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Found 3 results

  1. I was wondering how the chat system will work in the game. I am assuming there will be a text chat feature where people will be able to type through correct? Also will there be special ranks for people beside their name such as MyName(Founder): for example? Also during the modules will there be a NDA for videos or will people be free to post videos as more videos means more people could learn about this awesome game!
  2. So my question is, how will we/you/us role play? Personally I have always text role played, even in Second Life everyone, in a character setting, role plays using text. Usually with paragraphs of detail. Will that be the community standard in game? Will we instead use voice and rely on the animations and emotes of our avatars/characters for other people to see and react to? What are you thoughts?
  3. Real Time Meet markers

    It would be cool if say you could go onto a map via your in-game phone, tablet or PC for that matter and arrange a meeting with someone at a certain time at a certain place, this would give the other player(s) a text message or Email in game whether to accept or deny this or an alternate to this is to reply via a text or Add new location and time. Just a fun little idea of mine, if it has already been posted please remove this