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Found 3 results

  1. Speech Bubbles

    I have seen many people talking about text to speech, but there is something better and more reliable in my opinion. I don't want to start a fight, but I tried out Roblox, and one thing interested me that I haven't ever seen in other multiplayer games; the Speech Bubble. I think that his would be great in a game like Identity, so conversations about finances don't get monitored by rival businesses over the chat box. It would also have a radius, so if you had binoculars a mile away and saw the conversation, you wouldn't see the bubble. You could also place a bug in a room that would record the Speech Bubble conversation. It would be helpful for those who do not have mics.
  2. VoIP Channels

    Hey there, I was wondering(and therefore decided to make a post) if there were limitations, like distance or coverage(house, vehicle, lab, ...) when citizens are using either the Text chat or the VoIP chat(if there is one in the first place). Can someone give me an answer and tell me if there are Local, Global, Vehicle, etc. "channels" for chatting? Thank you!
  3. Radio Talk Host

    Hello reader, I was wondering if there was any mention of a radio talk host. If people could buy a frequency and then play music and talk over it would be awesome. People in their cars would be able to tune into the radio and listen as they drive wherever they drive. Also, a youtube player could be added to the game or some form of music playing. If anyone has any questions on any concerns or question on how this would work, feel free to leave a comment and I will gladly answer you. ~Dickbutt