggested by @Edolin) Renault Koloes (sugeested by @Edolin) Mercedes G65 AMG (suggested by @sinityx) Jaguar F-Pace (suggested by @Alshun) Bentley Bentayga (suggested by @Alshun) Limousines Audi A7 2018 BMW M3 Audi A4 (suggested by @Edolin) Mercedes CLA 45 AMG (suggested by @sinityx) Classics Lamborghini Countach Ferrari F40 Ferrari F50 Shelby Cobra Jaguar E-Type 1980 GMC Delorean (suggested by @Eriberto) Police Vehicles Dodge Charger 2015 Pursuit Ford Police Inteceptor Utility Nissan GTR Undercover Police Unmarked Ford Utility (suggested by @sinityx) Dodge Charger Unmarked Dodge Challanger Police Car Leave Links or names of cars down below that you would like to see in Identity!
  12. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    Welcome to the introduction of the RealLifePlayer Real Estate! As some of you might now beforehand this was a page called Turtle Beach real estate! Info concerning me (you can skip this and got to business): About me: To begin with, I want to introduce myself, my Name is Patrick aka RealLifePlayer (Steam Name). I am 15 years old and come from Germany. I think thats all you really Need and want to know about me My plans: In Identity I am planning on being a businessman (as my Name tells) and opening my own real estate company. First of all though I need to get Money to be able to afford the houses I will rent to my customers. However, I have thought ahead as I bought the Speed Demon pack where I have all I could possibly Need (A car, a bit of Money, apartment) so all I really have to do is make money to buy houses and when I make Profit I can buy a new car etc. I think you get my Point! Business: The Business will be called RLP Real Estate (RLP Standing for RealLifePlayer) and will own multiple houses spread across the Island of Identity. The comapny will be owning a Office (If Offices are a thing) and will at the start have no employees. If the Company grows I will start employing. The rates of the rent are going to be 1% of the real estates worth every in-game week (for example if a house is worth 1 Million the rent per week is going to be 10K). If it turns out the Price is to high we will of Course work out a fair Price! Real Estate: As the devs of Identity have confirmed you will be able to add a co-owner to your home and that is going to be you guys (The People renting). So what I was thinking was that if someone rents a house the Person is not allowed to Change the interior colour of the walls and the flooring. The Person is only allowed to change the furniture of the house to their taste and desire. Question towards you guys: 1. Would you want to rent a house from me? 2. Is it possible to own more than one house at a time maybe 2/3? 3. Do you guys have any other suggestions? 4. Do you agree with the draft of the map? If you have come this far thank you for taking the time and reading through this thread!
  13. Repo man - tow truck ?

    Yeah thats fair enough! In GTA FiveM that would be concidered FailRP anyways
  14. Repo man - tow truck ?

    yes but it should be more than like 60min before a car despawns because otherwise if you are RPing and it despawns then your stranded. Oh and do you think there will be a car key Feature? so to lock and un-lock the car